April 2018

Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 15th. However, it is at the middle point of the cycle on April 1.  This shifts thinking from cleaning up the past to behind-the-scenes work itowards future projects. Fortunately, tax day is not until the 17th this year, so you have a couple extra days to deal with the communications snafus of this breakdown cycle. Last minute tax filers should double check their work. Wounded healer Chiron moves into Aries on the 17th to begin a new journey (see the spring Astromark newsletter linked below for details). Chiron only tests the water of Aries over the summer and then goes backward into Pisces to finish old business since 2011. Consider where you can take half-steps towards future goals, knowing that it is likely to be 2019 before those projects really get moving. Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th until September 6th. Consider where you need to rework or renovate the core structure of your life. Venus is in Taurus during the early part of the month suggesting the opportunity for rewards if you work hard. She then moves into Gemini on the 24th to create more playful activities.

Click here for the Spring Quarter ASTROMARK newsletter.  It has the spring astrology forecast which includes a seven year shift of freedom-seeking Uranus into Taurus and wounded healer Chiron into Aries. We look at Joe Kennedy III, the sister of North Korea’s leader, and Uma Thurman.


April  1-7:

April 1 is both Easter and April Fool’s Day, so there is no telling what will pop out of those decorated eggs this year! The Mercury retrograde cycle enters the second half of its communications breakdown cycle. Begin to work on new projects. Allow wiggle room for those projects to shift after the messenger turns direct on the 15th. The morning is more social than the afternoon, so an Easter brunch might be the better way to go.  On Monday morning, Mars aligns with Saturn in Capricorn. Put physical effort and ambition into long term projects now. Do have patience because Mercury moving backwards is  challenging both Mars and Saturn on Wednesday and Thursday. Also, think before you speak. Don’t get frustrated if your neatly scheduled plans change on you.

The weekend continues the somewhat serious tone of the week under a Capricorn moon. Accomplish some project that requires patience and discipline. On Saturday, graceful Venus makes an harmonious trine to Saturn. This is a better business combination than it is for relationships. However, talking about long term plans in relationship receives support. Put in some overtime now for greater rewards.


April 8-14:

Spend some time with friends or attend social events on Monday and Tuesday. The Aquarius moon urges you to be outgoing and friendly. Tuesday is a bit complicated in that the life-force Sun is challenging “death & rebirth” Pluto, and relationship planets Venus and Mars are working happily together. Initiate those relationship conversations that take you to deeper and more vulnerable levels. Ask yourself if you are holding onto anything, especially emotional, that is not helping you move forward at a faster pace. Wednesday afternoon through Friday are generally quiet  and gentle, so be kind to yourself. On Friday the 13th, the moon is in its introspective void-of-course phase from 4:27 AM-8:26 PM PDT. That makes for a non-ambitious Friday when you can attend to humdrum tasks.The general rule of thumb in astrology is that you do not initiate important projects when the moon is void.

Saturday is as active as Friday was quiet. The moon moves into Aries and there is a lot to accomplish. Physical projects like exercise, yard work or cleaning the garage are favored. However, it is best not to take on too big a project because Aries has a reputation for leaving projects half-finished when something more interesting catches their attention.


April 15-21:

The New Moon  is on Sunday the 15th at 6:57 PM PDT. A sacred Sabian Symbol to meditate on for the 27 degrees Aries new moon is “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.” Tune in on intuitive levels and quiet your mind to allow something that may have fallen to the wayside in your busy life to return. Mercury ends his three-week retrograde cycle today, so that adds to the energy of rethinking your life and priorities. In fact, this new moon is aligned with Uranus, the planet representing innovation, revolutions, earthquakes, friendships, and new ways of thinking. Do avoid forcing square pegs into round holes under this “I need change” impulsive energy. Know that wounded healer Chiron is moving into Aries on the 17th, beginning a new seven year plan. Begin initial steps to pioneer a new path or project, but do not carve it into concrete just yet. The next few months supports initial testing of ideas and projects that will get more attention next year.

Give your sensual pleasures a treat on Monday and Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you need to blow the budget or diet to treat yourself well. Flowers, a massage, quality chocolate are all good options for a Taurus moon and an active Venus. Both love sensual pleasures. Also on Tuesday, Saturn begins his retrograde cycle until early September. You may feel sluggish, but it is equally true that many people will not feel the subtle shift at all. Tend to your core  needs over the next several months so you a have a more solid foundation to move forward come September.

Wednesday is the day you just have to allow your inner, eccentric weirdo out of the closet. The sun aligns with Uranus precisely Wednesday morning so you just have to do something different than normal. The weekend is under the influence of a nurturing Cancer moon. Have a healthy meal with loved ones, beautify your home, and share on an emotional level.

Mark speaks in Portland at a very reasonable rate on Sunday at 4 PM,  looking at Chiron moving into Aries, Uranus moving into Taurus, and a peek at summer energies.


April 22-28:

Earth Day, Sunday, has transforming Pluto turning retrograde until September 30th. It is normal for the outer planets to spend a long time each year appearing to move backwards. However, on the days they change direction, it is good to honor them. What (or who) are your ready to release? Pluto helps you burn your bridges behind you. That can be as simple as a yard sale or trip to the Goodwill box, or letting aspects of your life go that no longer hold energy for you. On Tuesday the 24th, Venus enters Gemini for three weeks. This is a fun energy where you can open to new ideas, new friendships, and even try out potential relationships, be they personal or business. However, this is not a commitment energy so it is better for exploring. On the esoteric level, this combination is excellent for healing and bringing greater beauty into your life. Venus in Gemini is associated with healing through the master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael. See their photos.

Wednesday afternoon has minor mental challenges, best to avoid difficult conversations or perhaps you just need a quick cat nap. On Thursday, Mars aligns with Pluto to help you assert yourself with power, just make certain your ego is in a healthy place so you do not attempt to force your way on others who are not prepared to go there. The moon is in Libra for the weekend. Social events are generally favored but you may want to call it an early evening on Saturday.


April 29-30:

The New Moon in Scorpio/Taurus is on Sunday the 29th at 5:58 PM PDT (10 degrees). It is known as the Wesak moon when the Buddha is honored as he returns to help humanity. Scorpio helps you release your fears, taking you to emotional depths. Taurus helps you manifest your goals and desires, after Scorpio has removed any self-defeating behavior or beliefs. There is a challenge at this full moon and it has been going on for several days already. Mars aligns with Pluto and that can have a dangerous and rude interpretation. Avoid anger people, road rage and walking on the bad side of town after dark. The positive view is to take action to transform the very foundation of your life for your long-term good. Mercury is starting to come out of the shadow of the retrograde cycle that ended on the 15th, so it will be easier to get moving in a forward thinking direction.

The moon continues in Scorpio all day Monday. Projects that require concentration are favored, so find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and get focused.

May Preview:

Uranus moves into Taurus for the next seven years. That hasn’t been around for about 84 years, so the last time was when steps were being taken to put people back to work after the Great Depression (New Deal), and Hitler was making his early moves.   Check back for details.