July Astrology Forecast:

.July continues to have Mars retrograde through August 27 (just started on June 25). Add to that Mercury turning retrograde on the 25th in Leo and two eclipses; and it will be an interesting summer ahead. Mars retrograde through August has you reviewing and revising your aspirations and ambitions. Make certain that the actions you take are working towards future goals, and not just doing the same old comfortable rut thing. It is also good to detach from the world for a bit if you are able. The July 12th solar eclipse brings in new energy in that it is the first in a series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that will take hold in 2019. Watch your emotions and that which triggers them. Caner is associated with home, family, food, emotions and residential real estate, so pay attention if those issues are up for you. The July 27th lunar eclipse is in Aquarius and Leo. It pulls you apart to make certain your heart is engaged in what you wish to create in your life. Some people will get together with old friends; others will start to look at options for meeting new friends and participating in new groups (which will become more active this fall). Mercury retrograde July 25-August 18 PDT continues the theme that has been going on for awhile, asking you to look at where your heart is engaged and where you need to have more fun.

NOTE TO METAPHYSICAL TRAVELERS: I am working on details for Sacred Travel to Ancient Sites in the Greek islands. Crete and Santorini are two of the several islands on the itinerary. Expect it to be 10-12 days, in May 2019 .  Details are coming. Start your travel savings account and save airline miles.

July 1-7:

The early week is fairly quiet where you can introspectively pull back from the world or tend to business on a less aggressive level than normal. The USA July 4th holiday has the moon in its quiet void-of-course phase until 9:50 PM PDT when it moves into Aries. That’s great for people who like fireworks, but not so great for dogs and dry grass. The sun is making harmony to Jupiter on the 4th and exact early on the 5th. By itself, that is an indicator of indulgence (more is better!). However, Mercury is opposite Mars early on the 5th and that is a bad thing for traffic accidents and being able to sleep in on Thursday. This brings mental challenges when you try to do too much too soon. Remember that moderation is a good thing. The moon moves into Taurus on Saturday, indicating a weekend where you want to accomplish something tangible and productive.

July 8-14:

This is a busy week. On Sunday morning, the Sun makes a trine to Neptune. This is a nice and gentle combination, especially good for paying attention to your dreams, spiritual activities, or leisurely easing into your Sunday. Enjoy an easy day on Sunday because there is a challenging communications and traffic aspect early Monday morning. Allow extra time or start late on Monday morning.  Also on Monday, Venus enters Virgo until August 6. This is not an easy combination if you have anyone in your life who is overly critical. However, it is a good combination for working on home or office beautification. Make a list and accomplish a great deal.  On Tuesday, expansive Jupiter ends his backwards (retrograde) cycle that started early in March. In the weeks ahead, you can put constructive effort into expansive new projects, but know that it will be September before there is better traction to move those products forward. Wednesday evening is excellent for getting out of your routine and meeting friends.

The Solar Eclipse on July 12 is the first of three eclipses this summer (7:48 PM PDT, 21 degrees Cancer). A solar eclipse brings new beginnings from inner depths rising  up to the surface. This one is like the teaser or appetizer in that it is the first Cancer eclipse sine 2011, and it comes back more fully in 2019. Pay attention to your emotional needs and self-nurturing. This also brings up issues of family, food & nutrition, residential real estate and children. The planet Pluto is in Capricorn, exactly opposing this new moon. He helps you stand in your power, but the price is letting go of that which takes your power away. Think of the recent Time Magazine cover with President Trump (Capricorn = government and law) standing opposite the 6-year old child (Cancer). We all get some level of perspective on the balance of emotional Cancer and boundary-setting Capricorn, both in the world and in our personal lives. Esoterically, Pluto (like Archangel Michael), helps you remove any obstacles that get between you and the One Source of all that is (fears, self-worth, ego, etc.). You use your power based upon your direct connection to Source. There is opportunity for emotional healing now. Mediate on the things that nurture you in life and take actions to have more of them. Watch for news from the eclipse path in Tasmania and Antarctica.

The moon is in heart warming Leo for the weekend. Friday is especially good for serious relationship conversations, both on business and personal levels. Just keep the conversations light-hearted but focused.Saturday evening is quiet.

July 15-21:

The first half of  this week flows along pretty easily. Sunday and Monday support you in working on your “to do” list under an efficient Virgo moon. Tuesday afternoon through mid-day Thursday continues to be flowing, but more social than the early week. Thursday does push you to get something moving. The weekend continues to be pleasant but a bit more private and preferring close friends to casual acquaintances. Overall, this is an easy week but do pay attention to your emotions since this is the week between eclipses.

July 22-28:

It’s a fiery start to the week with the Sun entering Leo for a month and the moon entering Sagittarius through lunchtime Tuesday. Have an adventure or do something playful and creative to start the week (no humdrum boring stuff!). Tuesday afternoon is a bit spacey with Venus opposing Neptune. While this is not a bad combination, it does tend towards fantasy thinking, getting lost in daydreams, and assuming that  you are “on the same page” with others when you are not. Verify agreements made now.  Mercury turns retrograde in Leo Wednesday evening until August 18. Although your schedule will need to adapt to changes, this is still a good time to take a short retreat for rest, relaxation and a little fun. Expect a “hurry up and wait” feeling on Thursday, so don’t try to force yourself to go faster than you need to.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on Friday July 27 (5 degrees Aquarius/Leo, 1:20 pm PDT). This one is a bit complicated because the emotional moon is aligned with aggressive Mars now moving retrograde, and mental Mercury just started his retrograde cycle until August 18. Create some open time to look at where your heart is engaged and where in  your life you are just going through the emotions. This summer is the perfect time for making a behind-the-scenes plan to realign your life so you are doing more of what opens your heart and nurtures you, and less of those things that no longer hold value for you.  Many people will reconnect with old friends, groups or organizations. This may be a temporary connection because you are reviewing who fits in your life. There is a big renewal of values, friends and activities going on all year. Look ahead to see your path and then decide who or what is compatible with that direction. This is a friendly weekend that will blend light conversations with moments of greater depth.

July  29-31:

The moon is void-of-course all day, making Sunday a perfect day to keep a low profile and spend time near water or watch a movie. The month ends under a Pisces moon, so spiritual practice and compassionate activities are favored.

August preview:

The Leo solar eclipse on August 11 is the next to last of Leo-Aquarius eclipses over the last 1 1.2 year, so that means its energy is in the beginning of the end of what they have been trying to accomplish in your life. Mercury also continues to be retrograde in Leo until the 18th, so be sure to schedule in fun and creativity. Check back for details.