October 2020 Astrology Forecast:

Mars in Aries continues to be retrograde all month (Sept. 9-Nov 13). I have been looking at this as getting ready for your 2021 battle plan. With changing priorities due to the virus, and not necessarily knowing what is coming next, it is important to make space for whatever is coming. Venus passing through cleansing Virgo October 2-27 helps you clear clutter and get organized. Also of significance is Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio on October 13, then moving backwards into Libra on October 27 until he ends his retrograde cycle on November 3, Election Day (not a good indicator for an error-free election). The New Moon on the 16th makes a challenging square to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This just adds to the problems we have seen all year with virus, riots and global warming issues. There is an exciting Blue Moon Full Moon on Halloween.

The Fall Quarterly Astromark newsletter is now uploaded for your review. It looks at the upcoming astrology forecast including Mercury and Mars retrograde, coming eclipses and the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. We look at Presidential elections including Vice Presidential candidates and Jill Biden-Melania Trump.

I did a 20 minute talk on planetary energies for the rest of 2020 on Alice Inoue’s HappinessU fall equinox program. It starts about 40 minutes into the program. Youtube link.

The bi-montly email newsletter that went out for the October 1 Full Moon was incorrectly labeled as September 16, sorry for the confusion.

October 1-3:

The Full Moon is on Thursday October 1 at 2:05 pm PDT(10 degrees Aries-Libra). There is an overwhelming abundance of planets in action signs now, so pace yourself to avoid burn out. Balance individual needs with relationship needs. The full moon is aligned with wounded healer Chiron. Hopefully, this teacher of healing will bring some healing relief to the world, but he also brings wounds up to the surface where you can better work with them. Ambitious Mars, still retrograde in Aries makes a helpful trine to Venus in Leo. That means there is help in your relationships as long as you have an open heart and are willing to pioneer a new path. 

The full moon energy in Aries continues on Friday, so make room for exercise or other physical activity. Venus moves into Virgo on Friday until the 27th. This is not a particularly comfortable combination because Venus wants relationship and Virgo tends to be a shy and often solitary sign. However, it is great for removing clutter and beautifying your home, office or body. The moon moves into Taurus on Saturday. Accomplish a tangible task or project, then treat yourself with a sensual pleasure.

October 4-10:

Pluto ends his retrograde cycle on Sunday (since April), so all three planets in the rare and challenging Capricorn alignment start to lighten up and pick up the energetic pace (keeping in mind that Mars is still retrograde and Mercury turns retrograde October 13). Currently, talkative Mercury is moving to oppose Uranus on Wednesday the 7th. This can bring forth brilliant and innovative ideas, or scattered, way out there thinking. The trick is to know the difference. As always, but especially true this week, don’t believe everything you hear the politicians say including conspiracy promoters.

Go easy Thursday night into Friday morning as aggressive Mars  moving retrograde makes a challenging square to death and rebirth Pluto. It is best not to force anything under this combination. Friday evening is softer and the moon in Cancer supports being around loved ones and comfort food. On Saturday, the moon is void-of-course from 9:04 AM-5:24 PM PDT, suggesting it is not a good day for important purchases or initiating important actions. Venus does make a harmonious trine to Uranus in the afternoon, and that is great for quick meetings with friends.

October 11-17:

Ease into Sunday morning as your big ideas and energy level do not match well. Watch your dreams Sunday evening into Monday morning as dream planet Neptune is active. Perhaps you will have travel dreams since adventure planet Jupiter is tied to Neptune. Monday is a good day to communicate in relationships, but hold off on “carved in stone” decisions because Mercury is turning retrograde October 13-November 3 (Election Day). The last time Mercury ended his retrograde cycle on Election Day was the Bush-Gore election that went to the Supreme Court. Please hold the good thought for fair and accurate elections minus the deception and drama. The retrograde cycle starts in Scorpio to help you go to deeper emotional levels for healing and deeper connections in your relationships. On the 27th, mercury backs into Libra to help relationship conversations.

The New Moon is on October 16th and it is a highly charged new moon (24 degrees Libra, 12:31 PM PDT). It is being opposed by Mars moving retrograde in Aries and making a serious challenge to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This creates an abundance of planets in action signs, and they all want attention simultaneously in different directions. You must be assertive, yet diplomatic. You must be open to new ideas, yet practical. You must share in relationships, but not lose yourself in the process. A sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is: A butterfly with a third wing on its left side. Meditate on this for personal meaning. A butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Astrologer Dan Rudhyar in An Astrological Mandala suggests  it represents “The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.”  Given the challenges in the world, it is important to raise consciousness above the level of thinking that created the problems in this grand cosmic dance.

Saturday supports deeper level conversations and projects that require your solitary focus.

October 18-24:

Sunday is a really busy day from an astrological point of view. There are challenges early in the morning and late in the evening with the rest of the day holding favorable, but quick, emotional aspects. On Sunday, don’t force issues and know the difference between what is real and illusions. Monday early morning holds a happy Venus trine Jupiter connection to help you have a lucky feeling, with an optimistic Sagittarius moon adding to the good feeling.

On Wednesday, Venus is in harmony with powerful Pluto. Use this energy to share deeper emotions with others and to use your power in a softer way A Capricorn moon on Wednesday and Thursday helps you accomplish practical tasks. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Friday and Saturday. Do something out of your normal routine. Saturday morning has Venus making a harmonious trine to Saturn. This is a good business combination, and it is also good for diplomatically communicating boundaries.

 October 25-31:

The Sun aligns with Mercury on Sunday, indicating the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle that started on the 13th. It’s time to start behind the scenes planning for the near future (possibly holiday travel as an example). On Tuesday evening, Venus enters Libra moving forwards and Mercury enters Libra moving retrograde. Improve  you communications in relationships. This is also good for balancing your financial budget. Page 4 of the Astromark Fall Quarter Newsletter has exercises to tap into and promote the highest good in coming elections.

There is a Blue Moon Full Moon on Halloween, October 31 (7:49 AM PDT, 9 degrees Taurus-Scorpio). Wild card Uranus is aligned with the full moon, so expect the unexpected and allow your eccentric side to come out. Since you are already wearing a mask, you might as well bring out your eclectic side. Taurus asks you to get in touch with your highest values. Scorpio demands you look beyond fears and below the surface. With USA elections coming up quickly, the esoteric side of these signs is associated with the Fourth Ray, an energy where you must live in your center in spite of external world chaos. There is an interesting combination of gentle Venus in diplomatic Libra and aggressive Mars retrograde in “speak before you think” Aries. Watch the media to see how this plays out.  This is also the holiday of Samhain and All Saints Day, so it is good to take some time to work on deep, inner, spiritual levels.

November 2020 preview:

Mercury ends his retrograde on Election Day November 3, and that could produce some challenges to the voting process. Mars continues to be retrograde until November 13 which could produce some angry words. There is also a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30th, the first in this sign since 2012.  The final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction comes mid-November so it will be interesting to see where the Covid virus is in its process. Check back for details.