February 2019 Astrology Forecast

February settles down as it is the month between January’s eclipses and the coming Mercury Retrograde in March. Get caught up on all those projects that fell to the back burner of your life. Valentine’s Day is talkative and great for a short trip with your partner. There is also a super moon on the 19th that asks you to balance your analytical and intuitive skills. It also urges you to do a body cleanse and/or clean your clutter.

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February 1-2:

Mars challenges Pluto Friday evening. This can be a rude and destructive combination, so avoid forcing square pegs into round holes now- and stay away from road rage or other impatient situations. The positive side is that this combination will help you say no, or to release that which you no longer need or desire. Just avoid angry people and “my way or the highway” conversations on Friday. Saturday is much easier and friendly. Although the moon is in hard working Capricorn on Friday and Saturday (and you will want to get something practical accomplished), Saturday adds friendly Venus and Uranus to the mix. Perhaps that could be termed, work hard-play hard.

February 3-9:

The moon moves into social Aquarius early on Sunday, and is at the same time, in the dark balsamic phase before Monday’s new moon. Also on Sunday afternoon, Venus enters Capricorn until March 1. This is a good business combination, where you can open to innovative ideas and new friendships, and bring those ideas into practical use.

The New Moon is on February 4 at 1:04 Pacific Time (16 degrees Aquarius). It is time to explore new groups, friends and organizations, or to reconnect with those you have not been with for awhile. At the same time, love and money Venus has just entered Capricorn for the rest of the month, and that is a great business combination. Develop relationships now that will help you bring your higher ideals and goals into practical manifestation. Also beginning with the Chinese New Year of the Boar (Pig) is aggressive Mars moving closer to earthquake Uranus on February 12. Allow extra space between you and angry or impatient people, but also open your mind to inventive new ideas and eclectic friendships.

Thursday is a gentle day for easy conversations. There is a quiet enthusiasm for your ideas, but don’t push. The moon moves into Aries for the weekend, so get your body moving, be it the gym, a hike, dancing, yoga, or whatever gets your blood circulating. Saturday is a particularly friendly day, but keep conversations on a light and fun level.

February 10-16:

Pay attention to your dreams early Sunday morning as mental Mercury enters psychic Pisces, the sign it will be in through mid-April due to Mercury’s coming retrograde cycle. This extra-long cycle helps you open to a higher vision and enhance intuitive abilities; however, it also bursts illusions and fantasy-thinking to get you to that higher spiritual vision. The moon moves into hard-working Taurus Sunday evening through Tuesday, so  make tangible gains through concerted effort.

Mars and Uranus have been coming into alignment for a couple weeks now, and the exactly line up Tuesday evening. This is a revolutionary energy that can bring brilliant insights, helping you to create new ideas that will set you free. On the flip side, avoid impatience, angry people, and confrontations with authority figures.

The moon moves into talkative Gemini on Wednesday through Valentine’s Day. This is a lighter energy, so not the best time for those deep conversations. Also on Valentine’s Day, masculine Mars moves into Taurus until March 30. A Valentine’s Day gift that has long term value is a good thing now. Taurus helps you get to work to build your desires and goals in the mundane world. Then, the moon moves into Cancer for the weekend, supporting home, family and comfort.

February 17-23:

Sunday and Monday are a bit mixed, but not in a bad way. The moon in Leo opens hearts and creative pursuits. The Sun is making a gentle harmony with friendly Uranus to support sharing with friends, groups and organizations. At the same time, love & money Venus is aligning with serious Saturn early on the USA President’s Day holiday. This is probably a better business combination than personal, but it does support down to earth conversations.

The Full Moon is on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:54 AM PST (1 degree Virgo/Pisces). Expect to work on multiple levels now. Virgo is analytical and wants to cleanse and organize your life. Pisces is a psychic that wants to go beyond the veils of this material world to experience something higher and more meaningful. Communications planet Mercury is aligned with dreamy Neptune in Pisces now. This helps you open your imagination and intuition. However, you must know the difference between higher vision and fantasy thinking. At the same time, there is a close alignment in down-to-earth Capricorn between love & money Venus,” sacrifice in the short term for long term benefit” Saturn, and burn your bridges behind you Pluto. Combining these energies: part of you wants to fly off into the cosmos, and part of you wants to tend to your material world. Rather than feeling split apart, allow these different energies to support both your practical life as well as your spiritual life. This is also a super moon, so emotions will be up.

Friday is a bit complicated, so it would be great if you could run a light schedule or even take the day off. The part of you that wants to get things done challenges the part of you that wants to escape to some grand adventure (Mercury square Jupiter, for you astrologers). The, Venus aligns with Pluto by evening, not the best time to force your opinion in relationships. However, going to deeper, vulnerable levels in your close relationships is supported, just know when to stop. Saturn morning is good for quick errands and short conversations.

February 24-28:

A Scorpio moon on Sunday is good for privacy and focused research. By Monday afternoon and Tuesday, the moon in Sagittarius is good for friendly interaction and presenting your expansive ideas. Wednesday dinner time would be nice to share with a friend. The month ends under a Capricorn moon, helping you tend to practical matters.

March 2019 preview:

The primary astrological influence in March is Mercury retrograde in Pisces, an intellectual planet in a psychic sign. It’s time to rethink your higher vision, or perhaps sneak off for a short vision quest.  Check back for details.