January 2021 Astrology Forecast:

Finally! Now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved into air sign Aquarius, we are starting to head into fresh air. Mars moves into manifesting Taurus on the 6th after an extra long 6 months in Aries. Venus moves into earth sign Capricorn on the 8th through the end of the month. Although this combination of Venus is not the best for a person’s love life, it is good for getting your finances in order and taking pragmatic steps to create a solid foundation in the new year. Uranus ends his retrograde cycle (since August) so that is another indicator of time to get moving in a new direction.  Mars aligns with Uranus on Inauguration Day- a highly volatile combination. Hopefully it will be an indicator of positive change, but there is likely to be some who choose the negative expression of revolution in the streets (or serving an eviction notice on the White House).

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Scheduling your astrology consultation: Beginning in February, I plan to see clients 3 days a week during Mon-Thurs with one of those days off). Don’t worry, I am not the sit in a rocking chair personality as I move into semi-retirement. I just want more time for other projects.

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January 1-2:

The moon is in feel-good Leo to begin the year. Early on Friday morning, idea planet Mercury is in harmony with visionary Neptune. Meditate on a higher vision, open intuitive abilities, or get in some extra dream time.

The Zoom talk “Planetary Shifts of 2021” is on Friday January 8 at 6:30 pm on Zoom through New Renaissance Books, As in past years, I shall make the recording available by email or CD after the talk. I am working on the logistics for that mark@astromark.us

January 3-9:

The moon is in Virgo on Sunday and Monday, so that means it is time to get organized and get to work. It is also good for starting a New Year’s diet, cleanse and/or exercise plan.  Monday evening can be mentally transformative to help you bring ideas down to earth, or you may just feel mental overload and want to hide out. On Wednesday evening, Mars moves into Taurus until March after an extra long six-months in Aries last year. Add to that Venus moving into earthy Capricorn on Friday through January, and that means it is time to manifest through hard work. This isn’t the best combination for relationships, except perhaps business relationships, but effort now will produce long term tangible rewards.

Also on Friday morning, Mercury moves into Aquarius. Normally, Mercury spends about three weeks in each sign. Because the messenger will be retrograde in Aquarius  January 30-February 20, this energy will be around until mid-March. Improve your technology, learn new software, and reconnect with friends and associations that got lost during the 2020 virus shutdown. The moon moves into Sagittarius on Saturday to give you an uplifting feeling.

January 10- 16:

Mercury has been active these past few days and that continues early this week. He aligns with big idea Jupiter on Monday, so a great time to share your higher goals or present big projects. However, don’t make those ideas too radical because Mercury also challenges eccentric revolutionary Uranus on Tuesday- so be progressive but not way out there!

The New Moon is on January 12 at 9 PM PST, 24 degrees Capricorn.  It is an interesting new moon because it is aligned with Let Go and Let God Pluto in old school, conservative Capricorn. At the same time, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury have all moved into progressive Aquarius. Think back to your life 1991-93 when constructive Saturn was last in Aquarius, and 2009 when expansive Jupiter was in Aquarius to get hints about what is shifting in your life. A Sabain Symbol for 24 degrees Capricorn is “a woman entering a convent.” Author Dane Rudhyar suggests this means that it is time to make a “total commitment to a transcendental goal.” Worldly Capricorn would bring those goals down to earth to work in the mundane world. Esoteric Capricorn initiates a new order in tapping into altruistic higher energies. Assertive Mars is moving towards exact alignment with revolutionary Uranus in the coming days (just in time for USA Inauguration Day) which can bring fresh new ideas or disruptive revolutionaries trying to bring down the system.

The sun aligns with Pluto exactly on Thursday morning (part of the new moon energies above) to help you stand in your power and take steps to transform your life. On Saturday, the moon moves into psychic Pisces for meditation, music, fantasy romance, or a good movie.


January 17-23:

On Sunday, Jupiter in Aquarius makes a challenging square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Big, innovative ideas and altruistic concepts are challenged to create an innovative way to work in the mundane world. It’s time for fresh ideas but how can you get them to work in the world as it is now? Then on Wednesday (USA Inauguration Day) Mars aligns with Uranus. This can put action to new ways of thinking and operating in the world. However, those who are not open to or are living in fear of change, can act out in not so nice ways. Give people with anger, impatience or wild conspiracy theory attachments extra space rather than getting sucked into their drama. Positively speaking, take action to bring inventive ideas into your reality. There is lots of talk on Saturday under a Gemini moon. Be aware that some adjustment will be needed to bring your ambitions into the world in a pragmatic way. The world is ready for change, but that doesn’t mean it will come as quickly as you would like. And not everyone will go along with higher philosophical ideals. Remember that it just takes a critical mass of people to change the world, not everyone needs to come along now (think of the 100th monkey effect)

January 24-31:

Sunday is a great day for quick conversations and short errands under a Gemini moon. Be quiet on Monday morning and tend to humble tasks and meditation until the moon moves into nurturing Cancer at 10:52 AM PST (then have a healthy dinner). On Tuesday morning, the Sun squares Uranus, and that means that your neat schedule can be disrupted. Or it may simply be that you need to step out of your routine in the morning.  Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde in Aquarius on Saturday January 30, so tend to phone calls or details that you need to put into place.

The Full Moon is on Thursday January 28 at 11:16 AM PST (10 degrees Leo-Aquarius). There are plenty of challenges under this full moon and February’s new moon. It would be good to practice flexibility and adaptability. Leo is about keeping your heart open or helping others to open their hearts. Aquarius needs to detach from the drama of the world, yet hold a higher ideal for the people in the world. At the same time, the full moon is challenged by a third direction with impatient Mars and “blow stuff up” Uranus. Be open to new ways of thinking and avoid “my way or the highway” attitudes. Watch the part of you that wants to chuck it all and go off on your sailboat to the South Pacific v the part of you that has bills to pay or other responsibilities. Most of 2021 will ask you to figure out the balance between those extremes. Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn now. This helps you transform your value system, establish boundaries in relationships, decide which relationships you are committed to (or not), and get serious about your finances in the long term.

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius Saturday until February 20th. Take care of your computer, learn new software, reconnect with friends who fell by the wayside last year, and make a general plan to bring more freedom into your life over the coming year. The moon will be in Virgo January 30-31, so put tangible effort into your “to-do” list..


February preview:

There is an abundance of Aquarius energy ahead. The high road is to open to higher ideals, create win-win environments, and to explore new methods and ideas. The low side is to go with “my way or the highway” which will delay the inevitable changes.  Check back for details.