March 2020 Astrology Forecast:

Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 9th; however, the messenger moves backwards from psychic Pisces into scientist Aquarius on the 4th. Where Pisces may have had you feeling spacey or off in a fog these past few weeks, Aquarius tells you it is time to get your logical brain moving again. Open to new ideas and new people now. The communications breakdown cycle ends at the March 9 Full Moon. It is the first of three Super Moons, so it will be interesting to see emotions come to the surface.  Venus moves into Taurus, one of her favorite signs, on the 4th. This adds to an already ample amount of earth element energy due to 5 other planets being in earthy Capricorn and Taurus.  Get practical and tend to projects where you can gain tangible results. An interesting shift is what I like to call a movie preview. Saturn temporarily moves into Aquarius on March 21stuntil July 1st to give you a hint about what is coming in 2021 when the restructuring planet fully moves into the sign of higher ideals and revolutions.

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March 1-7:

The workweek begins under a talkative Gemini moon. Keep projects and phone calls short and quick and you will accomplish a great deal in this whirlwind energy. Tuesday morning has Venus squaring Saturn. This is a challenge where you do not want to push authority or force relationship issues. Or it is more likely you will have a sluggish time getting started on the morning of 3rd.

Wednesday is the most active day this week. The early morning begins with mental Mercury moving backwards into Aquarius (after starting his retrograde cycle in Pisces on February 16). It is time to explore new ideas, higher ideals, meet new people, and explore new groups and organizations until Mercury turns direct on the 9th. It is a talkative day. By evening, Venus moves into Taurus until April 3. Venus in Taurus helps you manifest your needs and desires. In Taurus, it is mostly tangible desires like manifesting money, but she also likes her sensual pleasures such as massage, chocolate or planting spring flowers. The moon moves into Leo on Friday and Saturday to encourage fun, creativity and heart-opening activities..

March 8-14:

Pay attention to your dreams on Sunday morning as the energetic Sun aligns with psychic Neptune. On one level, this visionary energy opens you to a higher view of the universe. On another level, you may have spaced out changing your clocks to Daylight Savings Time. Venus aligns with Uranus on Sunday, so it is a good time to share with friends and participate in group activities.

The Super Moon Full Moon is on March 9 at 10:48 AM PDT (20 degrees Virgo-Pisces). Seven planets and an asteroid are in the earth element now, so you make a “to-do” list and work on practical projects. (Earth = Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn). That can in range from planting flowers and yard work to beautifying property.  At the same time, communications planet Mercury is ending his retrograde cycle started back on February 16. Emotions are likely to go through phases now, so just get in the flow and keep moving. A Virgo moon likes to cleanse and purify, and it likes life to be simple. This moon is favorably connected to Jupiter and Pluto. This supports opening your belief system to bigger ideas, and then making a plan to bring them into operation in your daily world. At the same time, the moon makes a harmonious trine to the asteroid Vesta. This heart goddess wants to spend time off in her sacred temple, sacrificing lower order activities for higher service. This is also a good time to re-connect with old friends or to reach out to meet new people or explore new groups.

On Tuesday morning, the moon moves into social Libra until mid-day Thursday. This happy energy is amplified Wednesday morning as the sun plays nicely with generous and optimistic Jupiter. It would be a great morning to meet a friend for breakfast. Do something that makes you feel like the world is all right.  Friday brings pleasant lunar aspects under a Scorpio moon. The moon brings feel-good connections that want to share on deeper, emotional levels. Saturday is an energetic day. Get out in nature or go to a party.

The Spring Equinox Quarterly Astromark newsletter will be uploaded several days before equinox on March19.

March 15-21:

Mercury returns to Pisces after briefly moving retrograde into Aquarius. Sort through ideas that you had during the recent Mercury retrograde cycle to decide which ones you want to work on and which ones were fantasy driven and need to be released. St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday is under a serious Capricorn moon. Celebrations are still pleasant, but likely more subdue this year.

Spring Equinox is on Thursday March 19 at 8:50 PM PDT. All of the planets are bundled up in less than one-third of the sky. A chart cast for the next three months under such a concentration suggests that you are best served by focusing your energy on a limited number of projects or activities that really call to you. This “bundled” energy is extremely good at doing what they are focused on, but not so good at doing those things that have to be done but you really don’t want to do them. Because the moon is at the last quarter phase, the challenge is to consolidate  your energy so that you are not leaking all over the place. There is a combination of being practical with the need to explore new options. Although these needs will contradict each other, make an effort to balance the mundane projects with the need to get out of your rut.

Get out of bed early on Friday morning and get moving. This can range from exercise to ambitious projects. Mars and Jupiter are aligned, and that means taking action and making it big. Saturday has boundary-setting Saturn moving into “I don’t want no stinkin’ boundaries Aquarius temporarily through June. This gives you a hint or teaser about what will come starting in December and into 2021 when Aquarius energy increases. Upgrade your technology, learn a new software, explore new groups and organizations, and come up with ideas that will give you more freedom.

March 22-28:

Most of Sunday is very pleasant and the early evening is great for a movie, music or meditation. However, the later it gets on Sunday, the less you benefit from forcing issues. Mars aligned with Pluto is very assertive and powerful, but you don’t want to be walking on the bad side of town late at night under this combination.

The New Moon is at 2:28 AM PDT on Tuesday the 24th (5 degrees Aries). Similar to the recent spring equinox, all of the planets are packed tightly within one-third of the sky. You benefit by focusing your energy on that which is most important to you- and that means what you really want to do, not what you “have” to do. The new moon is aligned with the planetoid, Chiron, the wounded-healer. This famous healer released his suffering from a mortal wound by giving his immortality to Prometheus on a rock.  Chiron then died immediately, only to be put into the constellations for eternity without the suffering. Is there something you are ready to release?  An Aries new moon is ready to courageously pioneer a new path. But if you are half-horse and half-human like the centaur, you may need to work on those new goals in stages. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the degree of the new moon is “A triangle with wings.” Find your own personal meaning for the month ahead. One suggestion is to tap into the trinity to transcend your current situation by raising your energetic frequency above the vibratory level that created the situation.

The rest of the week flows smoothly. Relationship planet Venus is making harmony to Jupiter and Pluto at the end of the week. This is a generous and transformative opportunity to open to relationships on a deeper level..

March 29-31:

The moon is in Gemini on Sunday and Monday, so focus on short, quick talks, tasks and activities. The moon is in her quiet void-of-course phase Monday starting at 8:11 AM PDT, so important starts and decisions are not favored. Also on Monday, Mars moves into idealistic Aquarius until mid-May. This supports stepping out of your normal routine, inventing something new, technology, and meeting friends or making new friends. Tuesday is a bit serious as Mars aligns with practical Saturn in Capricorn. Tend to business.

April 2020 preview:

Ambitious Mars aligns with the triple alignment planets in Capricorn this month, adding to an already intense year. Love & money Venus enters Gemini on April 3, the sign she will be retrograde in May 13-June 24, giving you a hint of what is shifting in terms of love, money and your values. (Also see the Retrograde page) Check back for details.