June 2017

Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle on the 9th (since early February), so the stuck energy of spring will get moving at a faster pace in the days ahead. Combine that with a variety of Mercury aspects all month and you have a formula for a bunch of short projects and activities that keep you on the move all month. Ambitious Mars will be moving through Cancer June 4 until July 20. Cancer is the sign of family, home and food. That supports home fix up projects and family visits. Since Mars enjoys exercise, take a walk after a big meal or choose home repair projects that require physical stamina (like splitting wood for winter). Communications planet Mercury makes aspects (relationships) to other planets all month long, suggesting a quick month filled with lots of projects and quick activities. That isn’t so good for major projects that require intense focus, so it is better to clean one closet at a time instead of doing a major remodel.Pay attention around the 16th when spacey Neptune is turning retrograde. It could be that you are just tired, but driving while tired is not so good (and do defensive driving too).

The Violet Flame Workshop takes place in Portland, Oregon on Saturday June 3 at noon. See page 2 of spring newsletter.

If you would like the lecture handout from my 45 minute talk on “August Eclipses and Spiritual Destiny Nodes Entering Leo-Aquarius,” it is free for the asking. Just email mark@astromark.us and request “Eclipse handout” in the subject line. Page 5 tells you how you can get the recording for the talk for free-with the stipulation that you will make a tax deductible donation to Sheldrick orphan elephant rescue.

June 1-3:

The month begins with the moon in hard-working Virgo, and Venus makes a nice trine to Saturn. That is a good business combination where you can accomplish a great deal. This support continues through Friday morning, and then get ready for a social weekend with the moon in romance oriented Libra. Friday and Saturday are also good for reaching out to new friends or groups. Venus aligns with Uranus early Saturday morning to help you step beyond your comfort zone to try something new and different. Libra is associated with the 7th Ray, which is associated with transmutation and the Violet Flame, so tune in to Mark’s Violet Flame workshop that is going on today to alchemically change the energy of something in your life. At the same time, the Sun makes a happy trine to expansive Jupiter. This supports philosophical pursuits or being in nature.


June 4-10:

On Sunday morning, the energetic Sun challenges spiritual Neptune. On one level, you are stimulated to open your intuition. On another level, you may want to sleep in. Also on Sunday, Mars moves into Cancer until July 20. This is a bit of an uncomfortable combination, but it can help you with home projects. Do practice patience with family members. The early work week is under a focused Scorpio moon, so you can accomplish a lot if you put your mind to it. Tuesday is a shifting day this week. Venus enters Taurus for the rest of the month and Mercury enters one of his favorite signs, Gemini, until June 21. Taurus likes sensual pleasures and manifesting its needs and desires. Some go in an artistic direction; other go in a “make money” direction for the rest of this month. Get a massage! Mercury in Gemini goes from one quick project to the next.

The Full Moon is on Friday at 6:10 AM PDT (19 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini). It forms a pattern called a T-Square, where you are challenged to put contradictory things together. The full moon is at the top of the “T” shaped pattern and lands very close to Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, making him a good person to watch to see how the energies manifest. Ideally, Gemini wants projects to move quickly and Sagittarius wants to do them in a big way. You can make progress on big projects now if you are willing to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Neptune serves as the base leg of the “T” square, challenging you to open to a higher vision. Neptune bursts illusions and opens your intuition to spiritual truth, or it can have you doing escapist behavior. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to sneak away for a short trip, even if it is just a day trip into nature. Expansive Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle (since Feb. 5/6). In the weeks ahead, the pace will increase and projects and plans put on hold will begin to move faster.

On Saturday, the moon moves into Capricorn, asking you to accomplish something tangible. At 1:42 PM PDT, the moon makes a harmonious trine to Venus, a soft and gentle energy. Work in the morning and treat yourself to something sensual or luxurious in the afternoon.


June 11-17:

Sunday’s Capricorn moon tends to be serious and responsible, but there is still room for Capricorn’s dry humor. Meditate or do something for your spiritual well being Sunday morning while psychic Neptune is active. Tuesday is a mental day with the morning giving you brilliant ideas and the ability to “sell them” to someone. Tuesday evening has more of that mental burnout feeling, so earlier Tuesday is best for communicating with people. The Aquarius moon on Tuesday and Wednesday does support reaching out to people but active Mercury suggests you keep it quick, like meeting for lunch or a cup of tea.

Check your feelings on Thursday and Friday when the moon moves into sensitive Pisces. The Sun is opposite Saturn early on Thursday, and Neptune is slowing down to turn retrograde on Friday morning. All of that can have you feeling tired or wanting to retreat from the harsh world. See a movie or meditate and hold off important activities that require energy and a clear mental mind. The moon moves into energetic Aries at 10:55 am PDT Saturday, and that gets you moving more quickly.

The Summer Quarterly Astromark Newsletter should be ready for you to download by now. It has info on the coming eclipses and more.

June 18-24:

Father’s Day is under the influence of an Aries moon, and that supports physical activity like a walk or exercise. It’s a fire sign, so that could indicate a BBQ. On one hand, the Sun is making a friendly relationship to eccentric Uranus urging you to do something out of the norm on Sunday. At the same time, mental Mercury is thinking about all the things you “should” do, but don’t really want to. Keep activities light and friendly, and don’t feel like you need to drag things out. A quick brunch with Dad would be plenty. By Monday afternoon, the moon is moving into productive Taurus to set the stage for Summer Solstice.


Summer Solstice is on Tuesday the 20th at 9:24:30 PM PDT. A chart cast for the coming three months shows a T-Square pattern. This is a challenge to put things together that do not comfortably fit together. The base leg of the “T” shaped pattern holds Jupiter in relationship oriented Libra. It wants you to expand your relationships to new levels, either with the people in your life now, or giving motivation to open to new relationships of all types. At the top of the “T”, impatient Mars is in watery Cancer. That’s great for home repair projects and family activities, but action and emotions can get all mixed up. On the other side of the top of the “T” is marriage goddess June and “let go and let God” Pluto. This helps good relationships get better and bad relationships to transform. Smoothing out this challenge is gentle Venus and feeling-oriented Moon aligned in Taurus. This combination seeks both pleasure, comfort and luxury, but it also knows you need to work hard to manifest your desires and needs. Both make harmony to June and Pluto, so you get help in improving or transforming relationships. Overall, there is a mixture of energies this summer so find your pleasure where you can and know that there are also some responsibilities calling.

Wednesday brings a lot of talk, and is a good day to communicate your emotions. Thursday morning continues with pleasant conversations but the afternoon has you moving to a quieter state of mind.

The New Moon is on Friday the 23rd at 7:31 PM PDT (3 degrees Cancer). Five of the ten planets we use in astrology are in the water element, and that means emotions are heightened. Cancer is the sign of nurturing on the worldly level, and nourishing the spirit on the spiritual level. The action signs of Caner, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are also emphasized, so the pace is going to pick up considerably now. Of course, Cancer likes to spend time with loved ones, fix up the house, or share a meal with people who are in their inner circle. Action planet Mars is making harmony with spiritual Neptune, making this a perfect time to spend time on your higher purpose. And that can be a simple as taking a quiet walk in peaceful woods or on a secluded beach. Put constructive action into that which nourishes your spirit. Because assertive Mars is also making a challenge to god of abundance Jupiter, you benefit by taking action towards your next goal. Just get something started and don’t feel you need to complete it right now because there are plenty of other distractions right now. For example, Jupiter is associated with the publishing business and long distance travel. You could create the outline for the book you want to write or begin to research your next world trip. That way, when you are ready to seriously get started, you will already have the early steps established. On another level, this new moon helps you have those emotional conversations that take you to a deeper level and/or require you to go to a vulnerable place within.

The moon continues in Cancer on Saturday with minor ups and downs all day, nothing you can’t handle as long as you keep moving from one thing to the next.

June 25-30:

Mars makes a helpful trine to Neptune on Sunday evening. You have been feeling this for several days now. Think of a lighter, romantic action movie to get an idea of how this feels. Make some efforts to support your spiritual mission on planet earth, open your intuition, and practice compassion. Moon in Leo on Monday makes for an easy start to the work week, where you can be loving and creative. Tuesday through Thursday is more complicated with intellectual Mercury making harmony and challenges constantly. This is great for thinking about things in new ways, but not so good for rigid thought patterns. Be honest with yourself and in your communications and the mid week will pass quickly, although you will feel a degree of mental exhaustion by Thursday evening. The moon moves into social Libra on Friday to nicely begin a long USA July 4th holiday weekend.

July Preview:

July appears to be the easiest month to talk about so far this year, so be sure to get out and enjoy it. During July and August, explosive Uranus is within one degree of moving to its next sign, Taurus. Although Uranus does not begin his seven year run through hard-working Taurus, you can get a hint about what is beginning next May 2018 if you tune in now. This also means that you get to look at what you need to finish or clean up since Uranus first moved into Aries back at the Japan earthquake in March 2011. Still, July is a pretty easy month coming. Check back for details.

