May Astrology Forecast:

There are significant planetary actions in May. Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 10th and then backs into hard working Taurus on the 22nd. This opens you up to new ideas on how you manifest your needs and desires. But remember that this is just the idea stage so there is lots of talk but its too soon to know what will turn into action. Also on May 10, Jupiter moves into pioneering Aries until late October when it temporarily moves back into Pisces to tend to unfinished business. (Click here to see all the planetary retrograde dates for 2022 and brief insight into them.) Where Pisces helped you open to a new vision (or just confused the heck out of you), Jupiter helps you take a risk on yourself to assert a new path. It’s time to get moving, on multiple levels. May 15/16 brings a lunar eclipse in intensely emotional Scorpio (See Spring quarter Astromark newsletter Page 1, Column 1 for more on the eclipses)


May 1-7:

Sunday morning has a pleasant combination between Venus and Pluto. This helps you discuss deeper values including desires and finances. Then on Monday, love & money Venus moves into Aries until the 28th. This is not a comfortable combination because Venus wants relationships and Aries wants independence. Create a better balance between your sharing needs and your individuality needs in the weeks ahead. Wednesday morning May 4 urges you to step outside your comfort zone under a friendly connection between assertive Mars and eclectic Uranus. Meet a friend for breakfast, or sneak out of your normal humdrum routine. This friendly and eccentric energy continues into Cinco de Mayo when the life-giving Sun aligns with  “I’ll try anything once” Uranus. Communications planet Mercury is in harmony with relationship planet Venus the latter half of this week. Get out and be with people under this talkative influence. The moon moves into heart opening Leo on Saturday morning, so do something fun, creative, or heart-centered on the weekend.


May  8-14:

Mother’s Day continues to have the moon in Leo from the weekend, so the heart opening energy continues.  Mercury has been slowing down to turn retrograde in time for rush hour traffic on May 10. It begins in one of Mercury’s favorite signs, Gemini, and then backs into Taurus on the 22nd (See write up at ). It will be interesting to see how this plays out because “do it big” Jupiter moves into impatient Aries on Tuesday. Frustration with traffic or road rage is one level of this energy. Opening to new ideas to pioneer a new path for you life is supported on a higher level. Be aware that there are likely to be too many options right now, but they will be pared down in the months ahead. I am fond of reminding myself that taking care of self-interest is not selfish.

Thursday and Friday are pleasant under a social and relationship oriented Libra moon. A Scorpio moon on Saturday takes you to deeper levels and prepares you for next week’s lunar eclipse. That means that Friday is the better social day and Saturday’s Scorpio moon prefers privacy.


May 15-21:

There is a lunar eclipse overnight Sunday into Monday, May 15-16See the NASA map for visibility in North and South America as well as western Africa and western Europe.  For those who know their chart, find the houses that contain 26 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus. For example, the eclipse landing in the 9th and 3rd houses of your chart could stimulate the desire to travel, teach, write or learn something new (See Basic Astrology Primer). Lunar eclipses tend to bring hidden emotions up to the surface, and that goes double for an eclipse in intense Scorpio.  On the physical level, you can go to deeper levels within yourself to really look at what you value and what no longer holds energy for you. On the esoteric level, it asks you to live in your center and not get sucked into the drama and chaos of your personal or global world. This does not mean we are unfeeling about the atrocities the Russians have taken to the Ukraine, but that we support justice and truth without anger and emotionally reactive behavior (same for your personal life situation!). The good news is that the moon makes a harmonious trine to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This is a spiritual warrior combination that holds a higher vision and then takes action to bring that higher vision into reality. Boundary-setting Saturn is tied to this eclipse, so you are challenged to sacrifice in the short term for the long term gain. Astrologers often forget to tell people that Saturn produces rewards, they just come from discipline and hard work over time.

The moon moves into Sagittarius about six hours after the eclipse through early Wednesday, and this helps lighten the load and remind you that life is an adventure. Be productive on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for a social Aquarius moon on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday the 21st,

Mercury is at the halfway point in his retrograde cycle. The general philosophy is to tend to old business in the first half of Mercury retrograde, and begin to plant the seeds for incoming energy during the second half of Mercury retrograde.

May  22-28:

The moon enters psychic Pisces at 8:49 AM PDT on Sunday to support a dreamy day. Spend some time near water or in meditation. Then in the evening, Mercury retrogrades into Taurus until mid-June. Consider all the ideas you came up with earlier in the month (as the current retrograde cycle stated in idea sign Gemini), and begin to filter out those that can work in the mundane world. Taurus is a hard worker, not an idealist. There are several pleasant planetary combinations on Sunday evening through Tuesday morning, but you have to consciously take advantage of what astrologers call “soft” aspects. That means there is help available if you get off your backside and use them. Have confidence in yourself by opening your belief system to something larger and begin to take action on higher philosophical goals.

Mars moves into Aries, one of his two favorite signs (Scorpio is the other) on Tuesday at 4:17 PM PDT until July 5. Take advantage of the next several days because assertive Mars aligns with “take a risk on yourself” Jupiter through the 29th. Mars in Aries tells you to get moving, be it through exercise or ambition. Wednesday supports deeper level conversations and the opportunity to change your way of thinking. Avoid difficult relationship combinations Thursday afternoon into early Friday as relationship planet challenges destructive Pluto. This shifts on Saturday as Venus moves into Taurus for three weeks. This is a good combination for sensual pleasure and manifesting your desires.

May 29-31:

Get up early on Sunday as Mars and Jupiter align in Aries. Exercise in nature would be one way to use this energy. Another way is to put assertive efforts into manifesting your bigger life goals.

The New Moon is on USA Memorial Day May 30 (10 degrees Gemini). Mars and Jupiter continue to be aligned from the past several days.  Continue putting action to your big ideas. Gemini likes things to keep moving, so short & quick projects, visits and conversations work best now. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde until June 3, and he is challenging restrictive Saturn in the new moon chart. Don’t try to do too much or make everyone happy. Also know that not all your ideas are going to be received with enthusiasm. You will need to rethink or reschedule some of your neatly made plans.

June preview:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on June 3,  The summer solstice chart for the coming three months has several harmonious planetary combinations to hopefully make for a pleasant summer.  Check back for details.