August 2017

After months of hearing about the total solar eclipse, it is finally here. We shall learn if it was all talk or if important changes comes from it. The general rule is that emotions will be high around the lunar eclipse on the 7th. There is certainly the opportunity to open to new friends or take some time to play. Then Mercury turns retrograde August 12-September 5 in Virgo and Leo. That can bring cleansing to self or your home/office, or you may just need a retreat before the coming autumn. The general rule regarding solar eclipses is that you do not initiate important new projects in the few days prior to the eclipse (August 21). It occurs at the end of Leo and the end of a sign represents endings, yet a solar eclipse represents new beginnings coming from deep within your soul. Beyond that, Venus is in Cancer most of the month and that can be very good for nurturing, family, and home projects. Mars is in Leo all month and the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are emphasized. That is not good for a fire season that is already bad, especially since do it big Jupiter is in Libra. Air signs represent wind. The combination of wind and fire is not good for the forest. Saturn ends his retrograde cycle (started early in April) on the 25th. The god of boundaries and long-term planning is now in his final run through Sagittarius before moving into Capricorn near Winter Solstice. Cautious expansion is called for, or perhaps a conservative adventure.


August 1-5:

Watch out for potential disruption early this month because “expect the unexpected” Uranus turns retrograde on Wednesday for the rest of the year. Because outer planets spend months retrograde, most astrologers pay attention during the days surrounding when a planet change directions. Uranus is associated with inventions, technology, revolutions and the internet. Perhaps you could use the next several months to do behind the scenes preparation for some innovative new service or product, or create/upgrade your website. As an example, NASA is working out the bugs and testing the TESS mapping spacecraft and the Webb telescope that will be launched next year. Or learn how to write your book for Kindle technology. But for this week, go easy in traffic and give a wider berth to people who fly off the handle suddenly or have anger issues. On Friday, Jupiter squares Pluto, a challenge we have already seen this year. Right use of power and willingness to transform your philosophy and belief system is called for. Take responsibility rather than pushing the blame onto someone else. The moon in Capricorn of Friday and Saturday is good for practical tasks. Friday evening is the more fun night under this serious Capricorn moon.


August 6-12:

Early Sunday morning, the moon moves into friendly Aquarius to begin the build up to the partial lunar eclipse. Sunday is a pleasant day to share in social environments with no large highs or lows.

The Full Moon on August 7th is a partial lunar eclipse visible over Asia, the Middle East, and eastern Africa. It is common to see regions under an eclipse in the news. It occurs at 16 degrees Aquarius and Leo at 11:11 AM Pacific Time. Aquarius asks you to open your mind to higher ideals and not get lost in the chaos of an emotionally reactive world. The Sun and Mars are aligned in Leo which is not so good for fire season and people with anger issues. Lunar eclipses tend to pull you apart so you can go beyond rigid thought patterns. The key now, and at the bigger eclipse coming on the 21st, is to keep an open heart. Leo likes to remember the child within and play, and also likes to lead others in a heart-felt direction. Another characteristic of the full moon is Mercury slowing down in analytical Virgo as the messenger prepares to turn retrograde on August 12th. This mental combination is opposite psychic Neptune in spiritual Pisces. This is great for opening your mind to go beyond the veils of this tangible world to begin to bring a higher vision in from the cosmos. However, this same pulling apart can have you searching for what is real and what is fantasy, or logical one moment and spacey the next. Over the next several weeks, you have the opportunity to bring a higher vision into the practical world. For now, remember to play and listen to the ideas of others even if those perspectives do not resonate with you. Lunar eclipses activate emotions and open you to new perspectives. There is a free eclipse handout showing numerous people and countries activated by August eclipses. Request Eclipse Lecture Handout at

The middle of the week is gentle under a Pisces moon. On Thursday, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course, introspective phase all day. There are pleasant planetary aspects for sharing ideas over an easy, non-rushed lunch or early dinner. The tone changes on Friday when the moon moves into hard-charging Aries to get you moving. Be physical. By Friday evening, romantic Venus makes a happy trine to fantasy-loving Uranus. You could fall in love (and then out on Saturday).

Mercury turns retrograde Saturday August 12 until September 5th , 12 degrees Virgo back to 28 degrees Leo. The interesting thing about this retreat and revise energy is that the cycle ends at the same degree of Leo as the total solar eclipse. Certainly the Virgo part of this energy will help you work on all those fix-it projects that need to be completed before the change of seasons. But Leo likes to play as well. Mercury’s nature is short and quick, so that means quick projects and quick getaways.


