For a general explanation of Mercury Retrograde, click here.

In 2018, the Mercury retrogrades are in the fire element, except for slipping backwards into watery Scorpio in December. Fire represents passion, creativity, some aspects of business, and spirituality. Since Mercury is associated with how you think, the retrograde cycle has you looking at where your passions and creativity are being used, or do you need to bring them to a higher level of activity? In 2018, consider where you need to have more fun, to open your heart more. That doesn’t mean you get to quit your job or responsibilities, but it does mean that you need to make more room for the fire element.


March 22–April 15, 2018

17° Aries back to 4° Aries

Aries is impatient and wants everything done now. It likes to expend physical energy- dance, hike, martial arts, exercise, yoga. Aries is associated with guns, knives, and surgical tools, so an acupuncture needle is like a sword if you need to stop your busy life for a treatment. During this Mercury retrograde, you may want to restart an exercise program that faltered in your New Year’s resolutions. If it was a long, dreary winter, your body will be calling for movement.

Or you may want to prepare for a future project. Take steps to have the courage to try a new path. Do the behind the scenes preparation or research now. On the esoteric level, Mercury likes Aries quite a lot (termed esoteric rulership). The lesson of this combination is to communicate right action. Speak your truth.  Open your mind to a fresh view of your life by stepping outside your normal routine. Be aware that not everything works out as you planned during Mercury retrograde, so some new projects will be adjusted or released.

Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto during this retrograde. Before getting too far ahead of yourself in new romantic relationships, have fun but give them the test of time.  Sometimes relationships that begin with a lot of passion burn out after Mercury turns direct. This is also true of new business relationships. Venus is associated with values, suggestinmg that your values and some of the people in your life have conflicting values. Talk them out during Mercury retrograde without making any “go-no go” decisions until it is over.

Mars retrograde June 25-August 27, 10° Aquarius back to 28° Capricorn: 

Warrior Mars doesn’t like to retreat. (details coming soon)


July 25-August 18, 2018

24° Leo back to 11° Leo

There are three eclipses that have influence over this Mercury retrograde. This adds a lot of emotions to your summer. Leo engages your heart, and Mercury retrograde asks you to review where your heart is connected, and where it is just going through the motions. Make play or creative time now. The eclipses want to bring something up to the surface of your life, so allow space for that to happen.

Leo represents leadership. Is it time to take charge of some aspect of your life, or some project that has been on the back burner hoping someone else would do it?


Venus retrograde October 5-November 16, 11° Scorpio back to 25° Libra: 

Love & money revisions. (details coming soon)


November 15-December 6, 2018

14° Sagittarius back to 27° Scorpio

(Write up coming soon, check back)