September Astrology Forecast:

Now that the eclipses and Mars and Mercury retrogrades are in the rear view mirror, it is time to get moving towards projects and plans that got put on hold over the summer. The only planet holding things back is slow-but-sure Saturn, retrograde since April. Saturn moves forward on September 6th, helping you get to work on long term future projects and responsibilities. Mental Mercury is in Virgo September 5-22. this helps you to get organized and become more efficient. Internal or external cleanses are favored, be it you body or your garage. The big harvest moon on the 24th is challenged by Saturn, requiring you to move more quickly while being patient at the same time. Autumn equinox on the 22nd also has a bit of a hurry up and wait tone to the coming three months. Be willing to take half steps towards your goal.

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September 1:

The month starts under a sensual Taurus moon. One level of Taurus is to indulge in your favorite pleasures. The other level is to accomplish tangible and practical projects, and that helps you feel OK about those indulgences. There is a minor challenge between head and heart at lunchtime (PDT), but that could easily being your head wanting to work and your heart wanting to play.

September 2-8:

Sunday and Monday (USA Labor Day holiday) are under the influence of a talkative Gemini moon. This favors short projects, short visits, and running lots of quick errands. Be social to begin the week. The action is during the latter half of this week. Mental Mercury moves into organizing Virgo on the 5th until the 21st. Make a plan and work the plan. Much can be accomplished if you improve your efficiency. On Thursday morning, Saturn ends his retrograde cycle (since April). You may feel sluggish during the middle of this week, but know that you can start working on long-tern and future projects in the weeks ahead.

Get an early start on Friday as Mercury wakes you up to get moving. Write down brilliant ideas so they do not get lost in even more ideas. Mercury sets up a short pattern called a Grand Earth Trine. That is a triple-harmony that helps you accomplish a great deal if you are willing to get to work. It also brings a combination of hard-working stability with the desire to run away and be free. Find a way to get your work done and do something out of the ordinary as the week ends. Saturday has the moon moving into Virgo, great for cleaning the house or other mundane tasks. Virgo is associated with pets, so take the dog for a walk! There is a short relationship challenge between Venus and Mars on Saturday afternoon, so this is not the best time to push relationship issues.

September 9-15:

The New Moon is on Sunday September 9 at 11:01 AM PDT (18 degrees Virgo). The earth element is very strong now, with the water element in moderate strength. Earth advises you to be practical and water asks you to pay attention to your emotional needs. Do mundane projects that get you ready for the changing season, a health cleanse, and getting organized and efficient are favored. A challenge to your relationships, values and ambitions has been building energy for several days now, and it is highlighted in this new moon. Venus has moved into Scorpio early this morning and will be in this sing until mid-December-quite a long time compared to her normal three weeks in a sign. The goddess of love, marriage, money and diplomacy will turn retrograde on October 5th, so now is the early peek at what’s coming. This new moon asks you to look to determine if your actions are in alignment with what you say you value (or are you saying one thing and doing another?). There was a similar energy going on over the summer when assertive Mars was retrograde. Revolutionary Uranus is tied to this relationship combination, and that means the universe is rattling your cage to get you unstuck so you can open to innovative new possibilities.

On Monday, warrior Mars moves into Aquarius, the sign it was in most of the summer during his retrograde cycle. It’s time to get moving. If you were lazy or unmotivated over the last few months, this is the kick in the backside to pick up the pace. On Tuesday, the Sun makes happy relationships to expansive and transforming planets so it is good to get an early start, including breakfast meetings. Wednesday and Thursday morning support projects that require your focused concentration. However, Thursday afternoon and early evening can have you daydreaming or ready for a nap. Do be careful of drivers not paying attention in the evening rush hour traffic. A Sagittarius moon on Friday evening and Saturday are great for a party or out-in-nature adventure. Deep, philosophical conversations are perfect for Saturday evening.

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September 16-22:

Sunday is a bit of a mixed energy day, with an optimistic Sagittarius moon that encourages you to do something for your philosophical or physical well being. At the same time, there are minor conflicts between your emotions and intellect. Do something good for yourself on Sunday because the early work week motivates you to get serious. The biggest challenge of the week comes on Tuesday (4 PM PDT) when Mars makes a square relationship to explosive Uranus. A square is a ninety degree connection between planets where both want their way and neither are willing to compromise (like Congress!). Be careful of forcing your way early this week and give space to rigid people so they do not go off on you. Avoid anger and impatience. The positive side of this difficult combination is to take action to set yourself free of that which restricts you.

The rest of this week is pretty easy. There is lots of talk, and its great to meet up with new or old friends on Thursday and Friday. On Friday, Mercury moves into Libra until October 9. This supports social activities, communicating in all types of relationships and diplomatic conversations. But do be careful of being an excessive “people pleaser.”

The Autumnal Equinox is on Saturday September 22 at 6:55 PM PDT. Energy for the next three months calls you to put dissimilar things together. For example, the air and water element are strong, and that asks you to make sure your intellect and emotions are working in harmony. The emotional moon and psychic Neptune are aligned in dreamy Pisces-great for opening your intuition but make sure you have appropriate boundaries to avoid being taken unfair advantage. The energetic Sun and quick Mercury want to get moving at a high speed, yet they are tied to Saturn which urges slow-but-sure action for long term benefit. At the same time, wounded-healer Chiron has you feeling caught between worlds, like the half-horse, half-human that he is. Put them together in the next quarter by breaking big projects into shorter, manageable pieces, and be willing to take half-steps towards your larger, long-term goal. The universe is opening up on your behalf, but you don’t get to control the pace. Go to your center and trust the process.

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September 23-29:

The moon is in monk-like Pisces all day Sunday, and the morning is particularly challenging if you must have mental focus (best to put off those type projects until later in the day. Turn off the alarm clock on Sunday and ease into your day. Sunday evening is much more favorable for conversation and quick activities.

The Harvest Full Moon is on Monday September 24th a 7:52 PM (3 degrees Aries/Libra). Be sure to get out and watch the big moon rise as it should be extra beautiful. This is the full moon where you re-balance your individual needs and your relationship needs. Because this moon falls so closely to Autumnal Equinox, the energies are similar. Wounded-healer Chiron is aligned with this full moon. Healing your emotions or helping others with their emotional well-being is supported now. Be willing to take half-steps towards your goal, and it would be best if your goals are both tangible and long-lasting. There is an abundance of planets in action signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn ((and missing is Cancer)). This helps you accomplish a great deal, but be careful of over committing yourself. Also note that love & money Venus is slowing down to turn retrograde October 5-November 16. Begin to look at what is working in both relationships and finances and know that this full moon starts the process of reviewing and revising all types of relationships and your material world needs and values.

September 30:

The Gemini moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase all day Sunday starting at 8:38 AM PDT. This is great for short, quick tasks and communications with people, but not for important decisions or purchases. In the evening, Pluto ends his retrograde cycle that started back in April. Pluto is about standing in your power and releasing anything that takes your power away (attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, controlling people, etc.).

Although this is a bit abstract now, begin to think about what you are releasing and building towards 2020. There will be an important alignment of planets in Capricorn then. The world is going to change.

October preview:

The big event of October is Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio and Libra, October 5-November 16. Since Venus goes retrograde less often than all the other planets, it is a significant time to review and revise all types of relationships including lack of relationships. You values surrounding money and possessions is up for a change too. Check back for details.