November Astrology Forecast:

November begins as the time between the October 25 solar eclipse in Scorpio and the coming total lunar eclipse on November 8. That can bring old emotions to the surface or other hidden things. Because Mars is freshly retrograde in Gemini combined with the lunar eclipse, it is important to use discernment in all the political ads. I use three months before and after an eclipse as its effective range, and we have already seen quite a few lies by political organizations. Communications planet Mercury and relationship planet Venus are both in adventurous and risk-taking Sagittarius at the end of the month. that is both a travel and party combination. People want to travel now but allow room for adjustment as warrior Mars is retrograde in Gemini, the sign associated with transportation.

The Fall Equinox Quarterly Astromark Newsletter is now uploaded. It looks at the less common Mars retrograde cycle starting in late October and two eclipses, the new Prime Minister in England, and more .


November 1-5:

Tuesday the 1st holds minor emotional challenges all day. Just get in the flow and don’t get stuck in emotional drama or hurt feelings. The rest of the work week is pretty easy. Moon in Aries on Saturday is good for physical activity. Venus and Uranus are on opposite sides of the sky, so “I want romance” is opposed by “I just want to be friends.” Still, it can be a fun evening if you do not hold expectations.

November 6-12:

Sunday evening into Monday morning holds minor challenges. Most likely, you will just feel tired and of low motivation. Get a good night’s rest for Monday when the moon moves into hard working Taurus.

There is a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday November 8, USA Election Day. (17 degrees Taurus-Scorpio at 3:02 AM PDT). Early risers in Hawaii and western North America can see the entire eclipse. There is a pattern set up called a T-Square. That has you feeling pulled in three directions simultaneously. The nurturing moon in Taurus wants security and comfort, but it is aligned with Uranus that wants freedom and an adventure into the unknown. The sun in Scorpio is aligned with mental Mercury and balancing Venus. This is likely to bring sarcastic and cynical remarks or fodder for conspiracy theorists. The balancing point (or conflicting, depending on  your view) is responsible Saturn in Aquarius. The ideal of Aquarius is to create win-win environments, so hopefully this will help minimize sore losers. The positive note of all this hidden energy coming to the surface is the opportunity to transform your value system and release old emotional wounds. Although Saturn in Aquarius is slow-but-sure, it still offers opportunities to create a new world for those who are willing to move forward..

The moon moves into Gemini on Wednesday and Thursday which means lots of talking both personally and in media programming. Don’t believe everything you hear, making the political fact checking websites important now. Watch your dreams on Thursday morning as romantic Venus makes harmony with fantasy-dreamer Neptune. The moon moves into family and comfort food Cancer Friday evening into Saturday, with a good movie or short trip to a watery place being favored. .

November 13-19

The week begins with several harmonious planetary connections. Communicate your higher vision as the sun makes nice with spiritual Neptune on Monday. This is especially true of relationships communicating on deeper levels as talkative Mercury and relationship Venus play nicely with intense Pluto, Wednesday looks to be a busy day, so go from task to task quickly. On a larger level, love and money Venus move into adventurous Sagittarius until December 9. Meet new people and take a risk on yourself. Work hard on Thursday and Friday under a Virgo moon, then be social on Saturday when the moon moves into relationship oriented Libra.


November 20-26:

 Sunday evening has a generous tone to it as the life-giving sun makes a harmonious trine to beneficent Jupiter. With the moon in Libra all day, ask your partner for what you want and you may very well get it. Deep level emotional conversations are favored on Tuesday.

The New Moon is on November 23 at 2:57 PM PST (2 degrees Sagittarius). This adds to  the party energy for the USA Thanksgiving day holiday on the 24th. It is generous and giving, but also the sign of eating too much. Retrograde Mars continues a several month path of challenging visionary Neptune. Lots of ideas come to the surface but it will take a few months to know which can come into reality and which float away. Conversation planet Mercury and relationship planet Venus are aligned in Sagittarius now. Expand your belief system as to what is possible.

The moon moves into Capricorn Friday evening through Saturday to add a more serious tone to the weekend


November 27-30

Mars is trine Saturn on Monday, and that favors putting physical effort into long term projects. Because the moon is in Aquarius, create win-win situations. Go quiet on Tuesday and Wednesday and do not force your ideas onto others..

December preview:

Jupiter is finishing old business from earlier this year and the last half of 2021. By Winter Solstice, the god of abundance moves back into Aries where he was May through October 2022. This, along with four of the five outer planets moving forward again, helps you work on future projects. Be aware that ambitious Mars continues to be retrograde until January 12, and Mercury will turn retrograde in serious Capricorn on December 29. All of that means that there is help getting moving but that adjustments will be needed and energy will be a little jerky.  Check back for details.