March 2019 Astrology Forecast:

At the March 6 new moon, Uranus moves into Taurus until early 2026. You received a teaser of this energy last summer. Expects a revolution in values, money & banking, and perhaps even advances in thyroid treatments. It’s time for a fresh and innovative approach to life. Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces March 5 to 28. This communications breakdown cycle will be interesting in that Mercury is very mental and analytical, and Pisces is intuitive and receptive.  If you are able, sneak off for a short retreat to review and revise your higher vision.  If you are not able,  just shut your brain off for a short time by turning off technology for a “stay-cation”. With Venus moving through Aquarius until the 26th, it is a good time to explore new friendships and group activities.

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The Spring Astromark quarterly newsletter is now uploaded with planetary energies of spring, info on the royal family, Senator Kamala Harris, and much more.

March 1-2:

Expect an early “wake up” call on the 1st as Venus challenges explosive Uranus. Venus would be happy to hit the snooze button, and Uranus just has to move. Venus then moves into Aquarius until the 26th. This combination is great for making new friends, connecting with existing friends, and opening to new groups and organizations. Enhance the friendship side of your relationships. On Saturday, the moon enters Aquarius at 11:06 AM Pacific for the rest of the weekend. This adds to the eclectic and friendly energy. Step out of your routine and meet someone new or try a different restaurant.

March 3-9:

Sunday and Monday continue the friendly Aquarius moon from the weekend, urging you to try something new and fresh. Mercury turns retrograde March 5-28 in psychic Pisces. It’s time to open to a new and higher vision. Create space for your dreams or fantasy. During Mercury retrograde, it is important to get your ego out of the way and to remember that there is a higher power operating in your life. In other words, you don’t (and cannot) control everything.

The New Moon is on March 6 at 8:04 AM Pacific Time (16 degrees Pisces). This is an interesting new moon, and it is anyone’s guess how it will play out. There is a great deal of energy in Pisces, which helps you practice forgiveness and compassion. It also helps you open your intuition and higher vision. At the same time, analytical Mercury just turned retrograde in space cadet Pisces until the 28th. A good use of this energy would be to take a short trip to a watery place to go beyond the veils of this material world to determine where you higher vision wants to take you next. Or maybe you just need to turn your brain off for a bit! The other major factor is revolutionary Uranus moves into Taurus today, and will be with us into 2026. We received a preview of this energy during the summer of 2018. Your value system is being shaken up to make room for innovative new concepts, and that includes new people coming into your life (and many are leaving or have left in the past several months). For now, take stock of what is important to you and what needs to be released to make room for something fresh.

Get physical from Thursday afternoon through Saturday under an Aries moon. It is good for taking on projects, but don’t make them too big as Aries has a bad habit of not finishing everything it starts. The moon is in its quiet void of course phase all day Saturday beginning at 9:14 AM Pacific Time- not the best time for important purchases or starting new projects. It is great for introspective work. Saturday does have good social planetary aspects.

March 10-16:

A Taurus moon on Sunday and Monday support sensual pleasures and accomplishing tasks that have tangible results. On Wednesday the 13th, it is better to tend to all your “must do” tasks early because the later afternoon into early evening Pacific Time has you feeling tired and perhaps even a bit at odds with the world. The morning of the 14th has Mars making a helpful trine to Saturn, and that supports efforts at long term projects.

Thursday is also the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle (march 5-28). For the rest of March, begin working on new and incoming projects, but do not carve them in stone until we get out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde in mid-April. Since Mercury is retrograde, it is important to remember that the USA changes to Daylight Savings Time on the 10th. Knock off early on Friday if you are able.  Mercury squares Jupiter in the afternoon, and that is not conducive to traffic or clear thinking. Saturday is a pleasant day with the moon going into heart-opening Leo in the evening.

Puget Sound friends: March 21-23- Mark provides private consultations in the Renton area, and then min-consultations at the Emerald Spiral Expo

March 17-23:

The moon is in Leo for St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, so great for sharing with friends and family.

Wednesday March 20 holds Spring Equinox at 2:59 PM PDT and then a Full Moon in Libra-Aries at 6:43 PM PDT. This complicates the energies for the coming three months, just a bit. The equinox has the moon still in Virgo, and that means it is time to cleanse your body and your closets. It’s time to get organized and be more efficient. Virgo wants to accomplish numerous practical tasks. At the same time, the Libra full moon wants to be social and participate in relationships and live a life of ease and luxury. As if that isn’t enough, analytical Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 28th and is in alignment with psychic Neptune. Ideally, you open to a higher intuitive vision and then make an adaptable plan to bring that vision into reality. Or maybe you just want to sneak away for a short retreat. Be certain you know the difference between fantasy and reality under this dreamy combination.

March 24-31:

Mercury aligns with Neptune Sunday morning, a great combination for spiritual activities, meditation, or quietly reading the morning paper. Allow extra space in your schedule on Monday and Tuesday, because a Sagittarius moon needs a lot of space and hates a schedule that is too tightly packed. At Pacific time lunch on Tuesday, relationship planet Venus moves into Pisces until April 20. Romance is favored as long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality -not that sharing a fantasy is a bad thing! Mix business and pleasure on Wednesday under a friendly blending of Venus and Uranus, with a practical Capricorn moon providing grounded support.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle in time for Thursday morning’s rush hour. Allow extra time. Friday evening through Sunday is highlighted by a friendly Aquarius moon. Meet new people or do something out of your ordinary routine.

April 2019 preview:

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all turn retrograde this month. These are the three planets involved in the big 2020 alignment in Capricorn. I like to call this a “movie preview” of coming attractions in 2020. If you are paying attention, you might just get a hint of what is coming next year for both yourself and the world. Check back for detail