December Astrology Forecast:

The month begins with a solar eclipse in philosophical adventurer Sagittarius. Then on the 24th, we have the third of three challenging square aspects between Saturn and Uranus. The first two were in February and June, and these planets will be very close to the square again in October 2022. It has been the conflict between structure and responsibility versus freedom and independence. (An example is the struggle between vaccine mandate requirements and the freedom to choose what you put in your body.)  Christmas Day, December 25, has a quiet moon in “keep it simple” Virgo. Also, Venus aligns with Pluto to help you go to deeper level in relationships- or let them go.  New Year’s Eve has the moon in party animal Sagittarius.

I am providing my annual talk on Planetary Energies of 2022 on Friday January 7 through New Renaissance Books on Zoom, or you can purchase the audio recording through this website if you cannot attend.

Important consultations note: NEW CLIENTS  I am no longer accepting new clients (those who have never had a consultation with me). Click here for a link to referrals to astrologers and psychics.  

EXISTING CLIENTS (those who have already had a consultation with me): no changes as I continue to be of service to you through 2022, except I plan to travel more so lead times may be longer.

  SACRED TRAVEL: I am working on a trip to Turkey in 2023. Most people do not realize how abundant the ancient sites are at this crossroads between Europe and Asia.

December 1-4:

Neptune ends his retrograde cycle on Wednesday (since late June). This means that four of the five planets that have been retrograde over the summer are now moving forward. This helps you to get moving on the higher vision for your life that has been formulating for numerous months now. On the practical level, pay attention to potentially sleepy drivers on Wednesday morning, or just not feeling mentally sharp.

There is a solar eclipse overnight Friday into Saturday at 13 degrees Sagittarius. A solar eclipse brings deeper, soul level motivations to the surface, helping you go beyond the chattering ego needs of your monkey-mind. It is a good time to start planning an adventure or making the outline for the book you want to publish. Sagittarius helps you expand your belief system so you can do things bigger than your little mind can conceive, but you must be willing to take a risk on yourself in order to create them. This eclipse is aligned with communications planet Mercury, so expect lots of talk and know that not all ideas people share will come to fruition.



December 5-11:

The moon is in hard-working Capricorn on Monday along with a helpful relationship between “take action” Mars and transforming Pluto. Tuesday through early Wednesday morning presents small challenges which suggest it is best not to force your ideas onto other people (or let them push you around). Wednesday will find people more open to higher ideals and a friendly reception. A Pisces moon on Thursday and Friday is great for music, meditation, fantasy romance, intuitive activities and a good movie. On Saturday, Venus aligns with Pluto and Mercury and is in harmony with optimistic Jupiter. This combination helps you go to deeper levels in relationships, and support in communication your expanding dreams and goals. Sun square Neptune late Saturday night suggests calling it an early night- one of those nights where you fall asleep on the sofa watching television.


December 12- 18:

Monday brings a big shift as aggressive Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius until late January. It brings the feeling that you just have to do something or go somewhere. Also on Monday, Mercury moves into Capricorn to help your ideas get grounded and come into form. Know that Mercury will move back and forth between Capricorn and idealistic Aquarius through March due to his coming retrograde cycle (January 14-February 3). Be productive Tuesday through Thursday morning under a Taurus moon so that you will be able to have a lighter weekend.

The Full Moon is on Saturday at 8:36 PM Pacific Time at 28 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius. Sagittarius communicates higher philosophy and Gemini helps communicate it in a way that all can understand. Gemini opens you to new ideas to help you get unstuck from ways that no longer work in the evolving world. Sagittarius takes the high road of honesty and integrity. The water element is weak now, so be sure to tend to your emotional needs. Love & money Venus is aligned with power planet Pluto as she turns retrograde (see Dec. 19).  One way to use this energy is to step into feminine power to make needed changes. Pluto is about letting go of that which is ready to be released.

December 19-25:

Venus turns retrograde on Sunday until January 29 in the sign Capricorn. Venus turns retrograde less often than all the other planets, so you want to pay attention to your changing value system. Venus is not particularly comfortable in cold, hard Capricorn. But it is a good business combination and supports communicating firm boundaries in a diplomatic way. Be willing to make shifts to support your long term plan, and that likely means letting go of people and/or activities that may be good, but are not set up to go into the distant future.

Monday is a friendly day, so share a meal with people that are emotionally supportive.

Winter Solstice is on Tuesday December 21 at 7:59 AM PST. There are an abundance of planets in action signs in a chart cast to represent the next three months. You will not lack for things to do! Venus continues to align with Pluto in Capricorn and is retrograde until January 29 (See Dec. 19 above). Capricorn is serious, practical and responsible. But the moon is in nurturing Cancer in this chart, suggesting that you must balance your productive efforts in the world with the more emotional needs for self-care. Expansive Jupiter is in the final days of his year in idealistic Aquarius, preparing to move into psychic Pisces on the 28th. Look at where you need to shift your consciousness from the intellectual and scientific Aquarius into intuitive, spiritual and divine feminine Pisces.

December 24, Christmas Eve, brings the final challenging square relationship between regulated Saturn and rebellious Uranus. This has been going on since February 2021, and will still be close to each other through October 2022- but it is technically done (which means there will be residual clean up ahead- the new covid variant may play into this). The task has been to create more freedom for yourself whle still being responsible. December 25 (Christmas) is fairly quiet under a “keep it simple” Virgo moon. Venus, moving retrograde, aligns with “Let go and let god” Pluto once again (this alignment started on Dec. 11 and doesn’t end until the first week in March 2022- you are letting go of old values and people/activities that no longer resonate with the new  you that is developing.)


December 26-31:

On Sunday, the moon moves into harmonious Libra and mental Mercury is in harmony with dreamy Neptune. This is a good day to share with close friends, or work on your vision quest for the coming year.  Jupiter moves into one of his two favorite signs on December 28, Pisces. It’s time to take a risk on manifesting your higher vision in the coming year. But you must do this from the intuitive side of your being rather than the mental side. Communications in relationships are also favored on Tuesday evening through Wednesday. Be willing to communicate on deeper and more vulnerable levels.

New Year’s Eve is under the influence of party animal moon in Sagittarius. Since Sag. believes more is better, be careful of overdoing it, but it is a fun sign.

January preview:

Expansive Jupiter just moved into psychic Pisces. The spiritual destiny node of the moon leave Gemini-Sagittarius and move into Taurus-Scorpio for 1.5 year. Check back for details.