February 2018

The major event of the month is the solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th. This is in the exact opposite position from the big solar eclipse last August, so it would serve you well to compare where you are now compared to August 2017. Think of Trump’s fiery Leo dance with North Korea last summer, and now they are comparing who has the bigger button. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail under detached Aquarian energy. This energy ties into Valentine’s Day, making it a better day for the friendship side of relationships than romance. But all is not lost for you romantics because relationship planet Venus moves into fantasy sign Pisces on the 10th through early March. That supports dreamy romance but be aware of getting lost in illusion. Both mental and intuitive creativity is supported this month.

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February 1-3:

The month starts with the moon in efficient Virgo through Saturday morning, suggesting you accomplish tangible items on your to-do list. High productivity at the end of the week helps you feel better about social activity for the rest of Super Bowl weekend. Saturday morning is particularly energetic for exercise or running errands as quick Mercury is in harmony with aggressive Mars.

February 4-10:

The Moon in Libra on Sunday is great for social sharing. (I have given up on using astrology to predict the winner of sports events, but perhaps the Libra moon will be won by whoever has the best balance between all the different facets of the game). On Tuesday, Venus makes a soft harmony sextile to Uranus while the moon is in emotionally intense Scorpio. This supports light and friendly sharing at a deeper emotional level. You are supported in talking to others about feelings and subjects that make you feel vulnerable. The party days this week are Thursday through Saturday afternoon while the moon is in randy Sagittarius. In addition to a good party, Sagittarius likes to get out into the great outdoors and philosophical discussions. On Saturday, the moon is void – of -course from 8:38 AM- 6:21 PM PST. The void moon is more introspective and not a great time for important purchases or starting new projects.

Then, the moon moves into Capricorn for a quieter evening. Also on Saturday evening, relationship planet Venus moves into dreamy Pisces until March 6. This is a romantic, fantasy combination, but it is important to see people for who they are now, not just what you want to see or who they could be off in some distant future fantasy.

February 11-17:

Focus on responsibilities and tangible projects on Sunday and Monday under a productive Capricorn moon. Both days have pleasant lunar relationships, so you can relax as you accomplish tasks rather than stressing out. Avoid pushing your philosophy on others on Tuesday. If you have to deal with stubborn people, wait a day or two.

Valentine’s Day has the moon in friendly Aquarius. Work on the friendship side of your relationships rather than the romantic love typical of this holiday. That’s not to say that there is not room for some fantasy romance because Venus is moving through Pisces, a sign that loves fantasy and illusions. Perhaps the best advice is to combine romance and friendship.

Solar Eclipse, Thursday February 15 at 1:05 PM PST. You will not be able to see this partial eclipse unless you live in southern Chile or Argentina, but you should be able to feel it. Think back to last August when the total solar eclipse occurred at the end of fiery Leo. This 28 degree Aquarius eclipse is exactly opposite last August, so you should be able to get perspective on your life between now and then. The conversations with North Korea were very fiery then, and the first announcements on Flynn, Kushner and Trump Jr. came out in the news. Watch for news on these same issues from a different perspective now. On the personal level, a new moon urges you to open to something new, and an eclipse amplifies that energy. Aquarius helps you open to friendships, groups and organizations, so get out of the house and meet new people. It is also an inventor, so put effort into how you can take your brilliant idea to market- and remember that Aquarius creates win-win environments for the good of the collective consciousness. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.” Find personal meaning here. Perhaps it is time to tune in to your future needs and begin to prepare for the day you will need something.

The moon is in Pisces for the weekend, great for a movie, music or meditation. The early hours of Saturday may produce active dreams as Mars is square Neptune. Mars is action and Neptune is dreams. Combine that with the Sun aligning with Mercury at 4:28 AM PST, and you have a combination for a restless sleep, waking up early, or waking up feeling like you were on the move in your dreams. On Saturday evening, mental Mercury moves into Pisces for the next three weeks. Open your intuition. Journal your dreams. Write a fantasy story or screen play.


February 18-24:

Sunday begins with the Sun moving into “I want to hit the snooze button and sleep a little longer” Pisces and the moon moving into “get out of bed and exercise” Aries. Perhaps a combination of a little extra dream time and light exercise will help this contradiction. Adding to the dreamy Pisces energy is love planet Venus aligning with fantasy Neptune on Wednesday morning. This makes for gentle conversations and the divine feminine. It is also a good mixture of shared love and unconditional love. Have a gentle morning on Wednesday. It will be easier to focus your attention on Wednesday afternoon when mental Mercury and serious Saturn work in harmony with each other.

Friday has numerous emotional and mental challenges. They are not big and bad, so just flow with changing emotions rather than getting stuck on any one thing. It would be wise to avoid packing your schedule too tightly on Friday. Saturday is a more relaxed day, with the evening being best for sharing a meal with those who are in your inner circle.


