May 2019 Astrology Forecast:

There is not one giant thing to point to for May planetary energies, so hopefully that means you can tend to a wide variety of items on your list. The most unusual topic is the Blue Moon on May 17. The original indicator of a Blue Moon was the third of four full moons in a season, so this is a seasonal blue moon. Somehow, in modern day, the interpretation changed to it being two full moons in a month, and it stuck. More on that below. At the middle of May, both Venus and Mars move into more stable signs, Taurus and Cancer, respectively. That should help you get focused on practical priorities.


May 1-4:

How did you sleep early on May 1? Mental Mercury made a challenging square relationship to restrictive Saturn overnight, and that can make for a restless night. But that shifts on the morning of the 1st through Friday morning when the moon moves through active Aries. Get moving.

The  New Moon is on Saturday May 4 at 3:46 PM PDT (15 degrees Taurus). The earth and fire elements are very strong now, supporting you to bring creative passions down into the earth plane for practical application. At the same time, there is a T-Square pattern in the planetary sky, giving you the unbalanced feeling of sitting on a three-legged chair that should have four legs. One leg has expansive Jupiter opening you to higher philosophy and adventure. The opposite leg is impatient Mars trying to do too many things at once. Dreamy Neptune is in the position of the third leg, and he just wants to go off into his private cave to shut out the busy world and meditate. The missing leg is in the sign Virgo, asking you to simplify your life and needs, to get organized, and to bring forth the goddess for higher service. Make a plan and work the plan (that means, don’t wing it).  Make sure you are grounded to avoid getting scattered and mentally exhausted. The good news is, that this conflicting pattern motivates you to get things done.

May 5-11:

Sunday is a quiet day under a void-of course moon (8:10 AM to  8:40 PM PDT). Astrologers do not like to take important actions or make significant purchases when the moon is in its introspective phase. It’s better to meditate, do laundry, or other mundane tasks. Monday  is the beginning of the Ramadan holy day. Regardless of your philosophy, it is a great time to fast, spend time with loved ones, and get closer to the one source of all that is. Mercury moves into productive Taurus until the 21st, so you can accomplish a great deal if you put your mind to it.

Tuesday morning is a bit odd in that the moon has moved into quick-paced Gemini, but love & money Venus challenges slow and patient Saturn. It is like that feeling in traffic where traffic is moving quickly then comes to a quick halt in a matter of seconds. Pace yourself Tuesday morning.

The quicker time is Wednesday morning when Mercury aligns with Uranus. This opens you to inventive ideas, but it can also create problems with impatient drivers.  The evening is much quieter, and great for sharing a meal with those people who are in your inner circle.

Thursday morning helps you open to something larger and more expansive in your life, as long as you do not get obsessive or say “my way or the highway.” Venus is active, and she supports manifesting your needs and desires, be they of the material world or in relationships. The weekend is playful under a heart-centered Leo moon.

May 12-18:

Mother’s Day is under a “keep it simple’ Virgo moon. Pleasant lunar aspects until 3:33 PM PDT support happy emotions, then go quiet for Sunday evening. The moon remains in hard working Virgo into Monday, but there are more motivational challenges going on. Monday supports gently and humbly standing in your power, but don’t get pushy as transforming Pluto stimulates you make needed changes. Early morning Tuesday supports relationship conversations and activities as Venus and Mars play nicely together.

The biggest shift of the week comes on Wednesday the 15th when Venus moves into Taurus and Mars moves into Cancer. Love & money Venus likes traveling through Taurus as it supports you manifesting your needs and desires (continues until June 8). Warrior Mars moving through emotional Cancer until July 1 is a more complicated conversation. Working on home and family issues is great, but warriors want to move quickly and decisively, and emotions need time to process. Find the balance between your ambitious needs and your emotional needs.

Communications are important on Thursday and Friday. Talkative Mercury can participate in serious, long-term planning conversations on Thursday. Friday supports research or conversations on deep topics that make your emotions feel vulnerable.

There is a seasonal Blue Moon on Saturday, May 18 (28 degrees Scorpio-Taurus). This full moon fits under the original interpretation of what constitutes a blue moon, being the third of four full moons in a season. The earth and water elements are very strong now, and that provides great pragmatic and emotional support. However, the missing air element can find you stuck in a comfortable rut, so consciously be open to new ideas and ways of looking at life. Taurus helps you understand what you value and desire. Scorpio helps you go to emotional depths to heal and release any self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that get in the way of manifesting those goals and desires.

May 19-25:

The moon moves through Sagittarius on Sunday and Monday, perfect for philosophical conversations or a trip into the great outdoors. On Tuesday, both the Sun and Mercury align with each other as they move into Gemini. The pace quickens and it is best to do a lot of short, quick projects and activities for the next 3-4 weeks, rather than an activity that requires deep focus.

If you can step out of your routine on Wednesday morning, you will make eccentric Uranus very happy-definitely not the morning to go into some humdrum job. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Thursday 10:49 AM PDT through Saturday. Meet up with new or old friends. Aquarius wants to begin the USA Memorial Day holiday weekend doing something different than normal. The moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase on Saturday, so make sure you can exchange anything important that you purchase- better still, hold off on important actions and purchases.

May 26-31:

The moon is in gentle Pisces on Sunday and for the USA Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Sit by a watery place, meditate, watch a good movie or daydream the days away. And that means the moon moves into energetic Aries late morning Pacific Time on Tuesday. Quick paced Mercury makes some challenges on Wednesday and Thursday, so allow space between meetings or activities in case things don’t go quite as planned. Or it may just be mental overload and your brain wants to shut down for awhile. But it isn’t all bad since harmonizing Venus is in play on Thursday and Friday, providing a bit of a buffer zone for too much thinking.

June 2019 Astrology preview:

Mars is in Cancer all month long, and he wants/needs to tend to projects around home and family. On June 8, Venus enters Gemini until July 3, and that energy wants to explore new people and opportunities. How will you put these two contradictory energies together? June is also the month building up to July’s eclipses. Check back for details.