July 2017

July is a relatively calm month, helping you get some rest prior to coming eclipses in August. Venus is in Gemini most of the month to help you meet new friends or take short trips to beautiful places. It is not a very focused energy, so choose projects that can be done in short bursts of energy. There are a few potentially rude days including July 2, 9, 17 and 20, so allow extra space in your life and don’t schedule visits with people who like to drag you into their drama. The USA July 4th holiday is quiet most of the day under a Scorpio moon, and that changes to louder energy as the moon goes into Sagittarius in time for fireworks (western USA times). There is a challenging Mercury-Uranus aspect on July 4th, so give yourself extra time in traffic and think before you say something you will regret later. Mars is moving through Cancer until the 20th, a good time to visit family or tend to home fix it projects. He then moves into Leo until early September to increase heart opening and play time.

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July 1:

The moon is in social Libra all day Saturday. She makes several mildly challenging relationships to planets all day. Don’t let minor emotional upsets ruin your day, just flow from one person or project to the next. Evening is gentle. Mars will be opposite Pluto tomorrow morning, so don’t walk on the bad side of town after dark!


July 2-8:

On Sunday morning, Mars is opposite Pluto. This is a difficult combination , so avoid early morning arguments. It may simply be that part of you wants to accomplish something tangible and practical on Sunday, and another part of you wants to go off and nurture yourself. Or part of you wants to exercise and part of you is getting in your own way. When Mars is involved, physical activity is a good way to blow off steam. With the moon in emotionally intense Scorpio leading up to the USA July 4th holiday, you may just need some quiet time early this week.

On July 4, Venus moves into Gemini until the 31st. This is flirtatious and fickle energy, so have fun playing but don’t take people or the world too seriously now. Use this quick energy to meet new people, take short trips, or do quick beautification projects. People like to share their ideas during Gemini energy, but that doesn’t mean they intend to follow through, at least not in the short term. At 10:08 PM PDT, the moon moves into rowdy Sagittarius so I would expect fireworks to go on longer tonight. Sag. is a loud, party sign.

Wednesday is like a rude awakening. The Sun makes a challenge to Jupiter, trying to decide if it wants to get moving or just ease into the post holiday. There is also a dreamy tone to the 5th. Be a visionary or a psychic, but not while driving. People will be tired today so don’t ride close to the car bumper ahead of you. Mercury moves into Leo until the 25th creating an opportunity to play, communicate heart felt messages, or to begin a fun & creative project. The weekend brings responsibilities and the drive to accomplish something practical and tangible.

The Capricorn Full Moon is on Saturday the 8th at 9:07 PM PDT (18 degrees Capricorn/Cancer). This is the full moon where you blend practical responsibilities with the need for emotional support and nurturing. But this full moon will have a sharp edge to it because it is aligned with death & rebirth Pluto. This helps you release that which you no longer need, but the process can be emotionally traumatic. The beauty of “let go and let God” Pluto is that you already know what or who needs to be released; and, the challenge is that now is the time to do what you already know you need to do (but probably have been putting off!). The Cardinal (means action oriented) signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are particularly strong right now. This helps you kick it into high gear, but do use caution in the tendency to overdo the action. Be careful of impulsiveness, be it in your actions or your spending.

July 9-15:

The Sun is opposite Pluto on Sunday, strongest in the evening. How are you balancing nurturing and responsibility? Avoid ego battles and obsessive-compulsive people. Stand in your power, but be kind to those who are feeling beat up by the world. Think about where you give your power away, and how you can reclaim your energetic life force. Be willing to go to your emotional depths to get in touch with your vulnerability. The work week begins under an Aquarius moon. This is excellent for sharing higher ideals and working with people who have a different philosophy than you. Just remember that others can be right too, even when there is a paradox between your perspectives. This is one of those easy work weeks where you can just get in your groove and keep going.

On Friday evening, the moon moves into athletic Aries for the weekend. Mercury makes harmony with Jupiter on Friday, helping you to have light conversation on higher , philosophical or travel topics. Mercury would have you plan a short trip and Jupiter wants to go somewhere exotic. Jupiter is the philosopher and traveler of the zodiac, so talk about distant places over lunch with optimistic people. This passionate Aries energy continues on Saturday, suggesting that you move your body and talk. Hike with a friend.

