June Astrology Forecast:

On June 26, Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius until August 27 when it backs into Capricorn. Mars and Venus turn retrograde less often than all the other planets, so it is important to pay attention when they do. (Venus turns retrograde October 6). As with all retrograde cycles, you redo, revise, rest, renovate and do “re” words associated with the nature of the retrograde planet. Mars has to do with your ambitions and how you assert them in the world. Aquarius has to do with your highest ideals, freedom, and creating win-win environments for the good of the group consciousness. When it backs into Capricorn later this summer, you must find a way to make those high ideals practical in the mundane world.

Beyond that, June is an easy month, waiting for three eclipses coming in July and August. Loving Venus moves into heart opening Leo at the new moon on the 13th until July 9. Do activities that feel good to your heart- play, creativity, romance, art, and good deeds are examples.

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June 1-2:

Friday is complicated in a good way. The moon is in Capricorn to help you tend to practical business. But on Friday morning, mental Mercury makes harmony with ambitious Mars, and sensual Venus makes harmony with expansive Jupiter. Part of you wants to play and part wants to get things done. Find a healthy balance. An easy exercise workout in the morning would help settle you down. Pay attention to your dreams early on Saturday morning as loving Venus makes harmony with the planet of dreams, Neptune. Shopping on Saturday before 3:06 PM PDT is not suggested. The moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase, and that is when you should do simple tasks like laundry or cutting the grass-not initiating important new actions.

June 3-9:

The moon is in friendly Aquarius all day Sunday, making happy emotional connections all day. Get our and socialize. The moon continues in Aquarius all day Monday, but it is in the void-of-course” phase. The moon likes to make relationships with other planets, so you often feel emotionally disconnected when she is void. Tend to practical tasks or tuning in through spiritual practice. Tuesday and Wednesday are the most active days this week. Tuesday brings lots of talk, but don’t try to force your values on others. Wednesday can disrupt your sleep or cause disjointed dreams while dream-planet Neptune is activated. Just focus on one task at a time and don’t think too far ahead, and you will be fine. Thursday and Friday are better for moving your body under and Aries moon, rather than needing to think too much.

On Saturday, it’s best to get your work done early so you can kick back in the afternoon and evening.

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June 10-16:

The moon is in practical Taurus all day Sunday and Monday. This supports your efforts to produce something you can point at and say “I accomplished that!” On Tuesday, mental Mercury moves into emotional Cancer until June 28/29. Take a moment to make sure your head and heart are working together in the coming weeks. Small projects around home and family are supported.

The Gemini New Moon is on June 13 at 12:44 PM PDT (23 degrees Gemini). It’s time to open to new ideas, drive somewhere in a different way than usual, and to meet new people. Talkative Mercury is in gentle harmony with eccentric Uranus, so you benefit by stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone. Relationship planet Venus is moving into heart opening Leo until July 9. Bring out your creative passions in the week ahead, and know that this is not a bashful combination. It’s OK to share on a heart level. Put on a show! There is a Grand Water Trine (means triple harmony) in the sky now. Expansive Jupiter is in harmony with spiritual Neptune, and both are in harmony with strategic planner Pallas-Athena. Make a plan to bring big spiritual visions into the world, and the water element signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer advise you to make sure your emotions are engaged in your visionary ideals.

Keep a low profile on Thursday evening as there are minor challenges between value systems- no sense fighting over unimportant stuff! On Friday, practice communicating healthy boundaries. The moon moves into Leo on Saturday for a fun day.

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June 17-23:

The moon is in paternal Leo for Father’s Day, June 17. It is a warm and generous emotional energy. Monday is a bit complicated in that the moon moves into Virgo to give you a list of tasks to accomplish. At the same time, dreamy Neptune in Pisces, the exact opposite of Virgo, turns retrograde until November 24. Neptune can be strongly spiritual or it just wants to daydream and take a nap. Although you may not feel such a distant planet turning retrograde on Monday, know that it begins a process of opening to a higher vision, practicing forgiveness, and trusting your intuition at a higher level. Step away from the mundane, even if just for a bit, to look at your higher spiritual purpose on planet earth. Tuesday and Wednesday are enthusiastic in that talkative Mercury is making a harmonious trine to “I’m ready for more” Jupiter and “open to a higher vision” Neptune.

