March 2018

Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th in Scorpio, and continues to move backwards until July 10. Consolidate any projects or activities that have been going on since October 2017, and do behind the scenes planning  for future projects. Jupiter rules your belief system, so look within to see where you may be holding yourself back from a larger world view and expansive projects that require you to take a risk. Mercury is slowing down at spring equinox on the 20th and turns retrograde in Aries on the 22nd. Prepare to pioneer a new path during this three-week cycle. On an esoteric level, Mercury in Aries is about communicating right action. Venus is in Aries starting the 6th through March, so this is another indicator of the need to start working on new projects. Have courage!

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March  1-3:

The Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is on March 1 (12 degrees, 4:51 PM PST). The energetic sun is aligned with visionary Neptune now, so allow yourself time to drift off into your creative, intuitive insight temple within. At the same time, the moon is in practical Virgo urging you to come down out of the clouds to accomplish your extensive to-do list. The key is to open to your higher vision and then work in partnership with Great Spirit to bring it into the earthly plane. Talkative Mercury and relationship planet Venus are aligned now. It is an excellent time to have a short vision quest or heart-to-heart talk with personal or business partners regarding your vision for new projects and sharing needs. There is an abundance of planets now in adaptable signs, so practice flexibility and willingness to shift as the energy changes. On a more boring level, a Virgo full moon urges you to clear your clutter, so this begins garage sale season.

Both Mercury and Venus begin the month making harmony with expansive Jupiter. Talking about your future plans and desires with your partners is supported now. Don’t carve anything into stone right now; just lay out a general vision and general plans to direct yourself towards that goal. Friday is a better day to tend to simple tasks. Saturday is the more social day.

March 4-10:

Sunday morning is great for spiritual activities  and/or sharing your dreams (both dreams you had last night and dreams for your future). Sunday is an excellent day to be social under the Libra moon, but the evening hours does not tolerate the annoying people in your life. On Monday evening, mental Mercury moves into Aries until Mother’s Day May 13. This is a very long time due to the coming Mercury retrograde cycle on the 22nd (10 weeks compared to normal 3weeks). Improve your exercise program in the weeks ahead. Venus also moves into Aries on the 6th through the end of March. Be willing to pioneer a new path in existing relationships or in seeking new relationships. This is an uncomfortable sign for Venus as she wants relationship and Aries wants independence. Find a good balance between your sharing needs and individual needs.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon through late afternoon Friday, the moon will be traveling through Sagittarius. It is a great time to share your big ideas in an enthusiastic way. Sag. likes a party or a philosophical conversation. Saturday has a more serious tone under a pragmatic Capricorn moon. Mercury makes a challenging square to Saturn in the evening. Avoid rigid boundaries in your conversations Saturday night and it would be wise to postpone difficult conversations. Many people will simply go to bed a bit early on Saturday night.

March 11-17:

It would not be a surprise if your early morning sleep is disrupted on Sunday morning, and not just because of the change to Daylight Savings Time. Athletic Mars makes a harmonious trine to Uranus, suggesting you get up and do something that is beyond your normal routine. Since Mars rules exercise, perhaps you could go for a hike instead of the gym, just something to feel like you are breaking free of your normal routine. This “I need to do something out of my ordinary” feeling continues Monday evening through Wednesday. Try a different restaurant, explore a different group of people, or play “hooky” from your day to day life under the eccentric Aquarius moon. Thursday and Friday settle down to support your comfort zone. Watch a movie, practice your intuition, or listen to music under a Pisces moon.

The Pisces New Moon is on St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday the 17th (27 degrees Pisces at 6:12 AM PDT). The new moon is aligned with wounded healer Chiron, making it a good time to heal on a Pisces divine feminine level. If you are caught between a rock and a hard place while this half-horse, half-human centaur is active, then perhaps the universe is asking you to be a bridge-tender between the reality you are leaving and the new vision you are just beginning to step into.  This new moon also challenges ambitious Mars. Are the actions you are taking in your life now in alignment with the new reality your are just starting to bring into form? Pay attention to any anger issues that come up now and take a step back from people who have anger issues. A positive outlet would be gentle physical exercise, perhaps a walk in nature. With Venus and Mercury aligning in Aries now, walking with your partner and having short conversations on changing values and your dreams is supported. Note also that Mars moves into Capricorn through mid-May and again later in August. Use this builder energy to put effort into long term projects. What would you like to have accomplished by autumn? Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd, so catch up on phone calls and confirm your appointments.

Attention Puget Sound friends: Mark provides mini-consultations at a reduced price at the Emerald Spiral Expo on Sat. March 24. Either schedule in advance with Mark or sign up when you get there.


Make calls and tend to details early in the week because Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde March 22-April 15. Click here to visit the Mercury retrograde page. Sunday and Monday continue the need to get your blood circulating through movement.

Spring equinox arrives at 9:16 AM PDT on March 20. A chart cast for the next three months shows an emphasis on the fire and earth elements. That means you can bring your creativity and passion down into manifestation in the physical world. There is also a lack of the air element. It would be easy to get stuck in one mindset when air is missing, so be willing to listen to and open to ideas from others to avoid getting stuck in a rut. The pace this spring is going to be quick, so put extra effort into completing projects. The tendency can be to chase shiny baubles or react to emergencies such that it would be easy to get to summer and find you left a trail of half finished projects. Also be willing to communicate your changing needs and desires to all of your relationships.

Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday until April 15 in Aries. Avoid rushing projects including your tax return. It is easy to forget important things when you are rushing. Also be careful of driving too fast (Portland, Oregon, is slowing down all the speed limits, so easy to forget to slow down).  Friday morning is better for relationships. The afternoon has Venus square Pluto, a relationship where you do not want to force your values on others. This same aspect supports going to deeper emotional levels in relationships, but doing it for understanding rather than trying to fix someone. Saturday morning has some motivational challenges, so ease into the day. A Cancer moon on Saturday favors close family and friends.

March 25-31:

Sunday has a lot of emotional lunar aspects, so just flow with the gentle ups and downs of the day, and don’t get emotionally stuck on any one thing.  The early work week is more vibrant and friendly under a Leo moon. Wednesday is good for friendships and sneaking away for a long lunch at a different restaurant than normal. Venus and Uranus align for a happy, light day (not the day for work that requires concentration!) Wake up slowly on Thursday as the life-giving sun challenges stodgy Saturn. You may be slow to get moving or feel extra aches and pains in your joints. Thursday is a good day to do small tasks and keep a low profile.  The moon moves into social Libra by lunch time Friday. Sensual Venus moves into Taurus, one of her favorite signs, until April 24. Hard work and constructive effort will pay off in the weeks ahead.

The second full moon of March occurs on the 31st at 5:37 AM. (11 degrees Libra/Aries)  This is a potent full moon in that it either challenges or motivates you. Libra wants to improve relationships and Aries wants to independently go off and pioneer a new path of self-discovery. Retrograde Mercury asks you to rethink and review the balance of sharing and individuality. This full moon is challenged by “I want it yesterday” Mars and “be patient” Saturn. You benefit by putting physical effort into long-term projects. Remember to allow wiggle room in your plans since Mercury continues to be retrograde until April 15. On a more esoteric level, this full moon urges you to take right action to restructure your life so you can live in a higher balance. The opportunity is to set yourself free of limitations by moving your consciousness to a higher set of values, and not being sucked into the drama of the world that will also be a part of this full moon. Your choice!

April preview: Mercury retrograde continues to April 15. Wounded healer Chiron moves into Aries until 2027 (with a short return to Pisces later this year. Check back for details.