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July 16-22:

Sunday is the last quarter moon phase, often called the challenge to consolidate. It’s time to clean up or complete projects since the previous new moon back on June 24. The moon continues in Aries from the weekend, so Aries works best in short bursts of energy. As the moon moves into productive Taurus to begin the workweek, Venus makes a challenging square to Neptune early Monday morning. Venus wants to ease gracefully into her day, and Neptune doesn’t want to wake up at all. The challenge is that Venus wants shared love and Neptune just wants to love for love itself, expecting nothing in return. Balance reality and fantasy or your illusions can get carried away. By Monday evening, Mars squares Uranus, a difficult combination for evening rush hour traffic. This is an impatient combination that would rather change the world through gun fire than being in the natural flow of the universe. A better use of this conflicting energy would be to take action to revolutionize your life and give you more freedom, but have the patience to allow a peaceful transition.

Tuesday is a much happier day with Venus trine Jupiter at 1:08 PM PDT. Although trines are soft harmony, these two planets are as lucky as they get. If you need cooperation to accomplish big tasks, then Tuesday is the day to present your idea. It would also be a good idea to buy a lottery ticket. Keep in mind this is not a strong planetary aspect but it is a nice, lucky one (so if you are going to win the lottery, you only need one ticket). Wednesday continues this harmony but in a more grounded way as talkative Mercury makes a trine to practical Saturn. You can bring Tuesday’s big ideas down to earth for pragmatic application on Wednesday. On Thursday the 20th, Mars moves into Leo until September 5. Taking action to step into leadership is one positive part of this six week journey. Remember that the August Total Solar Eclipse is in Leo and that the fire element energy only gets stronger for the next several weeks. This can be difficult for forest fires, but it can help you open your creative, playful side to express more passion. Knock off early on Thursday if you are able because Uranus is making a challenge, and Uranus wants to be free. Do something different than business as usual on Thursday. The moon will be in Cancer for the weekend. This supports family, emotional nurturing and breaking bread with people in your comfort zone.

July 23-29:

The New Moon in Leo is on Sunday the 23rd (1 degree Leo). It is action packed because it is aligned with warrior Mars who just moved into Leo last week. The increasing amount of fire element energy building up to next month’s total solar eclipse in Leo begins now. That can be excellent for fun, play, passion, and stepping into leadership. But it likely will not be great for fire season unless you make your living putting out forest fires. You receive help in surviving any challenges now, but the flip side of this help is knowing when it is time to let go. This energy can be as generous as it is stubborn. Also be aware that Mercury is just entering the shadow of its retrograde cycle coming on August 12. Pay attention to hints about what this communications breakdown cycle will mean for you. A hint is that you will want to cleanse both internal and external clutter in the weeks ahead, kind of an end of summer cleaning. For both this new moon and the coming Mercury retrograde, take a good look at where your heart is called versus where it is not engaged any longer. Since this new moon is at the beginning of Leo and the August 21 total solar eclipse is at the very end of Leo, the next month is kind of like being bracketed by bookends where you can view beginnings and endings, what fits and what must be released. If your heart is not in it, why are you holding on?

On Monday morning, there is an odd mixture of energies. The Sun has moved into Leo urging you to jump out of bed to meet the new day. At the same time, Venus is opposite Saturn at 7:53 AM PDT where your values and desires can be at odd with practical reality or authority figures. That is followed shortly by Mercury making a harmonious trine to Uranus. This is mentally stimulating. Uranus wants greater freedom and Saturn wants greater stability. The complicated morning gives way to an easier afternoon. On Tuesday, both the moon and Mercury move into Virgo. Because Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo (and Leo), Mercury will be in the sign of purification and organization for about seven weeks as compared to its normal cycle of about three weeks. This will help you get organized for the coming fall energies, although you probably don’t want to start thinking about that yet!

Wednesday is action packed as the Sun aligns with high energy Mars. Do something physical on the 26th to use this energy in a positive way. The workweek ends under a social Libra moon. Saturday night is a bit more private than the early weekend. Do public activities Thursday through Saturday afternoon, and spend quiet time Saturday evening.

July 30-31:

July ends under a private Scorpio moon. Venus enters nurturing Cancer on the 31st until August 25th, suggesting harmony with family or home visits or projects. The moon is void-of-course all day Monday, so tend to existing projects rather than initiating anything new. Eat healthy on Tuesday.

August Preview:

August has two eclipses, lunar on the 7th and the total solar eclipse on August 21 passing directly over the United States. Mercury will be retrograde starting August 12th to add to the intensity of eclipse energies. Saturn also ends his retrograde cycle late in the month which will help everyone who has felt stuck or sluggish since April. Check back for details.

