November 2020 Astrology Forecast:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on November 3, Election Day. The last time that happened was at the Bush-Gore, hanging chad election. Like last time, it is doubtful we shall know the winner right away. Mars has also been retrograde in Aries since September 9 and will begin to move forward on November 13th. The low level of Mars in Aries combined with Mercury retrograde is angry words, which would not be a surprise given the bad behavior in the first Presidential debate. On November 12, the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurs (Two others in April and June). This can be directly tied to the Covid virus. Hopefully this represents a path to the end of the virus, but it continues to be important to not overdue impatience with the procedures that help minimize the expansion of the virus. (Cross your fingers!) There is also a lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30th. Lunar eclipses tend to bring up deep emotions, and Gemini communicates them- a lot. Use this energy to open your mind to fresh new possibilities in the new yer..

The fall quarter Astromark newsletter has election predictions looking at Trump-Biden, Melanie-Jill, and Pense-Harris on pages 1, 3 and 6. Page 4 has metaphysical techniques using the Violet Flame to call in the Highest Good for the Presidential Election. Most of us astrologers missed on the previous presidential election since the popular vote and electoral vote did not match, so this will be a test of our skills to adapt to an upside-down world.

November 1-7:

Times quoted are now in Pacific Standard Time.

Mercury is square Saturn all week, moving retrograde on Monday and forward on Friday. This combines with Mercury ending his retrograde cycle on Tuesday morning. All of that makes for serious conversations, with challenging 90-degree squares telling us that old ways of thinking need to change (On the political level, perhaps critical thinking about the Electoral College, lifetime appointments for judges, outside interference in elections, etc.). Needless to say, this presents difficulties on Election Day. With Mars retrograde in Aries since September 9, angry words would not be a surprise. The sun and moon are working harmoniously together by late afternoon Thursday, hopefully providing some relief. On Saturday, the moon will be in Leo to support creative and heart-felt sharing.

November 8-14:

This is an important week, even if it does not feel so in a big, outer way. The moon moves into Virgo to start the work week on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is a better day to focus on work as relationship planets Venus and Mars are in conflict with each other. Take a moment to determine if the actions your are taking now are in alignment with your changing values. Mercury, now direct, moves into Scorpio , the sign it went retrograde in on October 13. Research projects and conversations on deeper emotional levels are supported. On Thursday afternoon, the third of three conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto takes place. These planets, along with Saturn (and possibly Neptune) can be directly tracked with the Covid virus. the hope is that the virus enters the beginning of the end. Of course, science suggests that this could be a difficult winter for the virus so we shall need to see what triggers an increase or decrease. On Friday, Mars ends his retrograde cycle, so this is good news to start making forward progress. However, Mars continues in Aries until early January, so ambitions and new projects find better grounding in 2021. 

The New Moon is on Saturday November 14 at 9:07 PM (24 degrees Scorpio). The water and earth elements are very strong now. This tends to support existing projects, activities that are close to home or at least more intimate than impersonal. Scorpio helps you go to deeper level. It is associated with sex, death, bankruptcy, and taxes. Given that Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) has been active all year, many people have experienced loss by death in 2020. This is a good time to heal on deep emotional levels and let go as best you are able.  A sacred Sabian Symbol taken from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala is “After having heard an inspired individual deliver his ‘sermon on the mount’ crowds are returning home.”  I suggest that we all take a few moments to reconnect with ideas or activities that inspire us. My personal go-to place for inspiration is the series of books by Baird Spalding, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. Mercury has been opposing Uranus for a full month now, and is part of this new moon and on to the 17th. It is time to open to inventive and innovative ways of thinking.


November 15- 21:

Love & money Venus is making several challenges to planets in Capricorn this week, precisely on the 15th and 19th. This presents and opportunity to review where your values are coming into manifestation, or where you need to be better grounded. Do you need to communicate boundaries in a diplomatic way? Is it time to get serious about your budget, or how much you want to spend in the coming holidays? The Leonids meteor shower is best from midnight to dawn Monday night into early Tuesday the 17th. Wednesday is a great work day with a hard working Capricorn moon and the sun making gentle harmony to Capricorn’s favorite planet, Saturn. On Saturday, Venus moves into Scorpio until December 15. Be willing to go into deeper and more vulnerable emotional conversations now.

November 22-28:

A Pisces moon on Sunday and Monday is a gentle way to move into the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday. Movies and meditation are supported. Spiritual conversations and opening to intuitive abilities are favored. On Tuesday and Wednesday the moon is in impatient Aries. Watch your speed if driving and watch out for people who are in a hurry to cut in front of you. USA Thanksgiving Day on Thursday the 26th has the moon in Aries until evening which is good for people who like sporting events. On Black Friday, the moon is in Taurus, suggesting the purchase of durable goods or items that have lasting value. This continues into Saturday; however, Neptune turns retrograde which can have tired drivers on the road.


November 29-30:

Sunday is the dark of the moon prior to Monday’s lunar eclipse. In Gemini, plan on quick conversations, short projects and keeping on the move.

The lunar eclipse is on Monday November 30 at 1:30 AM PST (9 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius). North America will be able to see it as partially shaded.  A Sagittarius sun stimulates you to open to higher philosophy, integrity, taking the high road, and expanding your belief system. The Gemini moon opens your mind to new possibilities and new ways to communicate in  your world. Together, you can communicate higher understanding and principles in a way that others can understand. In 7 Ray esoteric astrology, Gemini is part of a triad for the 2nd Ray of unconditional love and seeking wisdom. Be willing to see beyond the outer personality crust of people to connect with the spirit of divine within them. As you vibrate from your own higher self, connecting with their higher self, the world improves immediately.


December 2020 preview:

There is a solar eclipse in generous and optimistic Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius at winter solstice.  This conjunction occurs only every 20 years. I think most people will be happy to leave the heavy, earthy Capricorn emphasis of 2020 to move into idealistic and airy Aquarius. Check back for details.