May 2020 Astrology Forecast:

Two big shifts occur this month. The spiritual destiny nodes of the moon move into Gemini and Sagittarius May 4th for 1 1/2 year as a part of an 18 1/2 year cycle), and relationship planet Venus turns retrograde in Gemini. The nodes are leaving Cancer and Capricorn where they have been since November 2018. These exiting water and earth signs tended to be security oriented and create  grooves which became ruts for many people. Gemini and Sagittarius represent a breath of fresh air and passionate fire elements. Air and fire are ready to open to new ideas that bring forth their passions. It represents a time where we must adapt our way of thinking and communicating. Old traditional ways no longer work. It will be difficult to keep people in virus lock down because this combination will increase cabin fever.  In regards to the May 13  Venus retrograde cycle, relationships and finances are ready for review and revision. Ambitious Mars moves into Pisces on the 13th until late June, presenting an opportunity to bring out your spiritual warrior. On another note, the three planets involved in this year’s triple alignment in Capricorn are turning retrograde (Pluto on April 25, Saturn on May 10/11, and Jupiter on May 14). There are different ways of interpreting this. My hope is that the world is getting the virus under control by the time they all move forward in early October.

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May 1-2:

The month starts off on a relatively quiet note. The moon is in Leo on Friday, offering warmth and friendliness. It moves into Virgo on Saturday to help you cleanse and organize. Saturday afternoon and evening has pleasant lunar aspects, making for a happy evening with a couple quieter friends for a healthy meal.

May  3-9:

Venus squares Neptune on Sunday evening. Be certain to see relationships and finances for what they are. It is a challenge to avoid fantasy thinking and to get in touch with your true values and priorities.  Or, you may simply go to bed early to catch up on your dreams and rest up for a busy Monday. The 4th is  talkative under a social and diplomatic Libra moon, and the sun aligns with quick-witted Mercury. This continues into Cinco de Mayo for quick celebrations. The nodes of the moon move into Gemini and Sagittarius on the 4th until January 2022. Sagittarius speaks higher truth and Gemini translates it into a language that all can understand. It is unknown at this writing exactly what that means for travel, but people will definitely want to travel, take/teach classes, move and meet new people. Since Gemini is associated with short trips, it will be curious if more people choose to travel within their region rather than get on an airplane. Restlessness and change is in the air.

The Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon is On May 7 at 3:45 AM PDT (18 degrees). This is the third of three super moons this year. The past three months have brought an abundance of feelings to the surface. Scorpio takes you to deeper levels to eliminate what you no longer need, especially in the emotional realm. Taurus tells you it is time to manifest, not just more stuff, but more of what you genuinely value. The COVID virus is certainly showing everyone what they really need vs. what they only thought they needed.  There is an abundance of planets in signs that help you persevere to get through any challenge, yet this extra endurance makes it a bit more challenging to let go of that which must be released.  Think of the emotions surrounding those items that you know you should put in the yard sale, but can’t quite release. Air and earth elements are strong now, so come up with innovative ideas about how you can manifest your needs and dreams in the world. Long-term Saturn is aligned with strategic planner goddess Pallas to help you create a battle plan to achieve those goals. However, this is just the starting point, as Saturn will have more forward traction to manifest your ideals in 2021.  The Scorpio full moon is very helpful in doing the research needed to bring those incoming ideals into manifestation. Note that the spiritual destiny nodes have just moved into Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 1 1/2 year, so new ideas and the need to get moving is pushing you from within.

The moon moves into Sagittarius for the weekend, so get out into nature. Saturday morning is great for deep thinking and communicating deep feelings.

May 10-16:

There are numerous energetic shifts this week, so practice going with the flow.  Mother’s Day has the moon in down to earth Capricorn. Although this is not the most exciting energy, there are numerous happy planetary combinations to appreciate the person who gave you life. Brunch or lunch is the better time. Short and quick activities are best on Sunday. Pay attention to your feelings on Sunday and Monday. Slow Saturn is stopping in the sky to turn retrograde until late September, but quick Mercury is moving into equally quick Gemini. It’s like your brain is going 100 miles per hour while your physical body is in slow motion.

Tuesday is good for serious thinking and communications, but not a good day for initiating important new actions. It’s like turning off your phone and telling everyone to go away while you focus on preparing your taxes or other activity that requires quiet attention. By the time you wake up on Wednesday the 13th, warrior Mars will have moved into psychic Pisces until June 27 and graceful Venus turns retrograde until June 24. Open your intuition and be a spiritual warrior, Take action to bring compassion and higher vision into the world. Venus has you opening to new ideas for relationships and finances. The love and money goddess will have many people working on finances and budgets given the challenged economy. Gemini likes things that are short and quick, and that can include picking up short projects to produce a little extra income.

As if that is not enough for one week, expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on Thursday until September 12, That means that the three planets that are aligning this year in Capricorn, are all moving backwards until early October. The likely interpretation is that everyone will spend the next several months adjusting and healing their life from the events earlier this year. For your relief from this shifting week, the moon moves into Pisces for the weekend, supporting movies, music, being near water, and meditation.

May 17-23:

Sunday is a high energy day with the moon moving into athletic Aries and the life-giving Sun making a harmonious trine to “I want more” Jupiter. Get moving but don’t over extend yourself. A few hours after the sun enters quick-witted Gemini on the 20th, Venus makes a challenge to Neptune. Get your work done earlier on Wednesday so you can be quiet as the afternoon progresses. If you must have relationship conversations, make sure that the person you are talking to actually hears what you thought you said to avoid misunderstanding.  Enjoy a quiet day on Thursday to prepare for a busy Friday.

The New Moon is on Friday May 22 at 10:39 AM PDT (3 degrees Gemini). The air element is exceedingly strong now, creating a highly restless feeling. This is a good time for opening to new ideas, sharing with friends who fell to the wayside during the virus, and even taking short trips. Talkative Mercury aligns with Venus who is currently in her retrograde cycle (May 13-June 24). This supports conversations about your relationship and finance needs. Because Venus is retrograde, stay adaptable and know that not all of the ideas that come to the surface will manifest, and those that do manifest will need to adapt and shift after summer solstice. The new moon makes harmony to practical Saturn in Aquarius, helping you to bring ideas down to earth. Aquarius creates win-win environments for the good of all, so develop innovative ideas that help the group consciousness.

Saturday is a relatively quiet day that is suitable for quick errands, short conversations, and quick projects. The moon aligns with Venus Saturday evening, great for romance with someone you are already comfortable being around.

May 24-30:

The moon is void-of-course Sunday until 4:09 PM, suggesting that you finish old projects or do humble tasks. The USA Memorial Day holiday has the moon in Cancer, great for all those early season barbeques. Cancer is associated with food, families and home, making for a good close to home holiday. On Thursday, mental Mercury moves into feeling-oriented Cancer, the sign he will be in during the next retrograde cycle beginning on June 17. Communicate emotions and begin quick home improvement projects. Friday morning will have you feeling sluggish, but that will improve by late afternoon. Moon in Virgo on Saturday supports yard sales, clean-up clutter, and healthy eating.

May 31:

Ease into Sunday morning as the moon is moving into graceful and luxury-loving Libra at 10:38 AM PDT.

June  2020 preview:

It’s a busy month. Love & money planet Venus continues her retrograde cycle until June 24/25. We are entering a period with three eclipses, and they are the transition from Water and earth elements (Cancer, Capricorn) and beginning a series of fire and air (Sagittarius, Gemini). As if that is not enough, Mercury turns retrograde on June 17/18. Check back for details.