Mercury Retrograde July 25/26 to August 18

24 degrees back to 14 degrees Leo

This is a particularly powerful Mercury retrograde because there are two eclipses during the cycle and Mars is also retrograde in the opposite sign of Aquarius (See below).  First and most important, take a short time off of your busy life because Leo likes to have fun. As the sign of royalty, treat yourself like the queen or king you deserve to be. That doesn’t mean you need to blow the budget, because there are ways to feel luxurious without loading up your credit cards. As is true of all retrogrades, it is time to review, revise, regenerate or other “re” words. It is time to look at the people and activities you do to determine where your heart is engaged and where not. Leo is also associated with creativity and leadership. Put behind-the-scenes effort into creative projects that you can bring to the world in September. Also ask yourself if it is time to take responsibility for bringing something into the world rather than saying someone else should do it. Be a leader!


Mars Retrograde June 26 to August 27

10 degrees Aquarius back to 28 degrees Capricorn

Both relationship planets, Mars and Venus turn retrograde in 2018. They turn retrograde less often than any other planet, making it important to pay attention. Mars represents your ambitions. The cycle begins in Aquarius and then moves backwards into Capricorn. Aquarius represents friends, groups and organizations. Some people will reconnect with old friends, and others will begin to research new groups or organizations where they can make new connections. Look within to see if the ambitions and aspirations you have been holding are still valuable for you. This is a great cycle for realigning your actions and aspirations. In other words, are the things  you are doing in your life the things that are taking you towards your goals, or are they distractions? As Mars moves backwards briefly in August it moves into Capricorn where it was back during the first half of May 2018. Look at the core structure of your life to make sure it is solid. That can be as simple as paying off debt, fixing the house before the change of seasons, or upgrading your office. Also pay attention to see if any anger is coming to the surface because this is a great time to heal it. By the same token, if you have angry people in your life, you may want to create a bit more space between you and them. Overall, make a behind the scenes plan that you can put into play come September, and make sure that your actions are in alignment with your aspirations.


Venus Retrograde October 5 to November 16

11 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra

Venus turns retrograde less often than any other planet with Mars being a close second (and Mars went retrograde this past summer). Venus is making a challenging square to Mars as she begins reviewing her values, relationships, prosperity and need for more beauty and grace in her life. This sensual planet does not completely clear the square until spring equinox 2019, so you might as well decide to work with the energy. Venus begins her path in Scorpio, so an emotional (or colon) cleanse is in order. Scorpio is a great detective and researcher, so put energy into topics of a deeper nature that interest  you. Emotional healing while Venus is moving backwards in Scorpio improves your relationships as she moves into Libra on October 31. Relationships that are able and willing to improve have the opportunity to do so between now and spring. If not, they either need to be released or redefined into a different category (are we lovers or just friends? are we going to continue to do business together or was it just coming together for one project?). There is also the financial aspect to Venus. This can include paying off debt, improving your credit rating, or researching your retirement fund to make certain your resources are where they need to be. This gets you fresh and aligned for the coming New Year.


Mercury Retrograde November 16 to December 6

14 degrees Sagittarius to 27 degrees Scorpio

Mental Mercury is not especially comfortable in high philosophy Sagittarius. Mercury would like to take a weekend trip and Sagittarius wants to see the world. Mercury wants to take a short class to learn how to do something, and Sagittarius seeks higher philosophical understanding. This combination will help you open to new ideas and perspectives if you are willing to listen to others who have a different viewpoint. That can make for an interesting Thanksgiving Day holiday! As with all Mercury retrogrades, and that goes double at holidays, allow extra time to get where  you are going, confirm flight schedules and check road conditions, and don’t overextend yourself.  You can also make behind the scenes plans for future projects, classes and/or trips-just allow room for adjustment after Mercury turns direct on December 6. Mercury does slip back into intensely emotional Scorpio on December 1. Go within, do emotional healing, or access deeper levels of understanding. Because Venus is ending her retrograde cycle (see above) just as Mercury is beginning his, there is added emphasis in communicating in all types of relationships. Because innovative and friendly Uranus is in the mix with Venus now, be open to new ideas.


Mercury Retrograde March 5 to March 28, 2019

30 degrees Pisces back to 16 degrees Pisces

Details coming…


Mercury Retrograde July 7 to August 1, 2019

5 degrees Leo back to 23 degrees Cancer

Details coming…


Mercury Retrograde October 31-November 20, 2019

28 degrees Scorpio back to 11 degrees Scorpio

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