August 13-19:

The Sun is trine Saturn on Sunday afternoon, making this a good day to have those challenging conversations about boundaries or your core needs in this life. Because the moon is in Taurus to start the week, you will want to accomplish tangible results. Just remember that Mercury just turned retrograde last weekend, so allow room for adjustments later on. Monday evening and Tuesday morning would be a really bad time to pick a fight in your relationships. People can run hot and cold as sensual Venus in Cancer is opposite death & rebirth Pluto in cold Capricorn. A bit of this challenge follows into Wednesday. Because the moon is in Gemini on Tuesday and Wednesday, your mouth can get you in trouble. If you can keep it light and not get bogged down in a topic, you can clear the air with what needs to be said. Just say it and move on. Don’t repeat yourself or dwell on a topic.

Thursday and Friday are much more comfortable under a nurturing Cancer moon. Share a meal with a loved one. The moon moves into Leo on Saturday at 10:55 AM Pacific Time, suggesting you do something creative or get out and play.

August 20-26:

Sunday is very active as we build up to the total solar eclipse. The Sun makes a fun trine to Uranus, so you can meet new, different and even eclectic people preparing for the big eclipse.

There is a total Solar Eclipse over the United States on August 21 at 11:30 AM Pacific Time. A solar eclipse blocks out the busyness of daily life to help soul level projects and ideas to come to the surface. It is interesting to note that this eclipse lands near the end of the sign Leo. The late degrees of a sign represent endings and completions, yet a solar eclipse represents new beginnings. Look at where your heart and passions are engaged in your life verses where you are just going through the motions. Leo wants to have fun and be creative. Leo steps into leadership. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.” Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning on what this eclipse brings to you. A suggestion is that a feminine energy is rising from the unconscious in order to be put to use in the world. There are many predictions about Donald Trump since he has his Ascendant and Mars activated by this eclipse. In fact, many astrologers suggest this may be the catalyst for his election when most astrologer predicted the election incorrectly. Several deaths of leaders such as Herod in biblical days or King Henry I created superstitions that eclipses brought death to emperors and kings. However, the prophet Mohammed stopped those rumors at the death of his son saying that the sun and moon were of the gods and not mere mortals. Eclipse that land on a person’s natal chart definitely bring something to the person, but you have to be cautious making predictions based on fearful emotions or Pollyanna pie-in-the-sky ideas.

Action Mars makes harmony with Saturn to begin your day Tuesday. Accomplish something productive as that helps lead in to the Sun beginning its month long journey through hard working Virgo Tuesday afternoon. Thursday has a quick, but complicated relationship between “I want love” Venus and “I just want to be friends” Uranus. Or it can come to you through an internal conflict between balancing security versus freedom. On Friday, Saturn ends his long retrograde cycle since early April. This helps stalled projects get moving in the weeks ahead. Saturn now makes a beeline through Sagittarius (since fall 2015) towards Capricorn for two years starting in December. Are there projects that need to be finished by the end of the year? Get on it. Saturday is a day when you can talk about deep and vulnerable topics.


August 27-31:

Sunday continues the private Scorpio moon from the weekend, and it includes soft planetary aspects to make for a quiet, pleasant day. Tuesday has minor energy bumps, but no problem as long as you do not try to go too fast. On Thursday, Mercury, retrograde in Virgo since the 12th, moves backwards into Leo. It would be nice to get some playtime in between now and September 5th, because getting to work will soon be a theme.


September Preview:

The month begins with Mercury still retrograde until the 5th. The interesting thing about that is that the communications planet turns direct at the same degree of Leo as the August 21 solar eclipse. Relationship planets Venus and Mars also pass over that sensitive degree in September. It is like the solar eclipse lasts longer because the same sensitive degree keeps being hit. We shall have to watch for greater meaning regarding that. All of the planets out to Saturn are now direct, so that picks up the pace and helps you move forward. Mark does a talk on Jupiter entering Scorpio for the coming year, and it will be recorded for you. Check back for details.

