January 2020 Astrology Forecast:

The rare triple alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn begins now. Actually, you could say it kicked off with the December 25/26 solar eclipse in Capricorn. This “restructure your life” combination goes on all year, and it officially begins on January 12 when Saturn aligns with Pluto. Decide what it is time to release with Pluto, as he is the let go and let god planet. Then Saturn makes short term sacrifices for the long term good. What is your responsibility and what is no longer your responsibility? Warrior Mars moves into Sagittarius on January 3 into mid-February. It is time to put ambitious effort into your big and expansive ideas.There is also a lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10.

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January 1-4:

New Year’s Day is uneventful under a quiet Pisces moon. That gives way to a physical, “I’ve got to exercise” Aries moon on Thursday and Friday. The pace is quicker on Thursday mornings as Mercury aligns with Jupiter, increasing talk and action. Keep moving on Thursday. Share big ideas with others.  On Friday, aggressive Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius until February 16. You can make future travel plans, start the outline of the book you are going to write, get out into nature, and put effort into bringing your big ideas to fruition.

The moon moves into Taurus on Saturday. Taurus likes to accomplish something tangible and then give herself/himself a sensual pleasure reward.

January 5-11:

Sunday has emotionally supportive lunar connections, so it would be nice to share with nice people (and postpone meeting annoying people for another time). On Monday, the moon is void-of-course all day. That means it is not great for initiating important new projects. It’s best to tend to existing projects and introspective activities. However, Monday evening has the Sun and Neptune playing nicely together, so movies, romance, meditation or other spiritual activities are favored. In fact, communications planet Mercury is making nice to Neptune as well, helping you to communicate a higher vision, opening intuition, and expressing compassion and forgiveness.

The Full Moon on January 10 is a lunar eclipse (21 degrees Cancer and Capricorn at 11:21 AM PST). Part of this experience is to create a balance between your nurturing needs and your responsibilities. Another part is to look at your higher service to the larger world, while still tending to your personal life. There is just one more set of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses coming this summer, before going away for about nine years. Use that as a motivation to take care of all those close to home projects and issues because the tone is going to change dramatically in May and the pace is going to increase. Take advantage of this time now to get your house in order. Restructuring Saturn is moving into alignment with death & rebirth Pluto in the next few days, so  what is it time to release?

The moon moves into Leo on Saturday, so make room for some fun, creativity, or other activities that open your heart. If you have trouble sleeping Saturday night-Sunday the 12thearly morning, it is because mental Mercury is very active. Quiet your mind before going to bed Saturday night.

January 12-18:

Sunday is an interesting day. It begins with an active Mercury-lots of talk, restlessness, and get moving quickly. Did you run or fly in your dreams last night? Saturn and Pluto align on Sunday as the first step in the triple near alignment in Capricorn going on all year. This calls you to let go of that which robs your power so you can step into new levels of your authority figure. Be clear about your boundaries and responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to appear to be the bad guy/girl if you need to move on from some aspect of your life and the people around you do not support it.  Also on Monday, relationship planet Venus moves into gentle Pisces until February 7. This is great for romance and spirituality, but illusions and fantasies are seen for what they are. Practice forgiveness and compassion.

Wednesday and Thursday are social under a Libra moon. Idea planet Mercury moves into inventive Aquarius January 16-February 3. This is great for sharing your ideas and opening up to new groups, friends and organizations. Deep emotions are up for the weekend under a private Scorpio moon. Mental abilities can be off now.

January 19-25:

If you can take off MLK holiday on Monday, do so. The moon is in Sagittarius seeking an adventure, and the sun makes its annual move into Aquarius which wants freedom and something out of the ordinary. Wednesday has a fairly quick challenge as the Sun squares Uranus. It’s certainly not the day for “my way or the highway” ultimatums. Remember that you cannot force change but must be in harmony with the universe to make changes when they are supported. Thursday morning is a better time when loving Venus makes a gentle harmony to generous Jupiter. Where a person may tell you no regarding some idea on Wednesday, they are more likely to say yes on Thursday.

The New Moon is on Friday, January 24 at 1:42 PM PST (5 degrees Aquarius). This is an excellent new moon to reach out to old friends as well as exploring new groups, friends and organizations. A sacred Sabian Symbol reflects this: “A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.” Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning in the month ahead. A suggestion is that it is important to take ancient wisdom and apply it in the modern world in a way that is compatible with planetary evolution. It’s time to open to new ideas and find a way to bring them into the mundane world. Although that may be uncomfortable, there is help available from an ongoing emphasis of old school Capricorn learning to blend with innovative Aquarius. Throw a practical revolution now. Strategic planner Pallas-Athena is making a harmonious trine to revolutionary Uranus, so make a plan to bring that revolution into your life without completely disrupting it. At the same time, Venus is aligned with Neptune, great for intuition, compassion and romance (exact on the 27th). However, this combination can get lost in fantasy and illusion, so pay attention to what is real and what is illusion. This begins the Chinese Year of the Rat, an industrious year ahead.

January 26-31:

Relationship planets Venus and Mars are active early in the week.Because Venus turns retrograde in May and Mars turns retrograde in September, it is useful to pay attention now for any hints of things to come later this year. Venus challenges Mars on Sunday, asking you if your values and actions are working together.  You are challenged to put your higher vision into action. Then, Venus moves into alignment with Neptune on Monday to open your intuition to a higher vision. Be aware, illusions have to be burst before higher vision comes into manifestation. Then ambitious Mars comes into play again early Tuesday morning making his challenge to Neptune. The summary of all these words is that values, relationships, and ambitions are being tested now to decide what is real and what is an illusion.

The month ends with the moon in its quiet void-of-course phase until it moves into Taurus at 4:38 PM PST. Clean your desk and exercise on Thursday.

February 2020 preview:

Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius.  Mars moves into Capricorn at mid-month helping to put physical effort into that which you want to create. Check back for details.