I streamlined this monthly forecast so you can see the important highlights for the month to come.

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March 2023

March is generally an easy month, but may be complicated by shifting energies. Saturn moves into Pisces at the full moon on March 7 and continues into 2025. Think back to roughly 1994-96 the last time Saturn moved through Pisces to see how you restructured your life and put energy into your higher vision. On March 16, Venus moves into one of her favorite signs, Taurus, for three weeks. A crass way of explaining that is “go make money.” (or, put effort into manifesting your values). The biggest shift is Pluto moving into Aquarius March 23 to June 11. This gives you an early preview of what is coming in the next 20 years when Pluto moves fully into Aquarius. Let go and let god-the world is going to change.

The Spring Quarter Astromark Newsletter is now uploaded for your review. Major shifts include Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter along with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde- a very changeable spring season.

Spring Equinox is Monday March 20 at 2:24 PM PDT. The planets are all bundled within 1/3 of the zodiac between Capricorn and Gemini. The interesting thing about this is that Pluto and Mars are preparing to change signs. That means many aspects of your life are changing now in a big way. Mars has been in idea sign Gemini since September 2022, an unusually long time due to its retrograde cycle (Oct. 30-Jan. 12). The time is coming to implement some of the ideas that have been rolling around inside your head, and dropping those ideas that just will not work now. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, so old school traditional approaches to life begin to take on new life in Aquarius (See March 23). An example of how this is working: Several politicians have been using the phrase “generational change” in talking about the next USA President. Also on tap for the coming three months is a mixture of Pisces and Aries energy- the endings and beginnings signs of the zodiac. Pisces asks you to go beyond the veils of the world and Aries urges you to get moving as you pioneer new projects. All of this goes to say that the coming three months has everyone deciding what they are ready to release and making initial efforts to pioneer a new path.

Tuesday March 21 at 10:23 AM PDT is the new moon at the first degree of Aries. See the above comments on Spring Equinox and also the New Moon Email newsletter.

Thursday March 23: Pluto moves into Aquarius. This is a major event, but you may not feel it because Pluto is so far away. Pluto helps you stand in your power, but it must first help you release that which stands in the way of being in your power (fears, ego, outdated beliefs and behaviors). The USA Revolutionary War was going on the last time Pluto was in the sign of higher ideals. Pluto is just giving us a preview of what is ahead as the god of death & destruction returns to Capricorn in June, then will spend 20 years in the sign come 2024.

Saturday March 25 has Mars entering feeling oriented Cancer. This has been a long time coming due to Mars’s retrograde cycle. In Gemini since early September 2022, you have been exploring many options regarding your ambition. The warrior is in Cancer until May 20. Take care of emotional, home, family and nutrition needs while Mars is in nurturing Cancer.

On Tuesday March 28, the moon moves into emotional Cancer and aligns with Mars (see March 25). This is the first quarter moon which tends to challenge you to get moving as the energy builds towards the full moon on April 6. Tend to projects and people close to home.

Thursday March 30 is an exciting day. Mars makes harmony to Saturn which provides the physical energy for longer projects or anything that requires stamina. Gentle Venus in sensual Taurus aligns with eclectic Uranus. Step out of your comfort zone to meet new people and try new experiences.

April 2023

Accomplish as much as you are able early in the month. Eclipses come on April 20 and May 5, and Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 20. The solar eclipse on April 20 is at the last degree of Aries, so it represents the junction between ending old business and early beginnings to new soul motivations. Mercury retrograde comes a day later on April 21 in Taurus. Consider how your values are changing, make a budget, and release that which no longer holds energy for you.

Monday April 3 has communications planet Mercury moving into Taurus until June 11. This is a much longer journey through the sign due to the coming retrograde cycle on April 21. Rethink what you need and no longer need in the weeks ahead. On Monday, Mercury makes a challenging square relationship to Pluto. Think before you speak or shoot off that email or text you wish you could take back. All of this year’s retrogrades are at astromark.us

Wednesday April 5 brings the full moon in Libra and Aries. This is the full moon where you need to balance your relationship needs with your independence needs. The full moon is being challenged by the asteroid Pallas. This suggests that you need to make a plan and not just wing it and see what happens. More on this in the email newsletter. There is gentle help in communications between April 5-8..

Easter Sunday April 9 has the moon in Sagittarius. This is a generous and enthusiastic sign. One level of Sagittarius is to participate in spiritual and/or philosophical activities. The other side is to get out in nature.

On Tuesday April 11, Venus enters Gemini until May 7. Short, quick beautification projects are supported. Exploring new relationships is also favored as long as you understand that this is better for exploring than it is for committing. In esoteric astrology, this combination is excellent for healing.

Catch up with friends or check out new groups and organizations Thursday afternoon April 13 through Saturday afternoon April 15 under a social Aquarius moon, then watch a movie Saturday night as the moon moves into Pisces. There is a minor challenge around lunch time (PDT) on Friday the 14th when Venus squares Saturn. Don’t push boundaries in relationships.

April 20 brings a solar eclipse at the last degree of Aries. Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings from a deeper soul level, but the last degree of a sign brings completions. Add to that: this is the first of a series of eclipses in Aries and Libra since 2014. So it brings an odd mixture of needing to start a new path while still busy handling existing and/or leaving activities/relationships. And it begins to set the stage for summer when the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon move into Aries and Libra when you re-balance independent needs and relationship needs

Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on Friday April 21 until May14.

April 23-25 bring minor harmonies to communicating new ideas and emotions. Put physical energy into creating what’s next in your life, but know that you must look for the long term rather than “I want it now” mindset.

Saturday April 29 is good for spending time with friends.

May 2023

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Taurus until May 14. Taurus is associated with values, finances, and possessions. What do you want to keep and what gets sold on Ebay or a yard sale? There is a lunar eclipse on May 5 in Scorpio. This brings deep emotions to the surface. It is also common for hidden things to come to the surface (Watch politicians and the banking industry for starters.). Expansive Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16 which helps you manifest your dreams and goals if you are willing to take a conservative risk on yourself. Ambitious Mars moves into heart opening Leo May 16 to July 10. Have some fun and put energy into creative projects that call to you on a heart level.