June Astrology Forecast:

The  Mercury retrograde cycle continues to June 22 in Gemini. Be open to new ideas and new people, but avoid firm commitments until the end of the month. On the 14th, restrictive Saturn makes its second challenging square to revolutionary Uranus. This is a pattern that goes on all year, and even a bit into October 2022. We have seen this through the balancing of rules v freedom surrounding the covid virus. Both planets want primary attention, but they want different things.The key is to create more freedom in your life while still being stable and responsible. (An example is that I cut back seeing clients to three days a week, but still am able to be of responsible service to you.) Summer solstice energies are a bit complicated (see below). Four of the five outer planets are turning retrograde between late May and the end of June (with Uranus to follow in August). This means that this summer is a good time to finish existing projects and do early preparation projects for that which is to come in fall and when Jupiter moves fully into Pisces next year. 

 Scheduling your astrology consultation: My office hours are Monday-Thursday Pacific Time, and I see clients on three  of those days each week.  Starting in 2022, I shall no longer take new clients (with the possible exception of my Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation). If you have been thinking about getting your first consultation with me, 2021 is the time to act on that thought. Please don’t wait until December to schedule.



June 1-5:

The moon moves into gentle Pisces to begin the month, so be kind to yourself and others through Wednesday. Venus also moves into nurturing Cancer until the 27th. Consider beautifying your home, spending time with people who are in your inner circle, and improve your diet. This is also great for social dining, covid permitting. Thursday is the most active day this week. The moon moves into physical Aries in the morning through Saturday. Get moving. There is added help on Thursday afternoon as the life-giving Sun makes harmony with productive Saturn (meaning you can accomplish a lot). By dinnertime, Venus makes a harmonious relationship to Jupiter, a vary favorable combination as long as you do not overdo. One lottery ticket is enough. Sharing a desert is enough – or moderation in all things.

Saturday is more challenging, so accomplish your projects early. A mental tiredness or confused communications occurs between Mercury (currently retrograde) and space cadet Neptune. Clarify conversations to make sure what you thought you said is what they heard. Warrior Mars is also opposite Pluto on Saturday, so avoid obsessive behavior, angry people, and forcing issues. It is not a good day to be walking on the bad side of town after midnight!

June 6-12:

You will feel better on Sunday and Monday if you accomplish tangible projects under an earthy Taurus moon- the ones you can point to and show everyone they got done. The moon moves into talkative Gemini during the Pacific time lunch hour on Tuesday, entering the dark of the moon before a solar eclipse.

Thursday’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Gemini (3:53 AM PDT). Early risers in the western USA will be able to see it (although this year’s eclipses are not major). This also marks the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle in Gemini (May 29-June 22). Solar eclipses help bring deeper soul motivations and projects to the surface. Gemini helps you open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. There is a challenge to the new moon solar eclipse coming from other worldly Neptune and strategic planner Pallas. Find the proper balance between all the mental energy now, and the need to pull back from the busyness of the world. A sacred Sabain Symbol (from Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala) is “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food products of various regions.” Find your own meaning for the solar eclipse. One suggestion is that it is time to explore the talents of others, going beyond your local circle to explore new options.

Following the eclipse on Friday is ambitious Mars moving into Leo until July 29. This is excellent for creativity, play time and heart-centered activities. However, in the weeks ahead, this aggressive planetary energy will make challenges to outer planets Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. Something is going to change! that doesn’t have to be bad. Keep your heart open, but also keep a level of detachment from the drama queens and kings of the world. This is softened this weekend as the moon is moving through nurturing Cancer. Tend to home, nutrition, and doing activities that give you a sense of safety and security.


June 13- 19:

Start slow on Sunday as the moon is in its quiet void-of-curse phase until11:22 AM PDT when it moves into passionate Leo. The sun makes a challenging square to Neptune around dinnertime Sunday. This is one of those planetary aspects where it is best to take life slow and watch the river flow. Monday brings the second of three challenging squares between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn wants stability and a sure thing. Uranus is bored and wants something completely new and different. Because this conflict is going on all year, and a little bit into October 2022, make a plan to give  yourself more freedom, while still being able to bring out your eclectic and eccentric self. Have a conservative revolution.

Tend to the details of your life on Wednesday and Thursday under a purifying Virgo moon. Clean house, do a body cleanse, get organized, simplify your life, and tend to your pet’s needs under a Virgo moon. Friday and Saturday are probably better days to celebrate Father’s Day under a social Libra moon.


June 20-26:

Summer Solstice is on Father’s Day June 20 at 8:32 PM PDT. A chart cast for the next three months gives you the feeling of being pulled in three directions simultaneously. You would be wise to plan your actions three steps in advance, or you could feel like the proverbial chicken running around with the head cut off. The Saturn -Uranus square discussed above on June 14 is in play all year. Find a way to be responsible and deal with boundaries while creating more freedom and freshness in your life. The moon is in “mind your own darn business” Scorpio challenging this pattern. This supports a private retreat or deep research on a topic of interest to you. Warrior Mars in heart-opening Leo also plays into the pattern. Be willing to step into leadership, make room for fun and creativity, and keep a level of detachment from the drama in the world while still keeping your heart open. Expansive Jupiter also turns retrograde now until mid-October. Use the coming months to complete old projects and/or do the early preparation for new and bigger plans for 2022.

A Scorpio moon on Father’s Day tends to be a bit more private. With the sun moving into Cancer, comfort food is in order. On Monday, start your day slowly if you are able. Venus and Neptune combine favorably for some extra dream time, a relaxed morning meditation, or sharing breakfast with someone you love. Mercury ends his retrograde period Tuesday afternoon, so allow extra time in traffic and don’t schedule yourself too tightly in the days surrounding June 22. On Wednesday, shared projects and big ideas are favored in the morning, but the later afternoon brings minor challenges to relationships.

The Full Moon is on Thursday June 24  at 11:40 AM PDT (4 degrees Capricorn-Cancer). This is the moon where you balance your responsible needs with your nurturing needs. If you are an excessive caretaker, then this is the time to assert better boundaries. There is a pattern called a T-Square between assertive Mars, patient Saturn, and revolutionary Uranus. This unstable pattern pulls you apart to put you back together in a better way, hopefully. It is time to take action to better balance your freedom and responsibility needs. Psychic Neptune is also slowing down to turn retrograde (exact on Friday). It may be that you know what you want to accomplish, but have no earthly idea how to go about it. Neptune takes you beyond the veils of this tangible world to bring forth a higher vision.

An Aquarius moon on Saturday supports social interaction.

June 27-30:

Romance planet Venus moves into heart-centered Leo before you wake up on Sunday, staying in this fun-loving sign until July 21. Schedule some fun in your life now, because planets start moving into hard working Virgo by mid July and you will wish you had played more, The month ends on a quiet Pisces moon. Meditate, watch a good movie, listen to space music or sit in a hot tub.


July preview:

Jupiter continues to test the psychic waters of Pisces until the 28th, giving you a hint about what is coming in 2022 when the god of abundance will fully move into this visionary sign. Relationship planets Venus and Mars are in Leo most of the month (Venus to July 21 and Mars to July 29). This supports creativity, opening hearts and getting in some needed playtime.   Check back for details.