November  2017

This month is pretty quiet in terms of big planetary shifts, but there will be plenty of small and quick activation points to keep you moving. Venus joins Jupiter in Scorpio starting on the 7th through early December (Jupiter is in Scorpio until November 2018). This helps you create balance and harmony in emotions and relationships if you are willing to go to the emotional depths. There is also a lucky “buy a lottery ticket” alignment of Venus and Jupiter on the 13th. Most people would buy their lottery ticket the weekend before when the energy is building to exact on Monday. Jupiter does tend to overdo whatever it touches, so one ticket is plenty. And, Scorpio’s luck often comes from them doing things that they are passionately engaged in, as it is not a gambling sign. Sunday the 19th would not be the best day to begin your USA Thanksgiving Day holiday on the road as Mars challenges Pluto. This is a get-out-of-my-way impatient combination. Also on the 22nd, Neptune ends his retrograde cycle since mid-June, so that can produce a sleepy, not paying attention aspect for holiday travel. It does begin a new cycle of opening to your intuition and higher vision. Shopping days on the 24th and 25th include an Aquarius moon and Mercury making harmony with Uranus- both combinations that suggest technology sales will be great.

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November 1-4:

The month begins under an Aries moon. This provides physical energy to begin tasks or an exercise routine. Aries is not the best sign for completing tasks, but there are plenty of signs at the full moon to help you follow through. Get projects started but be careful of jumping to the next shiny bauble.

The Full Moon is on Friday the 3rd at 10:23 PM PDT (12 degrees Taurus/Scorpio). This is the full moon where you take a strong look at what you value. Taurus and Scorpio deal with power and they help you eliminate anything that takes your power away. This includes not only external situations or people who try to control or manipulate you, but also any self-defeating beliefs and behaviors you are holding deep within. Many people with Taurus and Scorpio in their natal chart are drawn to earth-based energies such as shamanism or nature spirit philosophies. A good activity is to get your hands dirty by cleaning out your garden and planting flower bulbs for next spring. It is also good for drumming or shamanic journeys. This full moon advises you it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of your material needs and your hidden emotional side. Release any internal wounds that come from old, deep emotions. During this full moon, relationship planet Venus is opposite independence-loving Uranus. This can manifest as being in a relationship and wishing you were free, or being single and wishing you were in partnership. Instead of doing “grass is greener on the other side of the fence,” create a new balance between your sharing needs and freedom needs. Perhaps it is time to create new relationship paradigms?! There is an emphasis now in zodiac signs that help you follow through and move through great challenges, but these same signs require you to recognize that which must be released. The trick is to know what to work through and what to let go. Buy one lottery ticket sometime between now and the 13th when money planet Venus aligns with lucky Jupiter.

The moon moves into Taurus for the weekend, supporting home projects and sensual pleasures.


November 5-11:

Quick-minded Mercury moves into high philosophy Sagittarius at 11:19 AM PST (Did your clocks fall back?). Because Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius starting on December 2, the messenger will spend almost two months in Sagittarius compared to its normal three weeks. Astrologers call the two weeks prior to Mercury turning retrograde the shadow period that gives you advance hints about what you will be revising during the coming Mercury retrograde (The advance shadow actually starts on November 14). Take a look at your belief systems to determine where you need to open your mind to a larger view. Is there some area of your life you need to be willing to take a bigger risk on manifesting your dreams? Election day on the 7th has graceful Venus moving through raw Scorpio for the rest of November. Gentle sensuality meets graphic Scorpionic sexuality. You can talk about difficult subjects that make people uncomfortable- sex, death, and taxes.

Thursday and Friday are more playful days this week. On Saturday, the moon moves into Virgo to help you work on your “things to do” list. Virgo likes to check things off its list, so you will be happier if you accomplish a lot of errands small tasks. Buy one lottery ticket.  Money planet Venus aligns with lucky Jupiter early on the 13th.


November 12-18:

The moon continues to be in hard working Virgo on Sunday from the weekend, but it is best to accomplish productive tasks in the morning and early afternoon. By late afternoon, you are ready for some kick-back lazy time. There are two small, but potentially bright, meteor showers this week: the Taurids strongest on the 12th and the Leonids which are strongest on the 17th. They are best seen in the very early morning in constellations Taurus and Leo. Just after midnight on Monday, Venus aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio. This lucky combination is not really in a gambling sign (even though I suggested you buy a lottery ticket above). Scorpio  supports that which you are passionate about, so doing something purely for the money doesn’t normally work. On Thursday morning, pay attention to your dreams as Neptune is activated in a very nice way. In addition to prophetic dreams, Wednesday and Thursday support sharing your vision and fantasies with your partner.