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Following is a new column I am writing for New Consciousness Review:

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: June-August 2017

Astromark Astrology Forecast: Overall view June-August:

The good news is that the summer months are more stable and flowing than the disruptive retrograde energies of spring. The last few months helped you look at what and who you value, and what must be released. On June 9, optimistic Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle since early February, indicating a “go” signal to take action on the decisions you made during spring. Projects put on hold or barely moving will pick up speed as June progresses. Big and distant planets take several weeks to get up to full speed, but you feel happy as the energy builds. Jupiter travels through relationship oriented Libra until October 10, making this forward movement a great opportunity to expand and harmonize all types of relationships.

Venus spends most of June until July 4th in Taurus, helping you improve finances and put practical energy into manifesting your goals and desires. The goddess of love then moves into flirty Gemini during most of July to help you explore new possibilities, be they relationships or money. The big news of this report: a rare total solar eclipse passes across the USA on August 21st in heart opening Leo. There is an emphasis of fire element signs then, and that can translate into an extra hot August and forest fires. The solar eclipse is at the end of the sign Leo, landing on the charts of Donald Trump, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine. Let’s hold the good thought that the positive side of Leo will express itself through opening hearts and developing creative solutions to difficult problems.


Think back to early February when enthusiastic Jupiter turned retrograde. Did projects get put on hold or fall to the back burner of your life? Or it may be that you knew that relationships (or lack thereof) need to change? As the god of abundance, Jupiter ends his backwards reviewing cycle on June 9 and is ready to charge forward towards new opportunities. Because the god of expansion is associated with your belief system, it is critical that you open your mind to allow new possibilities to enter. Tell your analytical mind to be quiet and not prejudge big ideas. Take a risk on yourself so large dreams can manifest in your life. Release that which has been holding you back, be it people or your own preconceived notions. June helps you move forward, but it is important to note that the improvements you seek will not get up to full speed until after September 5th.

Be certain that your ambitions and emotions are working together now, because assertive Mars is in feeling-oriented Cancer June 4-July 20. When your emotions are in alignment with your actions, you can move mountains. This nurturing combination also supports home repair and family interaction. Summer Solstice comes on June 20 (9:24 PM PDT). A chart cast for the next three months indicates a slightly complicated set of energies for summer. The moon and Venus are aligned in Taurus. They like their chocolate! Gift yourself with an appropriate amount of sensual pleasures, be it sweets, massages or a flower budget. At the same time, there is a challenge between Mars in “I want to stay close to home” Cancer and Jupiter that wants to go off on an adventure. For many, this will be the summer of vacations that are not all that far from home, or travel for family and relatives at a distance.


Except for some short-term rude energies on the 2nd, 8th and 17th, July is a quick and fun month. Venus loves beautiful places and harmonious relationships, and she is in talkative Gemini July 4th through the 31st. Meet new people, take short trips or quick classes this month. If you participate in the USA July 4th holiday, there are minor mental or transportation hassles. Allow extra time in traffic or arrive at crowded events early on the 4th. The full moon on the 8th, and actually the entire week that includes July 4th, holds difficult challenges. Transforming Pluto is tied to emotions and impatient Mars wants his way now. The nice thing to say about this is that you can delve deeply into hidden emotions and get in touch with inner vulnerability. The not so nice side of this full moon will be seen in the news.

On July 20, aggressive Mars moves into creative Leo and is ready to play through early September. Open your heart and have some fun. Mars, combined with the new moon in Leo on the 23rd, begins the buildup of energy towards next month’s total solar eclipse.


August brings two eclipses. The Aquarius-Leo lunar eclipse is on August 7 and will be seen in Africa, Asia and Australia. Aquarius urges you to create win-win environments in your life. It is associated with friends, groups and organizations, making this a good month to explore new networking opportunities. But there is another side to Aquarius in that they sometime like to detach from the world and live in their own bubble reality, not a bad thing to do during summer.

The solar eclipse on August 21 is a total eclipse that crosses over the USA starting in Oregon. Action happens under eclipse paths. If you know where 29 degrees of Leo lands in your natal chart, you know the area of your life where you must open your heart, develop creative solutions, and step into leadership in your world. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that come from deep within you, not the stuff of ego. This eclipse make a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus. Step out of your normal routine and try something outside the box. Be willing to create a new method or learn something that is out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Note that Mercury is retrograde August 12-September 5, making August a good time to take a short retreat from the world.

Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in ACG Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology. Check out or contact him at Land Line (503) 252-1558