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Violet Flame and Ascended Master photos for your meditation altar.



The Violet Flame photos are approximately 4 x 6" and laminated.
$10 each or a set of 4 for $36 + s & h.

Please remember that pictures of Ascended Masters and the energy they represent comes from human beings who are attempting to understand this high energy. This means that you need to use discernment when assigning images and meanings to these pictures. I suggest calling upon the masters during your meditations rather than accepting the ideas, and sometimes dogma, of other individuals and organizations.

Ascended Master pictures and photos are mostly 5 x 7" and laminated.
They are $7.50 each plus s & h. , buy 6, get the 7th free

SG4: Saint Germaine
The Ascended Master that is normally associated with the Seventh Ray of transmutation of energy and ceremonial order. This picture shows only eyes on a field of violet and blue.

SG3, SG1: Saint Germaine
This color picture is a painted image of this master. Although normally associated with the Seventh Ray of the bringer of the new age, many recent ray workers suggest that this master under another name, Razoky, is associated with the Third Ray of abstract intelligence and knowledge.

BL: Madame Blavatsky, Kuthumi, El Morya, and Saint Germaine
This photo is considered to be an actual photo of this well known Russian channel along with teachers.

KU3: Kuthumi (Also Koot Hoomi and K.H.)
Many consider this Master to have lived as Pythagoras and as St. Francis of Asissi. He is is considered to be a world teacher for planet earth on the same level as Jesus/Sananda. KU3 is a black and white representation of KH.

MK1: Melchizedeke
This photo shows this high priest in purple holding an energetic sacred geometry structure over his head. This item was painted by Marius Michael-George.

MN: Metatron
Considered by many to be the highest of archangels, this Marius-Michael George painting holds the tree of life from the Kabala and other sacred symbols. Overall color has violet tones.
UR: Archangel Uriel
He is considered to be a representive of selfless love and service to all life. Another of Marius Michael-Georges paintings, this laminated picture has violet tones and Uriel holds sacred geometry.
RL: Archangel Raphael
As an archangel of healing, Raphael is also associated with the Fifth Ray of concrete knowledge and science- helping to bring metaphysics into the physical realm.
GA3: Archangel Gabriel
God' messenger is seen holding his horn. As a representative of the Fourth Ray, Gabriel helps bring harmony through conflict.
MF & MC1: Archangel Michael
Known for power and protection, Lord Michael is associated with the First Ray of unity and wholeness. MF shows Archangel Michael and feminine compliment Faith. MC1shows Micahel in angelic form with his sword.

MC2: Archangel Michael
Another representation of Archangel Michael, associated with the first ray of unity and power.

DK2: Djwal Kuhl
K nown as "The Tibetan" who achieved liberation under Kuthumi's guidance, he channeled information on the rays through Alice A Bailey.
JC7: Master Jesus
. JC7 is Master Jesus holding the Christ Light, painted by Marius Michael-George He is often associated with the 6th (devotion) and 2nd (unconditional love) rays.
EM1: El Morya
Master of the First Ray of will and oneness. This great 19th Century master was an Indian prince who taught the masters Kuthumi and Djwal Khul. On a visit to London, he first approached the young Mme. Helena Blavatsky and revealed her life's path. He directed her work, and assigned to Kuthumi the creation of the books she received.
SK: Sanat Kumara
Has been seen as a master or as an energy that oversees the planetary logos of earth.
NA: Lady Nada
Refers to "nothingness" due to her great humility and lord of the Sixth Ray of devotion and idealism.
SE: Serapis Bey
Thought to be one of the teachers of ascension for planet earth and the lord of the Fourth Ray of harmony through conflict and beauty.
MM4: a youthful Mother Mary image holding the earth in her hands.
QY1 & QY3: Quan Yin
The great goddess and Mother of Compassion, loved and revered throughout Asia. A beautiful expression of Divine Mother. (QY1) Here she rides a dragon, a favorite means of transport! (QY3) Rising from a lotus flower, from a painting.
WB: White buffalo Calf Woman
Often associated with the prophecy of times of planetary change when the white buffalo was born (already occurred)
BU3 & BU5: pictures of the Spring Wesak festival when the Buddha briefly comes to the Himalayas to share wisdom while floating above the spiritual seekers who gather.
SF: St. Francis
St. Francis' gentle soul awakens our love for nature, and helps us merge with the divine. Here he sings joyfully with the sparrow.
DO: Dolphin of Sirius
The ancients from the star Sirius are believed to be a water race. Sirius has been worshiped by the Dogon tribe of Africa since the beginning of time. The artist perceive this race as dolphins (although there are other views).
WT2: Face of White Tara
Protector of human beings crossing the ocean of existence.
BR: Blue Ray
The Blue Ray Guardian incorporates the Spirit of Peace. It is activational, carrying codes for new energies coming into Earth.
© photographer Ariana Solana.
DR: Dolphin Rapture
Dolphins swim in spiral dance, leaving us breathless and they seem to exemplify perfect flow and love.
© artist Bruce Harman
EA: Earth Abundance
This beautiful picture was created to help each of us open to the flow of God's limitless abundance.
HL: Hilarion
Associated with the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science, this Ascended Master helps bring the metaphysical into the physical He has also been associated with healing and the Archangel Raphael (see above)
MAG: Mary Magdalene
Now that it has been publicly disproved that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, her role as a spiritual partner to the master Jesus has come to the forefront.

HP: Healing Presence
This photo shows beings from various planes of existence coming together in harmony for healing. It includes Native American,fairy queen, mineral king, human being, master of wisdom, and an angel of light.




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