August 2019 Astrology Forecast:

The first half of August supports you if you want to play or be creative. Mercury has just turned direct on July 31, so the communications planet will pick up speed by the middle of the month. On August 11, Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle (since April), and Uranus begins his long retrograde cycle (until January). Jupiter is associated with your belief system and is the planet that helps you move to the next level. This is good news if you are willing to take a risk on yourself. The Uranus retrograde cycle for the rest of this year helps shake you up to set you free, helping you open to new possibilities. By August 21 and 24, personal planets Venus and Mars enter Virgo. That is the wake up call telling you that the northern hemisphere summer season is almost over, and it is time to start making a plan and getting organized for the coming change of season.

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August 1-3:

Ease into August under a playful Leo moon on the 1st. Early on Friday, romance planet Venus makes a challenging square to Uranus which you likely will feel Thursday night, but it may also  wake you up in the wee hours of Friday morning. Venus wants to share in relationship, and Uranus wants friendship and freedom. This is a quick-passing energy, so most of the USA will sleep through it. Remember your dreams to determine if there is a message for you. The Virgo moon on Friday and Saturday urges you to accomplish something practical.

August 4-10:

Participate in social events on Sunday and Monday under a relationship-oriented Libra moon. Wednesday and Thursday are quietly powerful as both the energetic Sun and loving Venus make harmony to expansive Jupiter. This is really a very nice combination of energy, so take advantage of it.  Take a risk on yourself to manifest your needs and desires, but assert yourself in a gentle way. Get out into nature or have a party on Friday and Saturday, with Friday being the stronger party day.

August 11-17:

Sunday is a day of change, and you have been feeling it coming for the last week. In past forecasts, it was stated that the planets involved in next year’s triple alignment in Capricorn were as close at they were going to get this year in April 2019. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all been moving retrograde since then, which had you feeling like you were stuck, or treading water, or in a big transition between the old and incoming new you. Well, optimistic and expansive Jupiter starts moving forward again on August 11, and the other two will follow at the end of September. So this is a good sign to start moving forward with big projects. At the same time, revolutionary Uranus starts moving backwards until January. In the coming months, think how you can set yourself free, improve your technology and skills, or open to innovative new concepts and techniques.

The Sun aligns with Venus on Tuesday and Wednesday. With the moon in friendly Aquarius, you definitely want to get out and share with others. Try something out of your normal routine.

The Aquarius-Leo Full Moon is on August 15 at 5:29 AM PDT (23 degrees Aquarius-Leo). On one level, this is a great full moon for opening your heart and meeting new people, sharing a higher vision. On another level, there us an abundance of stubborn zodiac signs. Avoid “my way or the highway” conversations. Although this fixed energy is great for getting through any challenge you are facing, be careful not to do everything the hard way. The full moon is a bit contradictory because Aquarius and Leo love to share with people, but it energetically combines with the asteroid goddess Vesta, Think of the vestal virgin who went off to the temple to retreat and serve a greater good. Mix social time with private spiritual growth time. Make time for creative pursuits that are near and dear to your heart. Be empathetic, but do not get sucked into the drama of your friends, family or the world.

Friday morning is not great for clear thinking, so start your day quietly and allow gaps in your schedule. See a movie, listen to a concert, or go to a watery place this weekend. On Saturday night, aggressive Mars moves into hard working Virgo until October 3. With love & money Venus moving into Virgo next week, it is time to get organized and produce.

August 18-24:

This is a pretty easy week to talk about with nothing in particular jumping out; however, there is a subtle change in tone occurring. It is like the universe is telling you that a change in seasons is coming quickly, so you had better get your playtime in, or finish tasks that need to be done before the season changes. Sunday through Tuesday have easy planetary combinations, and the Aries moon keeps you moving. Get physical.

Wednesday has Venus moving into Virgo until September 14. That is a good, hard-working business combination. On the personal level, it helps you get clarity in your relationships. Avoid being overcritical of the people in your life. Wednesday morning has talkative Mercury in a harmonious trine to enthusiastic Jupiter, great for breakfast gatherings or early morning meetings. Friday and Saturday continue the talkative nature of the mid-week as the moon moves through idea-sign Gemini. The sign of the twins is great for quick projects and errands, but not so good where deep focus is required. Relationship planets Venus and Mars align on Saturday morning, making the weekend a great time for sharing.

August 25-31:

Sunday afternoon and Monday morning have loving Venus making harmony to friendly Uranus. It is a great time for meeting new people or enhancing the friendship side of personal relationships. Stepping out of your normal routine. Wednesday morning brings excitement as Mars makes harmony to Uranus. Where this combination with Venus on Monday is fairly gentle, Mars operates in a more aggressive way. Be diplomatic early in the week, and assertive by the middle of the week. On Thursday, mental Mercury moves into Virgo to join the Sun, Venus and Mars. Cleanse and purify your body, home or office. You will be happy to produce something tangible in the next three weeks, something you can point to and feel good about getting it done.

The New Moon is on August 30 at 3:37 AM PDT (7 degrees Virgo). There is an abundance of planets in earth element signs, and also zodiac signs that require adaptability. When the earth element is strong, you feel better when you accomplish something tangible. Find something you can point at and say, “another item on my to-do list is done and finished.” Be flexible to changes in what or when you do those tasks as you must go with the natural flow of the universe (which may or may not agree with the timing you think is correct). Virgo likes to cleanse and purify, be it your body or your closets. Create a simpler life. This new moon and relationship planets Venus and Mars, also in Virgo, and making a harmonious relationship to Uranus. There is added help if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, or try out eclectic groups and organizations. There is the opportunity to be of greater service in the world, or to find simple and humble ways to live your life.

September preview:

There are not a lot of big astrological shifts occurring in September, which means that you should be able to get projects moving without choppy energy getting in the way. Gung Ho Jupiter starting moving forward in mid-August and slow Saturn starts moving forward by the end of the month. Ambitious Mars is moving through hard working Virgo all month, so a great time to get organized and be more efficient.  Check back for details.