The Scorpio New Moon is on November 18 at 3:42 AM PST (27 degrees). You can call out your detective or researcher now. Uncover hidden patterns to discover some deeper understanding. Also think twice before believing fake news or conspiracy theories. Scorpio helps you go to deeper meaning and vulnerable depths to take your relationships to a more intimate level. It also helps you release and heal old emotional wounds so they do not interfere with you. Be aware that responsible Saturn is currently aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Galactic Center (GC) holds a black hole that was very important to ancient Mayan and other cultures. Although it is difficult to give an exact interpretation of this alignment (occurs only once every 28 years, last time early 1991), you can say that you are aligning with a larger, galactic responsibility. Galactic Center helps you step back to get an expanded view of what is going on in your life and the world. Several planets will be touching this sensitive point in the next month. Lastly, there is a forceful combination between Mars and Pluto. ( Harvey Weinstein was born with this pattern in his natal chart to give you a hint about the negative side). On the negative level, avoid angry, controlling or obsessive people and don’t walk alone on the bad side of town. Positively, take action to transform your life to improve balance between your personal needs and your responsibilities out in the world. Be ambitious but do not steam roller over people.


November 19-25:

Early Sunday morning, Mars makes a challenging square to Pluto. USA times zones will either be asleep or just waking up under this forceful energy, so pay attention to what you are feeling early Sunday morning. Gentle exercise would be helpful to keep this raw energy under control. If you are traveling for the coming USA Thanksgiving Day holiday, go easy if you are starting early on Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday is an odd combination of a hard-working Capricorn moon, and Neptune slowing down to end its retrograde cycle since June 16. This can produce a spacey, “I want to nap” feeling while the Capricorn moon is telling you to accomplish a lot. The best thing is to make a list for the grocery store since this is a forgetful energy. Also be careful of tired drivers who are not paying attention on Wednesday.

The USA Thanksgiving Day holiday has the moon moving into friendly Aquarius at 12:14 PM PDT, making start times after this to your gatherings socially supportive. Aquarius likes idealistic and eclectic conversations, so invite unusual or new people to the table. This Aquarius energy continues through most of Saturday, and this is the sign of technology and innovation. That should give you a hint about holiday gifts if you are shopping. There are also pleasant travel planetary aspects for those who are traveling home on Saturday.


November 26-30:

The Sun moves into quiet Pisces early on Sunday, making for a gentle, post-holiday day. If you did not start your drive home on Saturday, allow extra time driving today so you do not need to rush. On Monday, mental Mercury aligns with Saturn (and Galactic Center). Odds are you will have part of the day where you can think very clearly, what I call Engineer Brain, and other parts of the day where you are mentally exhausted. Go easy on Monday, and then move faster during mid-week when the moon is in physical Aries. The month ends with the moon moving into sensual Taurus Thursday afternoon, so have a nice, comfort-food dinner.


December Preview:

Saturn ends his 2+ years in Sagittarius on December 19 and moves into one of his favorite signs, Capricorn through 2020. Restructuring Saturn is aligned with the black hole at the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy during late November and early December. This last happened in October 1988. At the same time, communications planet Mercury will be retrograde passing over Galactic Center in Sagittarius three times (actual Mercury retrograde is Dec 2/3- 22). Something larger is being re-aligned within you. Check back for details.


Following is a new column I am writing for New Consciousness Review:

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: September-November 2017

Although you could make an argument that every fall season is a time to buckle down and get serious, this fall is going to be serious on steroids. Mental Mercury started this productive tone while it was retrograde August 12-September 5. It started giving you hints about where you needed to get organized. By the time expansive Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10 for the coming year, you will feel driven to focus your energy more deeply on some area of your life. The flip side of the coin of getting focused like a laser beam is the need to cut out of your life that which no longer holds your attention. In the case of Jupiter, he has been in Libra since September 2016 helping you to analyze your relationships and relationship needs, and that goes way beyond your love life to include work, family and your relationship with self. Where Libra looks at everything from every possible angle, making you crazy with all the possible options and directions, Scorpio tells you to make a choice and go with it. So this fall brings a “quit your bitchin’ ” attitude and pick a direction. If you are waiting for other people to make their decision first, forget that. What do you want?


