For a general explanation of Mercury Retrograde, click here.

In 2017, the Mercury retrogrades begin in an earth element and move backwards into the fire element (except for December 2017 when Mercury stays retrograde in fiery Sagittarius. This combination combines the creativity and passion of fire with the practical application of earth. Open to new ideas that spark your enthusiasm and then find ways for them to work in the mundane world. Consider ideas to manifest your worldly needs and actually being passionate about them!

I shall work on 2018 retrograde soon.


August 12–September 5, 2017

11° Virgo back to 28° Leo

The Mercury retrograde occurs between two eclipses. Expect emotions to be high, and particularly in the northern United States. There will be a total solar eclipse on August 21 at almost the same degree of Leo as the ending place of this Mercury retrograde cycle. Add to that, the emotional moon is aligned with revolutionary Uranus, and aggressive Mars, Sun and spiritual destiny North Node are all close to each other in Leo. It could be a hot August, and I mean in more ways than temperature! But if people do not get caught up in ego, then this cycle can help begin new paths that tie in well with opening hearts.

But the Mercury retrograde cycle itself begins in Virgo where you need to be humble and simplify your life. Virgo wants to be of service, goddess that she is. Mercury works well with Virgo as long as you don’t overthink your life or get caught up in judgment, especially self-judgment. This would be a good Mercury retrograde to repair or clean up things around home or office. It would also be good to go somewhere to purify yourself, be it an actual retreat center with healthy food and healing, or someplace where you can unplug from the world. Mercury typically does activities in short, quick ways, so it is usually better for those long weekends away rather than the world tour. Because the fire element is very strong now (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), it would be good to avoid zones that are prone to forest fires. Mercury rules the lungs and Virgo wants purity, so breathing burnt air is even more of a “no go” than normal.

The cycle ends in early September in Leo. As you are looking at your life and priorities during Mercury retrograde, look at activities you are doing where your heart just isn’t engaged anymore. Virgo can help you cleanse those passionless activities or people out of your life. At the same time, Virgo can help you bring those things you are passionate about into a form that will work in your favor.


December 2/3-22, 2017

30° Sagittarius back to 13° Sagittarius- This is a big one!

This will be an interesting Mercury retrograde in that Mercury stops in the sky aligned with boundary setting Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury is quick and Saturn is slow and patient. I like to call this combination “engineer brain” because you can take your brilliant ideas and bring them into form. Sagittarius likes big ideas. The archer sign is generous, optimistic and willing to help. Saturn has been in Sagittarius since 2015 and moves into Capricorn on December 19. Perhaps Mercury will help you finish projects and activities from the past two years. This cycle can also help you prepare to bring your higher ideals and philosophy into a working model in the world in 2018.

Warrior Mars is opposite explosive Uranus, not a good combination for many of the bad things we have seen in the world. Mars is associated with attacks, weapons, anger, and war. Uranus is associated with earthquakes, revolutions, aerospace and airplanes, computers, websites, and the high tech industry. The negative interpretation could be attacks on airplanes or mechanical failures. Or the attack could be something like companies servers being hacked such as the Equifax hack. A positive  interpretation would be to rethink your actions to determine where you need to open to new methods or to have more free time.

Dwarf planet Ceres is exactly aligned with the spiritual destiny North Node as Mercury turns retrograde. Ceres was the Mother Earth goddess who harvested the wheat and brought it to market to sell. She was also a nurse-healer energy. During this retrograde cycle, come up with new ideas to bring your business healer goddess out in the world to manifest your great ideas. Sagittarius suggests you make the idea a big one, and operate from a high integrity place since Sagittarius represents taking the high road.

This is a bit abstract, but in the days leading up to Mercury retrograde, both Saturn and Mercury will align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, called Galactic Center or GC. There is a black hole at GC and the Mayan and other cultures considered it to be very important. They thought of it like a seed, since the view looks like where the male enters the female, if you want to use your imagination. So perhaps this Mercury retrograde will bring new seed ideas that can be developed in 2018 as several outer planets change sign to bring forth a very new form of energy.

For holiday travelers, it is good to double check plans and allow room for shifting plans. Again, Saturn is ending his run through Sagittarius, so this Mercury retrograde will help you with beginnings and endings. 2018 has some big shifts coming, so this is a good time to consider what needs to change in your life.


Approximate dates and degrees coming in 2018 (check back for details):

  • Mercury Retrograde March 22- April 15, 17 degrees Aries back to 4 degrees Aries
  • Mars Retrograde June 26- August 27, 9 degrees Aquarius back to28 degrees Capricorn
  • Mercury Retrograde July 26- August 19, 24 degrees Leo back to 11 degrees Leo
  • Mercury Retrograde November 16-December 4, 14 degrees Sagittarius back to 27 degrees Scorpio
  • Venus Retrograde October 4-November 14, 11 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra