February Astrology Forecast:

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until the 20th, so take care of any technology issues or begin learning new computer skills. Research new ideas and new methods as the world begins to advance into the Age of Aquarius. Relationship planet Venus also spends most of the month in friendly Aquarius to help you meet new friends or explore new organizations. Be willing to step into higher ideals by which to live your life, but remember that it is a growth process as you expand your belief system and let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors. Valentine’s Day comes shortly after the Chinese New Year of the OX, a hard-working year than can produce results. If you want romance on Valentine’s Day, February 12 and 13 are best. An Aries moon on the 14th is better to go for a hike with your partner, and walk and talk as mental Mercury aligns with “I love nature” Jupiter.

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February 1-6:

Remember that Mercury is retrograde until the 20th, so allow extra room in your schedule for unexpected changes. Early Monday morning has some motivational challenges, so allow extra time so you do not need to rush into your day (or traffic). However, it is still a pleasant start to the month as the moon is in social Libra, and relationship planet Venus moves into friendly Aquarius until February 25. The week flows easily with limited and only short challenges. Tend to projects that require deep focus on Wednesday and Thursday under a private Scorpio moon. The moon moves into party sign Sagittarius on Friday and Saturday, also good for getting into nature or philosophical discussions. Serious relationship conversations are good on Friday and Saturday morning as Venus aligns with boundary-setting Saturn, a better business combination than for romance. Keep a low profile Saturday evenings as Venus makes a challenge to Uranus. This is a minor conflict between the part of you that wants to curl up by the fire with the love of your life, and the part of you that needs your “man cave” time.

February 7-13:

Have a quiet morning on Sunday during an introspective “void of course” moon (See definition on page 3 of the Free Astrology Primer). On Monday, Mercury retrograde aligns with the sun indicating the halfway point in the retrograde cycle Jan. 30-Feb. 20. It’s time to look forward to incoming projects. As always during Mercury retrograde, don’t carve your plans in stone as they will need adjustment after the retrograde cycle is complete. Go slow on Wednesday morning, especially if you must be in rush hour traffic as Mercury makes a challenging square to impatient Mars.

The 24 degree Aquarius New Moon is on Thursday February 11 at 11:06 AM Pacific. Six of the ten planets we use in astrology plus strategic planner asteroid Pallas are in Aquarius now, that’s a lot of Aquarius! It’s time for a personal revolution, opening to higher ideals and innovative thinking. Regardless of the virus, it is time to meet new people, connect with old friends, and explore groups and organizations that are in harmony with your changing philosophy. Although you may be “Zoomed out,” there is plenty of opportunity to explore new possibilities and bring out the inventor within.  A sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is “A man, having overcome his passions, teaches deep wisdom in terms of his experience.” (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala). Mediate for personal meaning for the month ahead. Perhaps it is time to pull back from the chaotic world and spend time with others who are on a path of wisdom and higher understanding?

The moon will be in Pisces on Friday and Saturday, making the 12th and 13th the better days for romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations. Friday, which begins the lunar year of the ox, holds a friendly energy. Saturday has Mars making a minor harmony to Neptune which is great for a little fantasy romance. Both days are good for relationship conversations as Mercury aligns with Venus.

February 14- 20:

Valentine’s Day has the moon moving into athletic Aries. Walk and talk with your partner on a short hike. Mercury aligns with nature-lover Jupiter in the afternoon. This continues into Monday, USA President’s Day holiday.

On Wednesday, Saturn squares Uranus for the first of four times (also June and November 2021, and October 2022). This is a dominant theme for 2021. Saturn wants stability and slow growth, while Uranus wants a revolution now. Although the energy differences may feel like driving with the emergency brake on, it serves positive change that will have lasting value. In the event we see clashes between the government and revolutionary behaviors (both left and right, and not just in the USA), understand that this is part of the growing pains as the new world comes in. Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Saturday, so practice flexibility and adaptability as the communications planet changes direction.


February 21-27:

The moon is in its quiet phase until 7:54 PM Pacific, so tend to mundane activities or be introspective all day Sunday. The moon moves into Cancer on Monday and Tuesday, perfect for healthy eating and spending time with people who are in your inner circle. Wednesday brings Mars trine Pluto. Take action to release anything that gets in the way of manifesting your needs and desires (and that includes attitudes, beliefs and behaviors). Trine’s help the process flow smoothly.

The Virgo-Pisces full moon is on Friday February 26 at 11:17 PM PST (9 degrees). This is the moon where you cleanse and purify, be it your body, home or spirit. Psychic, space cadet Neptune is finishing up making a challenge to the spiritual destiny node of the moon, going on since October 2020. Neptune dissolves your reality and then asks you to go beyond the veils of this tangible world to bring forth a new vision. Take some time to meditate or clear internal or external clutter to help this higher vision come forth. Know that this comes from the intuitive side into the analytical side, so trust your inner knowing.

February 28:

The moon continues to be in Virgo until 11:17 AM PST before moving into social Libra. Stay quiet in the morning and get your “things to do” list accomplished, then move to more social activities.


March preview:

Aggressive Mars moves into Gemini on March 3 until April 23, and he also aligns with the spiritual destiny north node of the moon. It is going to be a quick month, so allow extra room in your schedule and plan to move from project to project (nothing that requires deep intense research).   Check back for details.