October Astrology Forecast:


Wounded healer Chiron just moved backwards into Pisces, the sign it has been in since 2011 (Gulf oil spill, wounded fish). It has been testing Aries for several months and will return in late February until spring 2027. Now that you have had the teaser of what is coming next spring, it’s time to clean up any old business since 2011. Compassion and forgiveness practices are a good thing to do now. You can also do behind the scenes preparation for those new areas of your life that will have better action next year. Perhaps you need to pull back for a little vision quest? The biggest news of the month is Venus turning retrograde until November 16. Relationships ( all types of relationships) are up for review. Financial needs, your budget, and your investment portfolio also need adjustment or planning for future needs. Or maybe it is just time to make yourself or your home look nicer. Venus starts her retrograde cycle in deeply and intensely emotional Scorpio and then moves back into balancing Libra at Halloween.

Greek Islands Sacred Journey New Information Update: Scheduled arrival in Athens is on May 27, 2019 (Depart USA May 26) for 12 nights, 13 days. Click here for new information on approximate pricing and itinerary. We shall spend a couple days in Athens before going to Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos and Delos. It is a great year for travel. Adventure planet Jupiter will be moving through travel sign Sagittarius. Details are coming to a link on the travel page. Side Note: I have cancelled the optional side trip to Istanbul and western Turkey due to lukewarm interest due to politics. As world politics improve, I would like to offer a full trip to Turkey as it has abundant sacred sites.

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October 1-6:

The moon is in Cancer to begin the month, and that is normally a time to tend to emotions and spend time with people in your inner circle. The only potential problem with that is that Tuesday brings the “consolidating energy” last quarter moon and Mercury making a challenging square to Pluto. The best advise would be to think before you speak, as you emotions tend to get triggered and Mercury shoots words out your mouth before you can call them back.

On Friday, Venus turns retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio until November 16th when she ends the cycle in Libra. Since Venus turns retrograde less than any other planet, it is important to pay attention to this less common cycle. The goddess wants you to review and revise all of your relationships, including any lack of relationships. Scorpio takes you to the hidden depths of your desires and old emotional wounds. The purpose of this cycle is to release any wounds and to be honest about your needs. Venus is also a money planet, so look at your budget and prosperity consciousness. (Download Prosperity Enhancement Guide). Some people will work to pay off old bills, and others will move money around in their stock portfolio to get the most out of a changing economy (such as increasing interest rates or companies impacted by tariffs).

The moon moves into Virgo for the weekend, so a good time to tend to practical matters and accomplish all those items on your “to do’ list, or to just purify your mind and body.

October 7-13:

On Sunday, the moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase until 6:10 PM PDT. Tend to mundane tasks and/or take care of your inner, spiritual needs since this is the dark before the new moon.

The Libra New Moon is on Monday, October 8 at 8:47 PM PDT (16 degrees Libra). Skipping the technical side of astrology, it can be stated that this new moon, Venus now in her retrograde cycle, and “Let go and let god” Pluto are all tied together now. Libra wants you to live in balance and seeks a sense of luxury. Although normally a social new moon, the tie-in to Venus in Scorpio, and death and rebirth Pluto add an extra dose of private deep emotions to the days ahead. Be willing to be vulnerable with those in your inner circle and keep healthy boundaries with those people who know what you “should” do better than you know yourself. At the same time, wounded-healer Chiron has temporarily moved backwards into Pisces where it has been since 2011 (and gave us a teaser of its coming path through Aries over the summer). As the” teacher of healing” centaur finishes his run through Pisces, this is a good time for compassion and forgiveness as well as opening to a higher vision that comes from your spiritual center. Tune in to a deeper calling now. It is like there is a feeling that there is some new project or opportunity waiting in the wings for you, but that it is off in some fog bank just out of sight. Releasing the past and opening your intuitive side helps it clear up more quickly. A re-balancing occurs between partnership and individuality, and mundane practicality and spirituality.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on Tuesday until the 30th, and also a bit more in early December due to the coming Mercury retrograde cycle. Superficial conversations are annoying now. Deep level, focused research is favored. Open to innovative new ideas on Wednesday as mental Mercury and inventive Uranus dance together. At the same time, relationship planets Venus and Mars are in a difficult relationship, so it is best to wait on those relationship conversations that you already know are not going to be easy. End the day early on Thursday and keep a low profile in the evening as the life-force sun challenges obsessive Pluto. The weekend is a lot of fun under a party Sagittarius moon.