As the month after a total eclipse, September helps you process and integrate the changes and insight that started to rise to the surface during August eclipses. Three planets will pass over the sensitive 29-degree Leo of the solar eclipse, pushing you to come to terms with where your heart is engaged in this life versus where you are only going through the motions. Communications planet Mercury ends his retrograde cycle at this sensitive degree of the zodiac on September 5th. In the weeks ahead, you must make a plan to work for new heart-centered goals. Relationship planets Venus (9/18) and Mars (9/3) both hit the “heart point” this month. Ambitious Mars then spends the rest of the month in hard-working Virgo and Venus follows at the new moon on the 20th. It’s like the universe telling you that you can have more fun and be passionate about your work, relationships, and social connections, but you must be willing to roll up your sleeves to cleanse out the old, purify your intentions, and get to work on new projects and goals. A chart cast for fall equinox shows a great deal of help if you are willing to be adaptable in your thinking and plans. Inflexible thinking will only give you anxiety this fall. And that means there is one of those “growth opportunities” to trust that there is a higher power helping you. Be willing to accept help from both the universe and other people to make your life easier. There are a few extra challenging days to avoid obsessive thinking and impatient behavior, Keep your ego in check on the 13th. Don’t buy into get rich quick schemes or fantasy thinking around the 19th. The 24th through 29th require constant adjustments as you dance with life.


The big shift of autumn is expansive Jupiter moving into Scorpio for a year beginning on the 10th. The god of thunder wants to help you create your dreams in a big way, but he also requires you to expand your belief system and take a risk on yourself. Jupiter takes the high road of integrity and honesty. During early October, he is finishing his run through relationship oriented Libra since September 2016. During this time, you reviewed all types of relationships as your values and priorities shifted. The light and airy social energy of Libra gives way to the emotional depths of Scorpio in the coming year. Scorpio is great for making decisions and doing deep level research and healing. Scorpio teaches “Let go and Let God,” suggesting that some emotional connections will be released in the year ahead. The full moon on October 5th includes an alignment of relationship planets Venus and Mars, both in keep-it-simple Virgo. Improve existing relationships through humble and honest conversations. Don’t over-complicate your relationships and they will work better. There is a lower tolerance for people who like to live in drama games. The Libra new moon on the 19th is much more exciting as expect-the-unexpected Uranus in independent Aries opposes the new moon. One part of you wants relationship and another part values freedom. One part of you wants raw sex and another part wants to get comfortable on the sofa with someone for the changing weather.  Find the balance between sharing and individual needs this month. If you need to promote your brilliant idea, there are a couple of positive days this month. Communicate big ideas on the 18th when Mercury aligns with Jupiter, but don’t oversell or talk too much. On the 26th, the sun aligns with Jupiter to help you present yourself in a good light. Halloween on the 31st is under an introspective void moon, great for sacred meditation ceremonies on Samhain.  Better social days for Halloween parties are the 27and 28th.


Warrior Mars entered peace-loving Libra back on October 22 until December 8th. This uncomfortable combination asks you to practice assertive diplomacy, not unlike Mahatma Gandhi. It also supports you in seeking new relationships, as long as you are not overly aggressive. The other relationship planet, Venus, moves through intense Scorpio starting on the 7th through the end of the month. You want to go well below the surface in all your emotional connects, as Scorpio is associated with deep issues that push everyone’s buttons- sex, death, taxes! In regards to the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday, there are a couple of days to be careful while traveling. At the Scorpio new moon on the 18th and 19th, “go really fast” Mars is challenging obsessive Pluto. Be careful of pushing limits and be polite if you get caught speeding. On the days surrounding the 22nd, Neptune is ending his; five month retrograde cycle. The negative of this is people driving while tired or distracted. The positive side of this shift is being able to open to a new vision for your life. Thanksgiving Day has the moon moving into social and eclectic Aquarius at 12:14 PM PST through Saturday. It’s a great time to meet new and eccentric people and hear innovative ideas. Since Aquarius rules technology, Black Friday will sell a lot of technology-based holiday gifts.

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