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Following is a new column I am writing for New Consciousness Review:

Quarterly Astrology Forecast: June-August 2017

Astromark Astrology Forecast: Overall view June-August:

The good news is that the summer months are more stable and flowing than the disruptive retrograde energies of spring. The last few months helped you look at what and who you value, and what must be released. On June 9, optimistic Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle since early February, indicating a “go” signal to take action on the decisions you made during spring. Projects put on hold or barely moving will pick up speed as June progresses. Big and distant planets take several weeks to get up to full speed, but you feel happy as the energy builds. Jupiter travels through relationship oriented Libra until October 10, making this forward movement a great opportunity to expand and harmonize all types of relationships.

Venus spends most of June until July 4th in Taurus, helping you improve finances and put practical energy into manifesting your goals and desires. The goddess of love then moves into flirty Gemini during most of July to help you explore new possibilities, be they relationships or money. The big news of this report: a rare total solar eclipse passes across the USA on August 21st in heart opening Leo. There is an emphasis of fire element signs then, and that can translate into an extra hot August and forest fires. The solar eclipse is at the end of the sign Leo, landing on the charts of Donald Trump, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine. Let’s hold the good thought that the positive side of Leo will express itself through opening hearts and developing creative solutions to difficult problems.


Think back to early February when enthusiastic Jupiter turned retrograde. Did projects get put on hold or fall to the back burner of your life? Or it may be that you knew that relationships (or lack thereof) need to change? As the god of abundance, Jupiter ends his backwards reviewing cycle on June 9 and is ready to charge forward towards new opportunities. Because the god of expansion is associated with your belief system, it is critical that you open your mind to allow new possibilities to enter. Tell your analytical mind to be quiet and not prejudge big ideas. Take a risk on yourself so large dreams can manifest in your life. Release that which has been holding you back, be it people or your own preconceived notions. June helps you move forward, but it is important to note that the improvements you seek will not get up to full speed until after September 5th.

Be certain that your ambitions and emotions are working together now, because assertive Mars is in feeling-oriented Cancer June 4-July 20. When your emotions are in alignment with your actions, you can move mountains. This nurturing combination also supports home repair and family interaction. Summer Solstice comes on June 20 (9:24 PM PDT). A chart cast for the next three months indicates a slightly complicated set of energies for summer. The moon and Venus are aligned in Taurus. They like their chocolate! Gift yourself with an appropriate amount of sensual pleasures, be it sweets, massages or a flower budget. At the same time, there is a challenge between Mars in “I want to stay close to home” Cancer and Jupiter that wants to go off on an adventure. For many, this will be the summer of vacations that are not all that far from home, or travel for family and relatives at a distance.


Except for some short-term rude energies on the 2nd, 8th and 17th, July is a quick and fun month. Venus loves beautiful places and harmonious relationships, and she is in talkative Gemini July 4th through the 31st. Meet new people, take short trips or quick classes this month. If you participate in the USA July 4th holiday, there are minor mental or transportation hassles. Allow extra time in traffic or arrive at crowded events early on the 4th. The full moon on the 8th, and actually the entire week that includes July 4th, holds difficult challenges. Transforming Pluto is tied to emotions and impatient Mars wants his way now. The nice thing to say about this is that you can delve deeply into hidden emotions and get in touch with inner vulnerability. The not so nice side of this full moon will be seen in the news.

On July 20, aggressive Mars moves into creative Leo and is ready to play through early September. Open your heart and have some fun. Mars, combined with the new moon in Leo on the 23rd, begins the buildup of energy towards next month’s total solar eclipse.


August brings two eclipses. The Aquarius-Leo lunar eclipse is on August 7 and will be seen in Africa, Asia and Australia. Aquarius urges you to create win-win environments in your life. It is associated with friends, groups and organizations, making this a good month to explore new networking opportunities. But there is another side to Aquarius in that they sometime like to detach from the world and live in their own bubble reality, not a bad thing to do during summer.

The solar eclipse on August 21 is a total eclipse that crosses over the USA starting in Oregon. Action happens under eclipse paths. If you know where 29 degrees of Leo lands in your natal chart, you know the area of your life where you must open your heart, develop creative solutions, and step into leadership in your world. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that come from deep within you, not the stuff of ego. This eclipse make a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus. Step out of your normal routine and try something outside the box. Be willing to create a new method or learn something that is out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Note that Mercury is retrograde August 12-September 5, making August a good time to take a short retreat from the world.

Mark Dodich has provided astrology and intuitive consultations internationally since 1980. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in ACG Relocation Astrology Maps and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology. Check out astromark.us or contact him at Land Line (503) 252-1558