January 2019 Astrology Forecast:

There are two eclipses this month. The solar eclipse on the 5th is the first in Capricorn since 2011 and the lunar eclipse in Leo is the last one in Leo-Aquarius until 2026. This marks a transition period to begin the New Year, with beginnings and endings. Look at how you are dealing with boundaries and make a plan for a long term goal with Capricorn new beginnings. The lunar eclipse in Leo gives you the final chance to decide where your heart is engaged and where not (going on since spring 2017). Athletic Mars is in Aries all month, helping exercise programs get off to a good start in 2019.  Venus moves through Sagittarius most of the month, so you can explore new relationships or open to travel opportunities.

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January 1-5:

On New Year’s Day, the moon is in private Scorpio and the Sun aligns with Saturn. This is an excellent combination for deep level inner work, including making “hold yourself accountable” commitments for the coming year. On Wednesday and Thursday, the moon moves into highly social Sagittarius. This is especially strong on Thursday when there is a fun, mental aspect between talkative Mercury and out-of-the-ordinary Uranus. Meet new people or try something new.

There is a partial solar eclipse on Saturday, January 5th (5:28 PM PST, 16 degrees Capricorn). It will be interesting to watch USA relations with China as the path of the eclipse starts in NE China and moves part way across the Pacific Ocean. We have been feeling the effects for a couple months now. The energy tends to be serious in tone because 5 of the 10 planets we use in astrology are in responsible, hard-working Capricorn. Set long term goals and include deadlines to make certain you get them done. Pluto is involved in this combination, and the god of the underworld demands you release anything that takes away your power, be it things, people, attitudes or beliefs. Saturn is also tied to this eclipse so work towards the long term rather than expecting immediate gratification. Mercury just moved into Capricorn until January 23, so make a concrete plan. Write it down and put dates to be completed on your calendar.

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January 6-12:

Freedom-loving Uranus ends his retrograde cycle on Sunday (since August 2018). Although you may not see it in the outer world, it definitely gives you the feeling that you are ready for something fresh. Then on Monday, love & money Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius until early February. This adds to the feeling that it is time to take a risk on yourself to manifest your needs and desires. Tuesday early morning brings mental challenges, so don’t force your ideas and don’t drive too fast. The other challenge this week is on Friday when the Sun aligns with death & rebirth Pluto. Because this energy was in the recent solar eclipse new moon, you have been feeling it for days. Stand in your power and release that which is of your past. Moon in Aries on Saturday tells you to get your body moving-exercise, dance, yoga-whatever gets your blood circulating.

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January 13-19:

Sunday is an interesting day, so pay attention to the subtle energy going on. Jupiter is making a challenging 90 degree square to Neptune on the 13th, and it will be hanging around all the way to September. Jupiter is ready for an adventure, and wants to open your belief system to a much larger view of the world. Neptune is a visionary, but often just doesn’t know what that vision is, or if they do, how to bring it into the mundane world. The challenge, then, is to expand your belief system this year to bring a higher vision into the world. Also on Sunday, Mercury aligns with Saturn, an energy you have been feeling all week. Write down your long term plan and get organized.

Pay attention to dreams or meditate on Monday morning as spiritual Neptune opens your intuitive side. The rest of the work week flows along smoothly. Friday morning is especially good for communicating in all types of relationships. But by the end of the day Friday, you either want to be left alone or just get away from annoying people. Moon in Cancer on Saturday is excellent for sharing a meal with someone in your closest inner circle.


January 20-26:

There is a super moon, total lunar eclipse on Sunday, January 20 (9:16 PM PST, 1 degrees Leo-Aquarius). This is the last of a series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius (since spring 2017) and they will not be back until 2026. Aquarius has to do with  holding the higher ideal and creating win-win environments for the collective good. Leo steps into leadership and opens people’s hearts to find creative solutions. Use this energy to get clear on where your heart is engaged and where it is not. Release those people from your life where your heart is not connected, thus allowing you to open to new friends and associations. This full moon is being challenged by eccentric Uranus, urging you to step out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities. Make it a quiet evening and put  off relationship conversations to another day. Venus is aligning with Jupiter on Tuesday, so buy a lottery ticket under this gambler combination.

Get Lucky! Venus aligns with Jupiter in gambler Sagittarius early on Tuesday. Remember who told you to buy a lottery ticket when you win! (And if you are going to win, one ticket is enough, as this is an overdo it energy.) Wednesday is a highly mental day, one of those mornings you wake up a bit too early. Keep the pace moving, but don’t over commit yourself. On Wednesday evening, Mercury moves into Aquarius for three weeks, a good time to meet new people or invent the next computer app. Friday and Saturday are social under a Libra moon, and Friday is the most enthusiastic for embarking on a new path.

January 27-31:

The week starts under a private Scorpio moon, great for anything that requires deep research and intense focus. Have dinner on Tuesday with someone who appreciates big, innovative ideas as this evening is charged with enthusiasm. On Thursday morning, Saturn and Neptune are playing nicely together. That means you can combine higher, intuitive vision with down to earth reality. Put constructive effort into manifesting your dreams.


February 2019 preview:

Valentine’s Day is under a talkative Gemini moon, and masculine Mars moves into sensual pleasure-loving Taurus for about six weeks. So talk and chocolate for the romance holiday. Wounded healer Chiron moves into Aries after a short review of Pisces where it was since 2011. We had a teaser of this energy last summer and now it comes back until 2026.  Check back for details.