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Following is a new column I am writing for New Consciousness Review:

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: June-August 2017

Astromark Astrology Forecast: Overall view June-August:

The good news is that the summer months are more stable and flowing than the disruptive retrograde energies of spring. The last few months helped you look at what and who you value, and what must be released. On June 9, optimistic Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle since early February, indicating a “go” signal to take action on the decisions you made during spring. Projects put on hold or barely moving will pick up speed as June progresses. Big and distant planets take several weeks to get up to full speed, but you feel happy as the energy builds. Jupiter travels through relationship oriented Libra until October 10, making this forward movement a great opportunity to expand and harmonize all types of relationships.

Venus spends most of June until July 4th in Taurus, helping you improve finances and put practical energy into manifesting your goals and desires. The goddess of love then moves into flirty Gemini during most of July to help you explore new possibilities, be they relationships or money. The big news of this report: a rare total solar eclipse passes across the USA on August 21st in heart opening Leo. There is an emphasis of fire element signs then, and that can translate into an extra hot August and forest fires. The solar eclipse is at the end of the sign Leo, landing on the charts of Donald Trump, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine. Let’s hold the good thought that the positive side of Leo will express itself through opening hearts and developing creative solutions to difficult problems.


Think back to early February when enthusiastic Jupiter turned retrograde. Did projects get put on hold or fall to the back burner of your life? Or it may be that you knew that relationships (or lack thereof) need to change? As the god of abundance, Jupiter ends his backwards reviewing cycle on June 9 and is ready to charge forward towards new opportunities. Because the god of expansion is associated with your belief system, it is critical that you open your mind to allow new possibilities to enter. Tell your analytical mind to be quiet and not prejudge big ideas. Take a risk on yourself so large dreams can manifest in your life. Release that which has been holding you back, be it people or your own preconceived notions. June helps you move forward, but it is important to note that the improvements you seek will not get up to full speed until after September 5th.

Be certain that your ambitions and emotions are working together now, because assertive Mars is in feeling-oriented Cancer June 4-July 20. When your emotions are in alignment with your actions, you can move mountains. This nurturing combination also supports home repair and family interaction. Summer Solstice comes on June 20 (9:24 PM PDT). A chart cast for the next three months indicates a slightly complicated set of energies for summer. The moon and Venus are aligned in Taurus. They like their chocolate! Gift yourself with an appropriate amount of sensual pleasures, be it sweets, massages or a flower budget. At the same time, there is a challenge between Mars in “I want to stay close to home” Cancer and Jupiter that wants to go off on an adventure. For many, this will be the summer of vacations that are not all that far from home, or travel for family and relatives at a distance.


Except for some short-term rude energies on the 2nd, 8th and 17th, July is a quick and fun month. Venus loves beautiful places and harmonious relationships, and she is in talkative Gemini July 4th through the 31st. Meet new people, take short trips or quick classes this month. If you participate in the USA July 4th holiday, there are minor mental or transportation hassles. Allow extra time in traffic or arrive at crowded events early on the 4th. The full moon on the 8th, and actually the entire week that includes July 4th, holds difficult challenges. Transforming Pluto is tied to emotions and impatient Mars wants his way now. The nice thing to say about this is that you can delve deeply into hidden emotions and get in touch with inner vulnerability. The not so nice side of this full moon will be seen in the news.

On July 20, aggressive Mars moves into creative Leo and is ready to play through early September. Open your heart and have some fun. Mars, combined with the new moon in Leo on the 23rd, begins the buildup of energy towards next month’s total solar eclipse.


August brings two eclipses. The Aquarius-Leo lunar eclipse is on August 7 and will be seen in Africa, Asia and Australia. Aquarius urges you to create win-win environments in your life. It is associated with friends, groups and organizations, making this a good month to explore new networking opportunities. But there is another side to Aquarius in that they sometime like to detach from the world and live in their own bubble reality, not a bad thing to do during summer.

The solar eclipse on August 21 is a total eclipse that crosses over the USA starting in Oregon. Action happens under eclipse paths. If you know where 29 degrees of Leo lands in your natal chart, you know the area of your life where you must open your heart, develop creative solutions, and step into leadership in your world. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that come from deep within you, not the stuff of ego. This eclipse make a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus. Step out of your normal routine and try something outside the box. Be willing to create a new method or learn something that is out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Note that Mercury is retrograde August 12-September 5, making August a good time to take a short retreat from the world.

Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in ACG Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology. Check out astromark.us or contact him at Land Line (503) 252-1558