July 2019 Astrology Forecast:

Expect emotions to be up this month. There are two eclipses and Mercury is retrograde July 7 -31. The solar eclipse on July 2 is in Cancer, and that means emotions, home, family, food/nutrition, and residential real estate. Solar eclipses represent new beginnings that start at a deeper, soul level. They bring up inner desires, and in Cancer, you are looking for emotional support and security. Mercury is retrograde in Leo and Cancer. Rethink the balance between what your heart wants to open up to versus the part of you that wants to play it safe.

The lunar eclipse on July 16 asks you to look at your responsibilities and boundaries, especially as they relate to your emotions.

The Summer Quarter Astromark Newsletter is now uploaded for  your reading pleasure.


July 1-6:

Mars moves into Leo on the 1st, so it is time to make certain your heart is connected to your actions. This combination goes all the way to August 17, so make room for creativity and fun.

The Total Solar Eclipse is on July 2 at 12:16 PM pacific time (11 degrees Cancer) . Watch for world events under its path from Oceana (just east of New Zealand) to the Pacific side of South America. A Cancer eclipse brings up deep emotions. It brings new beginnings. Look at where you are nurturing and where you need more nurturing for yourself. Home, family, food, the disease cancer,  and residential real estate are all associated with the sign Cancer. At the same time, quick Mercury and impatient Mars both make a challenge to the explosive earthquake planet, Uranus. You can take quick action to set you free of some aspect of your life. But because Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde on July 7, use extra care in traffic and allow extra time to get where you are going.

Venus enters Cancer July 3-27, making a gentle combination to beautify yourself or your home. This helps deal with emotional issues in a softer way. The USA July 4th holiday is under the influence of a Leo moon. Leo likes to have fun, so a good lunar sign for open-hearted sharing. The moon moves into Virgo late Friday, so plan to get something organized or cleaned up this weekend.


July 7-13:

Sunday is a good day to hide out from the world. The moon is in its introspective void-of-course phase all day starting at 9:50 AM PDT, and then Mercury turns retrograde late afternoon until July 31. Although many people only see the negative, communications breakdown side of Mercury retrograde, it also provides opportunities. You can rearrange your life, take a retreat, and research future projects. Because this Mercury Retrograde starts in Leo and then backs into Cancer, you begin by deciding where your heart is engaged in life, and then where you are getting (or not) the proper nurturing in life.

Monday morning would be a good time to meet a friend for breakfast, or share weekend stories on the Stair Master at the gym. Venus and Uranus are playing nicely together so there is harmony and friendship. And building up the past few days and exact Monday afternoon, quick Mercury and impatient Mars line up. Go from quick task to task today rather than focusing on any one thing.

Tuesday morning is sluggish as the Sun opposes restrictive Saturn. If you must do important tasks, take the slow but sure approach. Wednesday is an easier day,  but less ambitious. Watch a movie Wednesday evening as film-planet Neptune is helping you to relax.

Go easy on Thursday morning, especially if you are driving or working with mechanical things. Mars is making a challenge to Uranus and that is when things break, earthquakes occur, and people with anger issues act out. Friday and Saturday are under an adventurous Sagittarius moon, great for a walk in nature or philosophical activity.


July 14-20:

Rest up on Sunday, and it would be wise to get a slow start in the morning as obsessive-compulsive Pluto is being annoying. The build up to Tuesday’s full moon starts Sunday evening when the moon moves into serious Capricorn.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on July 16 at 2:38 PM PDT (25 degrees Capricorn and Cancer). Tune in to determine if you get any prophetic hints about what is coming in early 2020. This full moon is located in the same area of Capricorn as the rare and major triple alignment of planets will be in early 2020. Think about how you are balancing your responsibilities and your nurturing needs. God of the underworld Pluto takes you to the very depths of your being to help you release anything that gets between you and the One Source of all that is. Think of Archangel Michael using his sword to clear the path for you so that when you use your power, you are using it while directly connected to Creation without clutter getting in the way. There are an abundance of planets in action signs now, and that is great for doing all that you need to accomplish. However, the air element is weak, so consciously practice healthy communications and be open to new ideas.

The moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday, so get out to participate with groups, friends and organizations. At the same time, relationship planet Venus is making harmony with spiritual Neptune. This supports you into tapping into relationships based upon spiritual connection.

The weekend has an emotional tone to it, as the moon moves into psychic Pisces and Mercury retrograde moves backwards into feeling-oriented Cancer. Communicate emotions. It will be important to go to the more vulnerable side of your emotions on Saturday night.


July 21-27:

Wake up early Sunday morning as Mercury retrograde aligns with the Sun. This is the halfway point in the retrograde cycle that started back on July 7. It is time to start thinking and doing behind the scenes preparation for future projects 9but don’t carve anything into stone just yet). Get physical on Monday and Tuesday under an exercising Aries moon.

Wednesday evening has Mercury aligning with Venus, suggesting great conversation at the dinner hour. With the moon now in Taurus, talk about your values and desires. Thursday morning is an excellent time to get ambition about presenting your big ideas. Ambitious Mars is making harmony with do-it-big Jupiter. Saturday works best if you do short, quick projects and errands-not a good time for deep research. Also on Saturday, loving Venus moves into heart-opening Leo for three weeks, making a great time to share with loved ones or take a risk on someone new.


July 28-31:

If you can escape from your world on Monday afternoon, it would be wise to do so. Freedom-loving Uranus wants to throw a revolution. Step out of your normal routine on Monday.

July 31 brings the second new moon to the month, exact at 8:12 PM PDT (9 degrees Leo). Expect the unexpected as Uranus throws a revolution while the emotional moon and loving Venus seek harmony and peace. On one level, this new moon asks you to open your heart, remember the child within, and to practice creative playtime. On another level, earthquake planet Uranus wants you to run off into the unknown, leaving safe and comfortable behind. This conflicting energy is further amplified as Mercury ends his three-week retrograde cycle. Don’t let the choppy energy throw you off center. Keep your heart open and be willing to change on a moments notice. Spontaneous activities can be a lot of fun if you are willing to drop your expectations. Mediate on a sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon: “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” One suggestion is to connect with the deeper spiritual part of you and consciously bring that to the surface in a creative way.


August preview:

Mercury has just ended his retrograde cycle so life will begin to move forward. Jupiter, which has been retrograde since mid-April, turns direct on the 11th. This helps you start moving in expansive directions, but it will really be October before the momentum builds. This is because the other two planets that will be in the triple alignment in Capricorn in 2020 will not be moving forward until late September/early October. There is a mixture of work and play in August. Check back for details