February 25-28:

Be clear in your relationship communications on Sunday morning. It’s better to share the higher vision than to work out the details right now. Beyond that, the early week flows smoothly. If you can knock off work early on Wednesday, that would be a good thing. Mercury is active in a less nice way which means potential traffic problems or communications that do not go smoothly.


March Preview:

Mercury has another retrograde cycle starting on the 22nd in Aries. Relationship planet Venus spends most of the month in her least favorite sign, Aries- but there is a good side to this energy as well. Check back for details.


Following is a new column I am writing for New Consciousness Review:

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: December 2017-February 2018

Your world is going to change in the coming year. Perhaps you can say that every year, but 2018 will be a year that sticks in your memory as a shift in attitude, beliefs and the very structure of your life in transition. Expansive Jupiter started stirring the pot of your deepest emotions, desires and fears in October, bringing an emotional Scorpio energy that has not been around for 12 years (fall 2005 through most of 2006). On December 19, foundation-changing Saturn moves into structural Capricorn after being in philosophical Sagittarius for over two years. While Sagittarius has talked about big ideas in a not so grounded way, Saturn in Capricorn through 2020 installs the groundwork for the changes you are committed to making in your life. Early January has ambitious Mars pushing hard to bring expansive Jupiter ideas into reality. Late January and February brings eclipses to give you perspective on your life since eclipses occurred in the opposite signs last August. Be prepared to be pulled apart to be re-integrated in a new and innovative way,


Two important planetary shifts provide the theme of December. The first event is mental Mercury turning retrograde in high-minded Sagittarius from December 2/3 until the 22nd. The other is a more long-lasting shift as restructuring Saturn moves into long term planner Capricorn through 2020. As an added bonus, both of these planets are passing over the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Although Galactic Center was very important to ancient cultures such as the Mayan’s, its importance has become somewhat abstract in modern times. Tune in this month to find your own personal meaning to this important alignment. One suggestion is that your higher mind and bigger projects for humanity are being brought down into the lower mind where they can manifest in the mundane world. Think of yourself like an architect who turns an idea into a model, and then goes out and builds the idea in the physical world. On a more day-to-day level, double check your upcoming holiday travel plans and practice adaptability during Mercury retrograde. Rather than hiding under covers when the communications planet breaks down, be willing to re-vision big projects for the New Year. This Mercury retrograde cycle is aligned with boundary-setting Saturn before the 19th, suggesting you communicate healthy boundaries to the people in your life. It also supports learning new methods to manifest your goals. Research or learn a new software or new a technique that will help your next big project.


January 1st begins with a full moon in nurturing Cancer and responsible Capricorn. Create a better balance between your personal life and your work in the world as the New Year begins. But do not carve your plans in stone because “expect the unexpected” Uranus is ending his retrograde cycle on the 2nd. Think back to August when the revolutionizing planet turned retrograde. The world saw many problems then, such as massive fires and warrior words with North Korea. If you had innovative projects or some needed changes that got stuck on hold, the coming weeks gets you moving again. January’s biggest event is the lunar eclipse on January 31 in Leo. It is best seen in Hawaii, but also available to early risers in the Pacific Time Zone. Lunar eclipses tend to pull you apart emotionally so you can re-balance opposites. In this case, the lunar eclipse is in the opposite sign of the previous one back on August 7th in independent Aquarius. You now receive the bookend opposite energy in heart-opening Leo. It is time to improve your sharing, fun and creativity time. Look at where your heart is engaged to decide which activities and/or people stay or go. If your heart isn’t in it, why are you doing it?


Valentine’s Day is the day before a solar eclipse in friendly Aquarius. The general rule of thumb in astrology is to not initiate important new projects in the days just before a solar eclipse. They are thought to have an unknown or karmic energy implication to them. So it isn’t really the best day for marriage or marriage proposals. The moon is in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, and that is better for friendships and sharing your idealistic vision for your life. Be certain you are looking at your relationships (plus the rest of your life) for where they are now rather than getting caught up in fantasy thinking. Venus will be traveling through Pisces, February 10- March 6, so it would be easy to get lost in illusion. The positive side of this combination is to open your imagination to new possibilities and practice compassion in your world. A final note on the solar eclipse is that it is positioned exactly opposite the total solar eclipse in Leo last August. Consider where you are now relative to the issues of August 2017. An example is that issues with North Korea were in fiery, dramatic Leo then. Hopefully cool and detached Aquarius will bring level heads to the interaction there. On the personal level, keep your heart open but stay detached from the drama.

Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in ACG Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology. Check out at astromark.us or contact him at (503) 252-1558 (land line).