August Astrology Forecast:

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Leo until the 18th, so tend to behind the scenes projects or sneak away for a little fun and relaxation. As the sign of royalty, Leo urges you to do something luxurious for yourself, but no need to bust the budget to do so. Warrior Mars has been moving backwards since late June to help you review  your goals and ambitions. It has been in idealistic Aquarius for two months now (compared to the normal six weeks), and will temporarily move backwards into Capricorn on the 12th until September 10. That gives you the opportunity to get grounded in terms of bringing your ideals into mundane application. Get serious about the actions you are choosing to take (or stop doing).  What are you willing to put ambitious effort into for the next two years? The August 11 solar eclipse is the last one in Leo for about nine years. This is winding down a series of eclipses have been asking you to open your heart and to do activities that are heart centered. (There is one more lunar eclipse in Leo coming in January to finish this cycle that started in the spring of 2017).  The point is to look at where you are taking action in your life, and are those actions in alignment with your heart. Are you having enough fun? How can you bring more fun into your life?

Greek Islands Sacred Journey Update: Scheduled arrival in Athens will be in and around May 27, 2019 (USA Memorial Day holiday) for about 12 days. We are waiting on 2019 ferry schedule and hotel pricing before locking down trip details of this 10-12 day journey. We plan to spend a couple days in Athens before going to Crete, Santorini, and other islands.  It is a great year for travel. Adventure planet  Jupiter will be moving through travel sign Sagittarius. Exciting Uranus will be in Taurus, the sign of the bull as we go to Crete, home of the ancient Minotaur. Plato said that Santorini is part of Atlantis. Details are coming. Start your travel savings account and save airline miles. Survey question: Would you be interested in an optional few extra days in western Turkey and Istanbul?

August 1-4:

Mars challenges Uranus on the evening of the 1st. Use care all day with mechanical things as this is an impatient combination. If you have problems with authority figures, avoid impulsive actions and/or statements. Positively, consider where you can take action to open to new ideas, activities, friends and organizations.   Remember that Mars is moving retrograde until the 27th, so innovative ideas and opening to new groups and friends will be easier next month. But, this is a good time to make a list of those new groups you would like to try out in the future. The Aries moon on Wednesday through Friday morning supports physical activity such as exercise. The Taurus moon for the weekend supports productive efforts on projects combined with sensual pleasure rewards for accomplishing your goal (chocolate anyone?). Saturday morning begins the last quarter phase of the moon, beginning a time of consolidating your energy since the previous new moon (which was a solar eclipse) on July12. Finish outstanding projects in the coming week.

August 5-11:

Sunday is a really pleasant day for sharing with happy moon aspects all day. On Tuesday, relationship planet Venus enters one of her two favorite signs, Libra, until September 9th. Improve existing relationships and explore new relationships. Artistic Venus in graceful Libra enhances beauty, be that art, new fashion or cosmetically fixing up your home or office. Feminine Venus also makes harmony with masculine Mars on Tuesday, adding to the favorable relationship energy. The only thing that complicates the early week is Uranus turning retrograde on Tuesday. Be flexible to changes. Uranus’s long retrograde cycle goes into early January, so plan your personal revolution to occur in 2019 (and what do you need to prepare behind the scenes for that to happen. There is a lot to talk about on Wednesday as the energetic sun aligns with talkative Mercury. Because Mercury is retrograde until the 18th, you can discuss future projects but avoid “carved in stone” decisions. Allow room to adapt to changing circumstances. Thursday and Friday bring minor challenges to your values and philosophy, not a good time for pushing forward on new projects.

The New Moon on August 11th is a partial solar eclipse, the second one this summer (19 degrees Leo, 2:58 AM PDT). It is characterized by a large amount of the “fixed” signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. These signs have the ability to stand strong and persevere through the most difficult situations, yet they have lessons in knowing when to let go or adapt. Because this is the last of a series of solar eclipses in Leo until 2026, it is a good month to make sure your actions in the world are in alignment with what your higher ideals and heart wants to do. Look at this as a process that has been going on since spring 2017, and it is important to put all the pieces in place over the next several months. Prophetic hints (or cosmic 2 x 4’s one side of your head) have been coming in since spring. Although the energy has already been changing, you will really start to feel it moving into new territory between November and next March. Trust your intuition and begin to take actions starting next month. Please do get in some rest and relaxation this month so you are fresh and energetically charged come September. Stay up tonight. The Perseids Meteor shower should be a good one this year. A sacred Sabian Symbol to tune into for this eclipse is “a houseboat party.” One suggested meaning is to come together with others in a spiritual and emotional connection to celebrate life.

August 12-18:

Sunday night continues the Perseids Meteor shower. On Sunday, Mars backs into Capricorn until the 27th when it turns direct, and will stay in Capricorn until September 10th. Mars represents masculine ambitions, sexuality, and asserting your needs and desires in an aggressive way. He has been reviewing your higher ideals and goals all summer in Aquarius, and now needs to look at which ideals can come down to earth for practical use in the months ahead. Create an action plan for the coming change of seasons.

Sunday and Monday are great for tending to the details of your life and eating healthy under a Virgo moon. The middle of the week is smooth under a social Libra moon. Thursday afternoon until early Saturday continues to be pleasant but at a more private level than mid-week. Mercury is slowing down to end his retrograde cycle on Saturday evening. Allow extra time on Saturday and be flexible to changes in schedule, and postpone important conversations until next week.

August 19-25:

Pay attention to your dreams Sunday morning. Jupiter makes a harmonious trine to dream-planet Neptune early in the morning. Jupiter can bring those travel or astral travel flying “dreams” or present you with some big ideas (Write them down!). The moon is in productive Capricorn on Tuesday and Wednesday, so get to work. This “get to work” feeling gets bigger starting Wednesday night as the sun begins his month-long journey through Virgo. Tend to your list of projects that you want to complete, get rid of clutter, and purify your body.

Thursday and Friday urge you to step out of your ordinary routine under a friendly and eccentric Aquarius moon. Saturday is the real party day with the sun making harmony with both Uranus and Saturn. Uranus wants to do something eclectic and Saturn wants something practical to come out of it. Perhaps you can find that perfect, unusual item you were looking for. It is a friendly Saturday. The moon in Pisces supports a good movie or concert.

August  26-31:

The Pisces Full Moon is on Sunday, August 21 (4 degrees Pisces/Virgo, 4:56 AM PDT). The water and earth elements are strong now, providing a sense of emotional stability and support. Pisces represents the divine feminine which is a perfect full moon for Women’s Equality Day.  Diplomatic Venus is challenging raw power Pluto now, perhaps teaching the world that a softer power is every bit as powerful as the masculine attack mode that has been going on for so long. Complicating this full moon is warrior Mars ending his two-month retrograde cycle on the 27th. This can lead to being passive one moment and assertive the next. Hold off a few days on important actions and decisions.  This is the full moon where you balance your need to retreat from the world while still getting your task list accomplished.

Take it easy on Monday. Between Mars ending his retrograde cycle in the morning, and Mercury squaring Jupiter in the evening, it is a disjointed day. Do say what needs to be said, but there is no need to repeat yourself or force your view onto others who may not be listening. The moon is in Aries from Tuesday morning through afternoon Thursday-great for physical activity. The month ends in a low key, happy way. Spend time with people you like.

September preview:

September is a generally easier month now that the eclipses are past and Mars has just turned direct after moving retrograde since late June. Saturn turns direct on the 6th to help you get focus on your tangible goals. Check back for details.