April Astrology Forecast:

Overall, April looks like a fairly easy month. There are some challenges in the days around the new moon on the 11th, so allow extra time in your schedule so you do not need to go into crises management. Ambitious Mars is in Gemini until the 23rd, making the early month a good time to put your ambition into quick projects and exploring new opportunities. Venus spends the latter part of the month in Taurus starting on the 14th. This is a good combination for putting tangible effort into manifesting your goals, dreams and desires.

Scheduling your astrology consultation: My office hours are Monday-Thursday Pacific Time, and I see clients on three  of those days each week. Please plan ahead as this shift to give me more personal time is increasing lead times. Month of May birthdays: This will be a short month as I shall be out of the office for two weeks. Schedule your Solar Return birthday year consultation soon to avoid extended lead time.

The Spring Quarterly Astromark newsletter is uploaded now. It looks at upcoming eclipses, the next Mercury retrograde, Prince Harry & Megan’s ACG map in California, Soul Rays for LeBron James and more.

April 1-3:

The moon in Sagittarius on Thursday and Friday along with happy lunar connections makes for a great time to step away from your routine life. Sagittarius wants to be free, be it in nature, at a party, or participating in a philosophical conversation. Communicate big ideas. Saturday is a bit of a day to do your chores under a practical Capricorn moon. However, quick Mercury moves into physical Aries until the 19th prefers to have those projects be short. Go for a walk.

April 4-10:

Easter Sunday is subdued under a traditional Capricorn moon and mildly irritating lunar aspects. Enjoy the holiday but don’t overdo things. The early workweek is more fun under a social and eclectic Aquarius moon. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are working in mild harmony on Monday and Tuesday, so a good time for light-hearted conversations and visits with friends. On Friday, Mars makes a challenging square to Neptune. One part of you says that you have a lot to accomplish, and another part of you wants to take a nap. If you are in traffic, allow extra space for the driver that is not paying attention. The moon moves into athletic Aries on Saturday to build up to the new moon. This combines with happy communications and relationship connections-great for sharing with friends and/or loved ones, but be careful over overdoing or overspending.

April 11- 17:

The New Moon is on Sunday April 11at 7:31 PM PDT (23 degrees Aries). Four planets and two asteroids are in Aries now. This is helpful to get moving on new projects. At the same time, the new moon and Venus are making a challenging square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Part of the new moon is calling for action, and the Capricorn part reminds you there are boundaries that must be honored. It is good to take on new projects, but be mindful of which ones you are actually willing to follow through on as Aries has a reputation for half-finished projects.

Monday evening is the beginning of Ramadan. Although you may not follow a Muslim path, it wouldn’t hurt to do some fasting and get closer to your version of Creation. On Wednesday, Venus moves into one of her favorite signs, Taurus, until May 8. Taurus is willing to work hard for the material and sensual pleasures of life- Work hard, Play hard. Keep it light and easy on Thursday as the talkative Gemini moon combines with an enthusiastic combination of the energetic Sun and generous Jupiter. At the very least, take a long lunch break on Thursday. On Friday, say what you need to say, but don’t force your ideas on people as they likely are not ready to listen. The 16th is better for finishing little projects or cleaning your desk for the weekend. Saturday is a very busy day from an astrology point of view. Mercury is very busy which means a lot of talk and a lot of quick errands and activities. By the time the moon enters nurturing Cancer at 12:25 PM PDT, you will be ready for some comfort food.

April 18-24:

The sun aligns with Mercury on Sunday to add to an already talkative weekend. Family discussions are favored under a Cancer moon. The latter part of the week has excitement potential. Venus aligns with eccentric Uranus on Thursday and Mercury does the same on Saturday. If you can take a long weekend, you will feel refreshed. At the very least, do not over pack your schedule. Uranus stimulates freedom, change, and a revolution Venus and Mercury help you to communicate new ideas in relationships or finances. On Friday morning, aggressive Mars moves into security-oriented Cancer until June 11. This is not a comfortable combination for the warrior, but it will help you to work with family issues or home repair. Exercise combined with diet would be another good use of Mars moving through Cancer.

April 25-30:

Sunday morning has some challenges, the kind where you just want to stay in bed and read the Sunday paper. Buy Sunday evening, that “stuck” energy passes and supports conversations in relationships.

The Full Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio and Taurus is at 8:32 PM PDT on April 26. It’s a complicated full moon. The sun in Taurus is aligned with revolutionary Uranus, and that means “expect the unexpected.” That also means the emotional moon in intensely deep Scorpio is challenged by “blow everything up” Uranus. To complicate things further, boundary-setting Saturn in Aquarius is the focal point of a T-Square pattern. This is the feeling of sitting on a three-legged chair that should have four legs. It is a bit tense trying to keep your balance while everything is moving. Avoid “my way or the highway” conversations. Be willing to reassess your emotional needs and values, letting go of that which needs to be released. Be aware that Saturn will not let you do the changes as quickly as you like, as there are procedures to follow and a process that must go on.

Pluto turns retrograde on Wednesday until early October. You may not notice that shift as outer planets change directions very slowly. Still, it is not a good time to get obsessive-compulsive over things that do not change at the pace you think they should change. There are pleasant planetary aspects on Thursday and Friday to bring the month to an end. 

May preview:

The full moon is both a lunar eclipse and the biggest super moon of 2021. Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini later in the month, the same location it will be for the June 10 solar eclipse.  Check back for details.