December Astrology Forecast:

December holds a calming effect after a chaotic year. Mars is in Pisces all month, so there is a spiritual or peaceful warrior tone going on. Mercury does continue to be retrograde until the new moon on the 6th, but that is not making any big challenges-just the normal communications breakdown and adaptability annoyances. The communications planet started his retrograde cycle in travel and big idea Sagittarius, and now moves backwards into emotionally intense Scorpio. Communicate deeper feelings early in the month. Loving Venus makes a harmonious trine to compassionate Neptune at winter solstice, so that is a gentle energy. There is a minor mental and/or transportation challenge on Christmas Eve, but the moon in heart-opening Leo on Christmas Day makes everything feel all right. New Year’s Eve includes an emotionally intense Scorpio moon with aggressive Mars moving into physical Aries will get everyone moving. Thanks to all of you who read my forecasts, attend talks, do sacred travel , and have consultations with me. You are greatly appreciated.


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December 1:

The moon moves into social Libra to begin the weekend, a great time for holiday sharing. Mercury has been retrograde in Sagittarius since November 16th, and now moves backwards into Scorpio. Communicate on deep and vulnerable levels with those in your inner circle. Sex, death and taxes are Scorpio topics. Evening has a bit of an “I’m tired” tone to it as the moon makes a challenge to Saturn, so best to be active earlier in the day and afternoon.

December 2-8:

Sensual Venus enters sexual Scorpio on Sunday until early January. The goddess of love and money was in Scorpio during her retrograde cycle back in October, so this represents a completion and moving forward after being on hold for about six weeks. Be willing to go to deeper levels in your relationships and get focused on your material world needs and desires. There isn’t much to say about the early work week, except that it is a good time to delve into projects that need your full attention. On Wednesday afternoon the 5th, the sun makes a challenging square to Neptune. The most likely result is lack of desire to work or feeling a bit spaced out. It is a perfect time to do introspective work to better understand where you are on track with your higher vision or where you need to make adjustments to get them aligned.

The Sagittarius New Moon is on Thursday the 6th (16 degrees, 11:20 PM PST). The fire and water elements are strong now, so you would do well to set goals and deadlines. Set up a method to be accountable for achieving those goals. Sagittarius and Aries are the fire signs involved, Scorpio and Pisces are water element signs. It is the kind of energy where you run around doing a lot of activities but may not get around to the ones that you said you wanted to accomplish. Sagittarius is a generous party sign, so pay attention to your budget and avoid over-committing yourself . The new moon challenges aggressive Mars which is in non-aggressive Pisces. Avoid saying yes when you wish you had said no, and be careful of sending mixed messages to people. This can also lead to too much or too little sleep, or overly active dreams. Positively, bring forth your peaceful, spiritual warrior and speak your highest truth without the need for others to approve of you. Sagittarius loves to travel and early bird discount pricing for the Greece trip is due Dec. 10

Warrior Mars aligns with peaceful Neptune early on Friday. Part of you wants to get up and exercise and part of you wants to hit the snooze button. Yoga or a spiritual practice is supported. On Saturday, the moon enters Capricorn to help you accomplish all those tangible tasks that need attention for the coming holidays.

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December 9-15:

The Winter Quarter Astromark Newsletter will be ready for reading sometime this week.

Sunday and early Monday continue the weekend theme of tending to practical projects under a down to earth Capricorn moon. That changes at 3:39 PM PST Monday when the moon moves into social and rebellious Aquarius through Wednesday. Get out and be with people during an Aquarius moon. On Wednesday afternoon, talkative Mercury moves into Sagittarius until early January. This is excellent for getting out to share with people during the holidays. It is great for big ideas, but you will have to wait to see which of those big ideas actually make it into the mundane world. Take is easy on Thursday and Friday. The moon will be in Pisces (spirituality, intuition, movies, romance, naps). The moon makes numerous aspects (relationships) to other planets on both Thursday and Friday, so you just flow from one project or person to another with a state of ease. Regarding holiday shopping on Saturday the 15th, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase until 4:44 PM PST. Purchasing important items or initiating important actions is not favorable at such a time. If you must shop, be sure to save the receipts in case you need to exchange items.


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December 16-22:

On Sunday morning, Venus makes a sextile (soft harmony) to Saturn. Diplomatic conversations about relationships, boundaries or long term plans in relationships, are favored. A sextile is not a pushy planetary aspect, so just float your ideas. On Sunday evening, the other relationship planet, Mars, makes a sextile to Pluto. This is when you can take those conversations to deeper levels. With the moon in Aries on Sunday and Monday, you can open others to new ideas and new methods, or just hit the gym for some physical exercise. Tuesday and Wednesday are the hard work days, so pay attention to practical matters.

Winter Solstice is on Friday December 21 at 2:23 pm PST. A chart cast for the next three months is a bit of a jumble, meaning that there is no one well defined thing you can say about the coming quarter. That usually means that you can expect a wide variety of activities rather than one dominant theme. Because Mercury and Jupiter are aligned, and the moon is in talkative Gemini, you can bet that there will be plenty of ideas thrown around. The question is which of those ideas will find a way to come down to earth, or will you feel mentally overloaded with so many options that your brain shuts down? Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, because the new year is a great time to explore options-just don’t believe everything you hear!

The Full Moon comes on the heels of Winter Solstice, the following day, Saturday, December 22 (1 degree Cancer – Capricorn at 9:49 AM PST). Communications planet Mercury and “do it big” Jupiter are aligned in gung-ho Sagittarius. These two are ready to take on the world. Although you may already have too many items on your to-do list, it would be great if you could block out some time to journal ideas for the coming year. Make them big under this optimistic combination. Because there planets are being challenged by fantasy-oriented Neptune, understand that some of those ideas will be your illusions run amok, yet some will actually be visionary. Time will tell which is which! There is a theme to this full moon because spiritual destiny points called the “nodes of the moon” are at the end degrees of Cancer and Capricorn while the full moon is at the beginning of these same signs. Look at beginnings and endings in your life. Cancer wants security and nurturing. Capricorn wants to be responsible yet have healthy boundaries. Look at your emotional responsibilities and also your emotional boundaries to determine what needs to be adjusted. This full moon sets the tone for the coming year, so it is wise to take some internal time to look at what is nurturing you and what is not.

December 23-29:

On December 24, Christmas Eve, transportation planet Mercury makes a challenge to Neptune. Be careful of both drunken drivers and drivers who just are not paying attention. Opening your mind to spiritual concepts is a good thing to do under this planetary aspect. December 25 is a pleasant day with the moon in heart-warming Leo.

For shoppers on December 26, the moon is in her quite void of course phase from 7:36 AM to 9:50 AM PST. Astrologers generally suggest avoiding important purchases or taking important actions when the moon is not making relationships to other planets. If you must shop in those hours, save the receipt. The rest of the week is pretty easy, with a social Libra moon on Friday and Saturday. Friday afternoon has a gentle relationship between relationship planet Venus and go to deeper levels Pluto, a great time to go to deeper emotional levels in your significant relationships.

December 30-31:

The month ends with the moon in private Scorpio. For New Year’s Eve itself, Mars enters Aries to get you moving, and that will continue through January. Part of you wants to pull within for New Year’s Eve and part of you wants to go out and howl at the moon.

January 2019 preview:

There is a solar eclipse on January 5, the first one in Capricorn since 2011. Then on the 20th, there is the last lunar eclipse in Leo and Aquarius until 2026. This represents a deep shift in energy on planet earth, and we received a teaser of it during summer of 2018. Check back for details.