Summer Solstice is on June 21 at 3:07:08 AM PDT. A chart cast for the next three months shows a Grand Water Trine, which means there is a triple harmony if you are helping your emotional well being. Mercury in Cancer asks you to think of quick ways to nurture yourself. Neptune in Pisces would love it if you went off to some quiet, meditative, watery place to reflect on what’s most important in life. Jupiter in Scorpio is still moving retrograde until July 10, so it is good to heal any emotional wounds or research future projects that can take you to a higher level. Of a more challenging nature, Mars is slowing down to turn retrograde in Aquarius on June 26, and is on the opposite side of the sky as Venus in Leo. One side of you wants to open to passion, fun and creativity, and the other side wants to detach from the world to review your ambitions from a comfortable distance. All types of relationships are shifting under this energy too. Both Venus and Mars are challenging Jupiter, and that means it is time to determine if your belief system is getting in the way of you going to a higher level. Between summer solstice energies and three eclipses in July and August, there is no shortage of opportunities to open to something larger in your life by fall equinox. And if you really want to get abstract, Pluto is moving across the ecliptic this summer, something that has not happened since the 1930’s (See the Summer quarter Astromark newsletter, page 6)

Friday has pleasant planetary energies for social activities with small groups or individuals in an intimate setting (so no loud places with people you don’t really like). Saturday morning is a bit uncomfortable but it improves at the day moves along.

June 24-30:

The moon is void-of-course all day, making Sunday a perfect day to keep a low profile and tend to quiet, humble tasks. Monday morning is not the time to push your philosophy onto your relationships. With Venus making a challenging square to Jupiter, avoid over-committing yourself.

Mars has been slowing down for several weeks now, and it finally turns retrograde on Tuesday June 26, lasting until August 27. Mars and Venus turn retrograde less often than all the other planets so it is good to pay attention when they do (Venus will turn retrograde in October). Mars represents your actions, assertiveness and ambition. It begins its retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius and moves backwards to 28 degrees Capricorn. If you have natal planets in those degrees, you are more heavily activated. It’s time to look at your ambitions to see if an adjustment is needed. You can also look at behind the scenes work towards future ambitions. Aquarius is associated with friends, groups and organizations. Is it time to reconnect with old friends or reach out to explore new groups? It may be time to upgrade or repair your technology under Aquarius.

The Full Moon is on June 27 at 9:53 PM PDT (7 degrees Capricorn/Cancer). It is a mixed energy full moon. On one hand, warrior Mars just turned retrograde yesterday through the end of August, and that has you pulling back for rest and rejuvenation. At the same time, the full moon wants to pull you out to increase the nurturing in your life. However, the moon is aligned with responsible and disciplined Saturn, urging you to tend to business. And the energetic Sun is moving to make harmony with expansive Jupiter, a planet pushing you to open to a new and larger expression of your spirit. And if that isn’t enough push-pull (shove-jerk ?!) for you, this full moon is setting you up for three eclipses starting next month. Instead of trying to make nice with all the contradictions, it is wise to allow them to show you different aspects of your life and future goals. Let it be OK if certain aspects of your life are messy and do not fit into a nice category now. By the end of summer, many of your ambitions and those you associate with will shift. Give yourself and the Universe permission to readjust you (since it is going to do it with or without your permission!).

Mercury moves into Leo late on Thursday Pacific Time. Because it turns retrograde July 25, the communications planet will be in the heart opening sign until September 5 rather than its normal three weeks. Make time to play this summer. Be creative and review where your heart is engaged, or not; and where do you need to have more fun or step into leadership? Saturday morning brings quick mental challenges and the rest of the weekend is great for social activities.


July preview:

July 13 brings the first eclipse in about nine years in the sign Cancer, a preview of more eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn coming in 2019. The is a lunar eclipse in friendly Aquarius on July 27th and mercury turns retrograde July 25-August 18. Check back for details.