November Astrology Forecast:

IT’S A BUSY MONTH! Uranus backs into Aries on Election Day the 6th, so this is the beginning of the end of a path that we have been on since the Japan earthquake in spring 2011. It will be an interesting Election Day because Uranus is the revolutionary and the keywords for this eccentric planet are “expect the unexpected.” This continues until March, so let go of that which you do not want to carry forward.

Venus continues to be retrograde until the 16th, but it has moved from deeply emotional Scorpio into balancing Libra. Make nice in your relationships regardless of whether they are to go forward or be released. Also on the 16th, Mercury begins his retrograde cycle until December 6th. Practice flexibility in your USA Thanksgiving Day holiday plans. The USA holiday on the 22nd is under a Gemini full moon, making for lots of talk. As if that is not enough, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th for the coming year. Get ready for an expansive adventure (for more on this, download the fall quarter newsletter). And there is more: the spiritual destiny nodes leave their 1 1/2 year run through Aquarius and Leo, and move into Capricorn and Cancer November 6 to May 2020. Responsibilities and boundaries need to combine well with home, family and emotional security.

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November 1-3:

It is a relatively quiet start to the month. The moon moves into purifying Virgo late on the 1st through Saturday. Tend to practical tasks as Virgo likes to accomplish her lists. This is also good for natural food, cleanses and healing. Friday is likely to be the better social night, but odds are good you will not want to stay out late.

November 4-10:

Get ready for a busy and changeable week, starting with USA residents changing their clocks one hour backwards. Sunday and Monday support relationship conversations and any talks that require diplomacy. On Tuesday the 6th, wild-card Uranus moves backwards into Aries until March. Think back to 2011 (Japan earthquake, Tunisia Arab Spring) when Uranus first moved into Aries. If you have anything to clean up or release since 2011, now is the opportunity to get on with it. Creating more freedom and pioneering a new path is supported. Also on Tuesday, the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon change signs into Cancer and Capricorn. For the next 1 1/2 years, you work on the balance of emotional security and nurturing vs. responsibility and boundaries. With Uranus and the nodes changing signs on USA Election Day, it will be interesting to watch for upsets and also if this feminine-based energy of the nodes is good for women candidates.

The New Moon in Scorpio is at 8:02 AM PST Wednesday November 7th (16 degrees). The middle degree of Scorpio is considered to be very powerful since it is halfway between fall equinox and winter solstice. This is the moon where you go down to your emotional depths to get in touch with the place within you that feels vulnerable. Think of Scorpio issues such as sex, death, taxes and fear of being a bag lady or homeless person. You go to an intense place within you to remember what is important in your life and this world. Because the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon just moved into Cancer and Capricorn on the 6th, issues of home, family, nutrition, security and seeking emotional support are important topics now and for the next 1 1/2 year. Hopefully this softer feminine energy will tone down the rude behavior of so many people reacting to their fears. For now, decide what is your responsibility, and what is not- and that requires you to take a fresh look at your boundaries. As if that isn’t enough to activate you, expansive Jupiter is in the last degree of Scorpio, having been in this below-the-surface sign since October 2017. Planets in the last degree of a sign ask you to bring something to completion and let go. There is a reward for doing this because this generous planet moves into optimistic Sagittarius on the 8th for the coming year. It’s time to take a risk on adventure!

Wake up early on Thursday to welcome abundance planet Jupiter into Sagittarius for the next year. Jupiter helps you expand your belief system to open to your dreams and goals. If you take a risk on yourself, Jupiter will help. And the god of travel is ready for the next adventure. The moon also moves into Sagittarius at 10:59 Am PST on the 8th through dinnertime Saturday. That makes for an optimistic and generous end of the week. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are working in harmony on Friday, so get out and share with someone nice. Saturday is also pleasant but begins to take on a more serious and practical tone as the day goes on. The Taurids meteor shower is peaking over the weekend. It is not a big one but you can still wish upon a star.


November 11-17:

The moon is in serious Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, so tend to practical tasks and responsibilities. Tuesday and Wednesday supports meeting with friends and sharing innovative ideas and higher ideals. On Thursday afternoon, Mars moves into Pisces until early January. Because the warrior was retrograde over the summer, meaning that he spent an abnormally long time in Aquarius, the energy will feel very different. Pisces is soft, spiritual, intuitive and compassionate. Open to a higher vision for your life, and tune in to how you can assertively take steps to bring forth a new level of your spiritual warrior into you life.

On Friday, Venus ends her retrograde cycle since October 5, and mental Mercury begins his retrograde cycle lasting until December 6th. Your values have been shifting over the past six weeks and now it is time to rethink how you can adapt your outer life to those inner changes. The moon is in sensitive Pisces on Friday and Saturday, great for a movie, some fantasy romance, or spiritual activities.

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November 18-24:

The week starts on an aggressive tone, with the moon in Aries to begin the week. Be especially careful of attempting to go too fast on Sunday and especially Monday as quick Mercury, now retrograde, challenges do-it-bigger Jupiter. This can lead to aggressive drivers at the start of this USA holiday week. On the 22nd, USA Thanksgiving Day holiday, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase until 8:10 PM PDT. This portends a more subdued holiday under this introspective energy. The tone does change with the moon entering Gemini for Black Friday and Saturday. Expect everyone to be in a hurry, going from place to place, activity to activity, and lots of talk. On Saturday, Neptune ends his retrograde cycle (since late May). This is not usually a big and noticeable shift, but do be careful of people who are driving while tired or not paying attention. Spend some time in meditation opening to a new vision this weekend.

The Full Moon is on USA Thanksgiving Day, November 22 (9:32 PM PDT, 1 degree Gemini/Sagittarius). This is an excellent time to share your ideas, especially those regarding travel, higher philosophy, publishing and education. However, Mercury continues to be retrograde until December 6. Allow flexibility in your plans and don’t believe everything you hear. The life-giving Sun is aligned with Jupiter this week, so generosity and enthusiasm is high. Action planet Mars is making a challenge to this full moon. Check to see if both you and those in your life are willing to take action on their ideas or just like the sound of their own voice. Still, it is a good time to give voice to your big ideas-just take a wait-and-see attitude to determine where the actual action (or inaction) will be. The adaptable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are strong now. Be flexible .

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November 25-30:

Sunday is an enthusiastic day as the Sun aligns with Jupiter in optimistic Sagittarius. The moon will be in Cancer to start the week, so family and home activities are favored. There are minor challenges on Monday. Fortunately, the most difficult challenge is while USA people are asleep. This can lead to restless sleep or those dreams that exhaust you before you wake up. In fact, there is a lot of talk and a lot of quick projects to start the work week, so keep on the move. The moon moves into Virgo on Thursday and Friday, supporting all those tasks on your list. It is also good for healthy food and a cleanse. On Friday, relationship planet Venus is on the opposite side of the sky as Uranus. Venus wants to share in relationships and Uranus wants to go off and do his own independent thing. Be friendly in your relationships and do not push people to make commitments on Friday.


December preview:

December is a relatively quiet month compared to November. Ambitious Mars is in gentle Pisces all month, great for spiritual activities, movies, and music. Jupiter just in Sagittarius is a party animal, so participate in holiday events. Check back for details.