August Astrology Forecast:

Ambitious Mars moved into hard-working Virgo late in July and travels through the sign of efficiency until mid-September. Clear clutter, keep life simple, and make your life easier. Venus is in Virgo until August 16 so there is added help in beautifying and simplifying your life before she moves into relationship oriented Libra, August 16 -September 10. On August 19, innovative Uranus turns retrograde until mid-January. This means that the five outer planets are all moving retrograde until October. It is common for the outer planets to be retrograde for months, but not all at the same time. This marks a transition time where it is useful to complete outstanding projects or release the past. Others will be roughing out future projects but not carving them in stone. (The Summer Quarterly Astromark Newsletter has an article on this.)

 Starting in January 2022, I shall no longer be taking new clients, I shall continue to see existing clients with all services. (My longer term plan is to re-open the Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation to everyone in April 2022. This is part of my evolving plan to focus my attention on the spiritual side of astrology, spiritual growth, and metaphysics).



August 1-7:

The month starts with a serious and talkative tone. The energetic sun aligns with communications planet Mercury, and then opposes boundary-setting Saturn. Begin by looking at how you communicate boundaries. Review your ideas about changes you want to make within your SELF to determine what long term actions need to be taken to bring your ideas into fruition.  By Tuesday evening, you are ready for a personal revolution, but do avoid impulsive outbursts with authority figures. Monday evening into Tuesday morning is pleasantly social, in spite of all the serious energy to begin the month.

The moon moves into nurturing Cancer at at 2:17 PM PDT Wednesday trough Friday. Tend to issues close to home and spend time with your inner circle, those people with whom you feel safe. Comfort food is associated with Cancer. Knock off work early on Friday if you are able. The sun makes a challenging square to Uranus, so it is best to give space between you and the people who annoy you. The moon moves into Leo for some fun and heart-centered activity on Saturday, but there are minor emotional challenges all day. Mix sharing and alone time.

August 8-14:

The Full Moon is on August 8 at 6:50 AM PDT, 17 degrees Leo. Make space for creative and/or play time now, because more productive times are coming. Six of the ten planets we use in astrology are in the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius and Taurus (the 4th one is Scorpio which is not present). Fixed signs help you persevere and stick to the challenges. However, they have issues letting go and adapting. Short-project Mercury is opposing big-project Jupiter now. This can have you going back and forth in your mind as to how much you want to take on. This includes travel, communications (new technology or stick with tried and true for now), education (teaching or learning), or even if it is time for a new car. On a softer level, Venus is in purifying Virgo and on the opposite side of the sky from Neptune in psychic Pisces. Diplomacy and compassion will help soften up all that rigid, fixed sign energy. But it could also support a healing cleanse or a spiritual retreat from the mundane world.

Gentle Venus is opposite dreamy Neptune late afternoon on Monday. This is not an ambitious combination. Also note that this is prone to romantic fantasy so hold off on committing to love and money decisions. On Tuesday, Mercury is opposite Jupiter, so avoid over committing yourself and don’t believe everything you hear. Sometimes people just need to talk things out, and follow through may not be there. On Wednesday, Mercury moves into one of his favorite signs, Virgo, until August 30. This helps you get organized and make a plan for the coming months. Also on Wednesday afternoon, Venus makes harmony with Pluto to help you go to deeper emotional levels in all types of relationships. Friday evening is the better social evening, and Saturday is more private under a Scorpio moon.


August 15- 21:

Venus enters one of her two favorite signs, Libra as you wake up Tuesday morning. Between now and September 10, it’s time to improve your relationships. That includes improving your appearance, be it shedding covid pounds, purchasing new clothes or time for a new hair style. The moon will be in Sagittarius on Monday and Tuesday, so take a risk on yourself by opening your belief system beyond limiting thoughts. Sag. also supports getting out into nature.  On Wednesday evening, idea planet Mercury aligns with “it’s time to take action” Mars. Both are in practical Virgo, creating an opportunity to manifest  your ideas if you are willing to work on them.

On Thursday, Uranus turns retrograde. That means that all five outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto are giving the illusion of moving backwards. Are there projects that need completion in the coming months? Do you need to start gathering friends that fell by the wayside during the virus cycle? Or, is it time to start roughing out future plans and projects, but not carving them into stone just yet? I like to call it a country western dance- one step back to take two steps forward. The life-giving Sun is also opposite optimistic Jupiter on Thursday, making the 18th a good day to avoid pushing too hard- and- it is also tough on anyone who has authority figure issues. The weekend is more fun under a friendly Aquarius moon. Mercury is in harmony with Uranus on Friday. Take the day off if you are able, or at least try something your eccentric self would enjoy.


August 22-28:

The Aquarius-Leo Full Moon is on Sunday at 5:02 AM PDT. It occurs in the very last degree of those signs, which is usually a good indicator that something must be completed. The air and earth elements are strongest now. You can bring your ideas into earthly manifestation now. Mercury and Mars are aligned now in pragmatic Virgo. You can accomplish a lot of small and practical tasks now if you are willing to get to work. Virgo likes to make a list of all you want to accomplish.  There is help from Venus in Libra making a harmonious trine to Saturn in idealistic Aquarius. This is a better business combination than it is for personal relationships, although it does support diplomatically establishing better boundaries with people.

Venus is still in harmony with Saturn on Monday morning, so a good time to get to work early. On Tuesday, it would be wise to do important tasks early as mental Mercury opposes Neptune as the day goes on. That combination can make mistakes or just wants to take a nap, not the best energy for clear thinking. Get your body moving under an Aries moon on Wednesday and Thursday. Also on Thursday morning, deep thinking, research, and going below superficial conversations is supported.  Friday and Saturday are mixed between a Taurus moon that wants to accomplish something, and minor planetary aspects that are not so motivated.

August 29-31:

Tend to short projects and short conversations on Sunday and Monday under a quick-witted Gemini moon. Mercury enters Libra on Monday for an extra long time. Normally, Mercury spends three weeks in a sign, but the messenger planet turns retrograde in Libra September 26-October 18 so he will be in the relationship sign until November 5. Put your life and relationships in balance in the coming months. On the 31st, the moon shifts to its quiet void-of-course phase at 1:48 PM PDT. Get introspective, meditate, do laundry, or anything that does not involve starting new projects


September preview:

All five outer planets are retrograde through September, suggesting that part of you needs to finish or let go of old projects or people that need to go. On another level, it is good to consolidate your energy expenditure so you are not wasting energy in areas that are no longer of interest or  available to you. Mercury turns retrograde near the end of the month in relationship-oriented Libra   Check back for details.