October 14-20:

The moon moves into hard-working Capricorn Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. Accomplish tangible goals early in the week. Business lunches are favored on Tuesday as sales & communication planet Mercury aligns with money planet Venus. Because Venus is retrograde until November 16, it would not be a surprise if plans made now do not manifest right away. The energetic tone changes on Wednesday and Thursday, not only because the moon in Aquarius wants freedom and change from the boring routine, but also because there are minor emotional challenges to most aspects of your life. Your world relaxes on Friday and Saturday. Allow open space Friday afternoon because your ambition says to do one thing, and your mind wants to do something else. See a good movie or listen to music this weekend under a gentle Pisces moon.


October 21-27:

Have a quiet Sunday evening in preparation for a rushed early work week. The sun moves into private Scorpio on Tuesday morning as it is building energy towards the full moon.

The Full Moon is on Wednesday the 24th (9:45 AM PDT, 2 degrees Taurus-Scorpio). It’s anybody’s guess as to what comes out of this full moon. Venus is moving retrograde towards the Sun in Scorpio, and this shines light on relationships, values and finances. It asks you to go to a deeper level to determine if you are getting what you need and desire, and what gets in the way. And that is not just the people in your world, but also your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. On the opposite side of the sky is revolutionary Uranus connected to the emotional moon. Expect an internal struggle between your emotions wanting safety, security and comfort, and the other part of you that wants freedom at all costs. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, the spiritual destiny nodes are challenged by this full moon, making you feel like you are being pulled apart at the seams. There is a familiar theme from the past 1 1/2 year where you must detach from the soap opera of your life or the world in order to determine where your heart is engaged, and where it wants to go in a different direction. There are a lot of “fixed” signs in the sky now (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius). This is great for persevering through any challenges, but is not the easiest for letting go. Be strong, but not hard-headed, because that just produces headaches.

The sun aligns with Venus (still retrograde) on Friday. This is a nice combination of energy and harmony. Early morning people may have noticed over the past several days that Venus has been changing from an evening star to a morning star. Many ancient cultures held the philosophy that she was more peaceful and harmonious as an evening star and changed into more of a warrior star energy when she was a morning star. These cultures waited to go to battle until Venus became a morning star. If this is true, this would bode well to get your projects moving. Just allow flexibility in your plan since Venus is still retrograde until November 16 and then Mercury will be retrograde November 16 until Dec. 6. Regardless, Friday is a very pleasant day to share with others, and great for a Halloween party. Saturday continues to be pleasant under a talkative Gemini moon.


October 28-31:

The moon is in Cancer to begin the week, so eat healthy food and take care of home and family matters. Mercury and Jupiter align Monday morning, making this a great time to get up early and get a head start on projects and communications. On Tuesday evening, Mercury enters “big picture” sign Sagittarius where it will mostly be into early January. Mercury turns retrograde on November 16, so the next couple weeks gives you hints about what the communications breakdown cycle will be about (screwy USA Thanksgiving Day plans, anyone?). Halloween on Wednesday is nice under a heart-centered Leo moon, but not overly eventful. Venus moves backwards into Libra on the 31st as part of her re-balancing of relationships work during the current Venus retrograde cycle.

Lastly, and abstractly, Pluto have been moving from north to south of the ecliptic for several months now. It moved from south to north in the 1930’s. One astronomy source has October 31 as being the exact date it crosses. It is difficult to say exactly what this means since it affects generations of people. Pluto is about transformation, where you must let go of the past and move forward into that which is coming next. Unless you have been living in a cave, certainly you can see that the world has changed and is not going back. Esoterically, Pluto helps you clear anything that gets between you and the One source of all that is. It helps you to use your power through your connection to source, and is associated with the Ascended Master El Morya and Archangel Michael. (See their photos).


November preview:

It will be interesting to see how November plays out. Love and money Venus continues to be retrograde until the 16th, and then Mercury begins his retrograde cycle about 15 hours later that day, just in time for the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday. Uranus tested the sign Taurus since May, but now moves backwards into Aries until spring. This urges you to finish any old business since 2011 when it first moved into Aries at the big Japan earthquake. It is interesting to note that our previous metaphysical travel to Greece was in 2011 when Uranus left Pisces and entered Aries, and we shall return in 2019 when it is leaving Aries and moving into Taurus until 2026. Check back for details.