September Astrology Forecast:

September begins a long stretch of making constant adjustments to your life. Overall, it lasts until January 18, 2023. This shifting phase begins with Mercury turning retrograde in relationship Libra on September 9th and backing his way into cleansing Virgo on October 2 (see 2022 retrogrades). Ambitious Mars moved into idea sign Gemini in late August and will stay there until late March 2023 due to his coming retrograde cycle starting October 30. then there are two eclipses coming in October and November and another Mercury retrograde starting December 29. As you can imagine, your priorities are changing in the coming months, yet you will need to constantly adjust to the shifting energies. Begin by simplifying your life this month. Reduce clutter, do a body cleanse, and/or pull back from the world just a bit so you remember what is important vs. what is just busyness.

The Fall Equinox Quarterly Astromark Newsletter will be uploaded by the 16th. It looks at the less common Mars retrograde cycle starting in late October and two eclipses .

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September 1-3:

The month begins on a quiet note with a private moon in Scorpio. By Friday late afternoon through most of Sunday, the Sagittarius moon is ready for an adventure. Do use caution on Friday as transportation planet Mercury is at odds with “more is better” Jupiter. This can lead to traffic problems, taking on too much, and overspending.

September 4-10:

It is a bit contradictory that the USA Labor Day holiday on Monday has the moon in hard working Capricorn. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but odds are you will feel better if you accomplish something tangible. Also occurring Sunday night into Monday is love & money planet Venus moving into Virgo until the 29th. This is a great combination for getting organized, reducing clutter, and getting focused on work. While it also supports a body cleanse and purification in the weeks ahead, it is not the easiest combination for romance.

On Friday the 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in relationship sign Libra (and will continue backwards into Virgo later this month). Reconnecting with old business or personal relationships is a good activity. Make yourself or your home/office more beautiful (See retrograde info at ).

The Pisces-Virgo Full Moon (18 degrees, 2:29 AM PDT) is on Saturday Sept 10. The moon is very close to psychic Pisces, so it is advisable to pull away from the world as best you can. At the same time, the sun and Venus moving through harvest sign Virgo is urging you to get to work. Five of the ten planets we use in astrology are in adaptable signs, so flexibility is a key now. Remember that Mercury continues to be retrograde until October 2, so that requires even more adaptability. Ideally, you put some effort into creating a healthy balance between pulling away from the busyness of the world, while still accomplishing your list of tasks and responsibilities.

September 11-17

Wake up early and get physical on Sunday. the moon moves into Aries to help you exercise. The Sun is making harmony to eclectic Uranus so you need to do something out of the ordinary. Shake up your routine on Sunday (also Saturday night the 10th). Get to work on Tuesday and Wednesday under a productive Taurus moon. That way you will not feel guilty on Thursday and Friday when you can’t seem to get anything done (but can get a lot of things started!). Knock off work early on Friday as people may be annoying and you just want to go off into a daydreaming fantasy.


September 18-24:

The Cancer Moon Sunday through Tuesday morning support comfort food and family. Sunday evening supports deeper level communications, as long as you don’t try to force your opinion onto anyone, or they onto you. Monday evening into Tuesday morning would be a great time to meet a friend at a different restaurant than you normally visit.

Autumn Equinox is on Thursday September 22 at 6:04 PM PDT. A chart cast for the next three months adds to a dance that has been going on for the last month, but with some added energy. Like a full moon, Mercury retrograde and the Sun in Libra are on the opposite side of the sky as Jupiter retrograde The lower mind (Mercury) is opposing higher minded Jupiter. Make sure your bigger ideals and ideals can fit in your daily life. Practice communicating higher truth in a way that all can understand. Also note that the triple challenge of 2021 between restrictive Saturn and revolutionary Uranus are in play for one final push. The short explanation is to create greater freedom in your life while still taking care of your worldly responsibilities. Esoterically, practice communicating esoteric knowledge and abstract concepts to people in a way they can hear, in order to revolutionize their value systems.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde moves backwards into Virgo to help you finish projects started in the past couple months. Tend to the details of your life. This is also the halfway mark of Mercury retrograde so begin to think and prepare for future projects.

Puget Sound Friends: Mark is at the Emerald Spiral Expo on September 24.

September 25- 30:

The New Moon is on Sunday September 25 at 2:55 pm PDT (3 degrees Libra). It is a somewhat complicated moon because there are several conflicting energies that pull you in different directions. The new moon in Libra wants happy relationships. However, adventurous Jupiter in Aries is ready for a new quest and ready to pioneer something new. Mercury is still retrograde in Virgo until October 2, and is aligned with Venus. This combination wants to get organized and create a beautiful body or home. Yet spiritual Neptune in psychic Pisces wants to go into the cave to pull back from the world, letting all those little practical projects go for another day. The sacred Sabain Symbol (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala) for this new moon is “The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. ” Invest some introspective time in looking at what your new day is going to be as it works best if you see it in your mind’s eye before going out to create it in the material. The air and earth elements are strongest, so a good combination to bring your ideas into form.

The new moon energies carry into Tuesday morning. Monday evening into Tuesday morning help you to communicate at a deeper level, if you are willing to go there. Put physical effort into long term goals on Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning as ambitious Mars is in harmony with Saturn that produces future rewards. By the time you wake up on Thursday morning, Venus will have moved into one of her favorite signs, Libra, until October 23. This supports increasing grace and beauty in your life. Relationship needs and desires rise to the surface.

October preview:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle in purifying Virgo early on the 2nd. The Saturn square Uranus combination that was so strong during covid comes back for one final pass before moving away from each other. It represents the challenge of stability v freedom, security v independence. Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the 30th and stays that way until January 12. It’s time to rethink your ambition and action Check back for details.