August Astrology Forecast:

The beginning of August is intense as aggressive Mars aligns with revolutionary Mars and the spiritual destiny node of the moon from about 16-20 degrees of Taurus. This last happened in the spring of 1940 near the beginning of World War II. The low side of the interpretation of this rare combination is earthquakes, angry people with weapons, and people expressing “my way or the highway” attitudes. Positively, you have the opportunity to get clarity on your values and priorities, and then take action on those changing priorities. Take the high road by living in your center in spite of outer world chaos (Taurus is part of the 4th Ray triad of Harmony through Conflict. Do not buy into the emotionally reactive and fear-based behavior of others. See Soul Ray consultation, now open to all, and the price goes from $195 to $210 in September) The rest of August is generally easy. Be sure to give yourself extra time this month as the rest of the year presents challenges through Mercury and Mars retrograde, two eclipses, and the final alignment of restrictive Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus.

SACRED TRAVEL:  I am getting serious about putting the Turkey trip into motion for 2023. I would like airline fuel prices to come down before setting a date as current airline ticket prices make the trip expensive.  Stay tuned…

August 1-6:

On August 1, Ambitious Mars, inventive Uranus and the spiritual destiny node of the moon all align at 4:53 PM PDT. If you know your chart, find the area containing 19 degrees Taurus to know which area of your life is being impacted (See Free Astrology Primer for house meanings). Mars and Uranus align about every two years, but the north node of dharma has an 18.5 year orbit, so the three of them rarely come together. Mars is associated with the 6th Ray of devotion and idealism. This is where you go off on a personal vision quest into the etheric realm in order to open to your higher vision. Uranus is associated with the 7th Ray of transmutation, or energetic alchemy. You have the opportunity to raise your frequency to live in a higher vibration. The north node asks you to step up to a higher level of what you came to do on planet earth. You must move beyond fears and self-limiting beliefs to manifest your goals in the tangible world. Lady Nada and Archangel Uriel (Light) is 6th Ray, and St. Germaine, Archangel Zadkiel, and the Violet Flame are 7th Ray (See photos in the Esoteric Astrology download or under the Astrology shop, Astrology Products tab). Both are challenging Saturn in Aquarius, with Mars being more intense through August 7. Saturn asks you to sacrifice in the short term for long term gain. Step into your wise elder authority figure.  There is also a write up on this event that is more grounded on page 1 of the Summer Quarter Astromark newsletter.

Tuesday brings the moon in social Libra and a couple of pleasant relationship combinations. On Thursday, Mercury moves into Virgo until August 25 (and a little more for its September Mercury retrograde.) . Mercury likes Virgo, so it is a good time to get organized for the coming change of seasons (Maybe I shall finally clean out my over-stacked garage!). Purification and cleansing are key words for this combination. Friday has numerous minor challenging lunar connections, so Saturday is the better day to play and share.

August 7-13:

Sunday brings  mixture of harmony and challenge. It’s one of those days you feel happy living in the here-and-now, and then feel like life is hard the next minute. Just go with the paradox of harmony and challenge. The moon moves into hard-working Capricorn on Monday at 11:39 AM PDT, so plan to accomplish tangible tasks through Wednesday morning before the moon moves into Aquarius for the build-up to the Aquarius full moon.

The Full Moon is Thursday August 11 (6:36 PM PDT, 20 degrees Aquarius-Leo). Relationship planet Venus moves into heart-opening Leo until September 5 to add to the energy. Venus in Leo wants some play time in the coming weeks. However, this full moon ties into the August 1 alignment of Mars, Uranus, and the north node. This part of the energy wants to get productive projects moving, but feels pulled in three directions simultaneously. The water element is weak now, so be certain to take care of your emotional well-being. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are strong now. This gives you great perseverance and stamina, but can also be stubborn and hard-headed. Perhaps the best advice is to mix work and play, avoiding “my way or the highway” people.

Friday afternoon and Saturday ease up as the moon moves through gentle Pisces. Mellow out in a scenic watery location, meditate, see a movie, or listen to music when Pisces is active.

August 14-20

Sunday includes two planetary combinations that are somewhat contradictory. The Sun in Leo is opposite Saturn in Aquarius. Leo likes to play and open hearts, whereas Aquarius is more mental and wants to keep a healthy level of detachment from the drama that Leo can often bring. Combine Sun in Leo generosity with Saturn’s ability to set appropriate boundaries. At the same time, aggressive Mars makes a harmonious trine to Pluto, helping you to take action to release that which is no longer needed in your life. The moon is moving through Aries from Sunday afternoon through most of the day Tuesday. Exercise and asserting new projects is favored (keeping in mind 4 of the 5 outer planets are retrograde and Uranus is slowing to turn retrograde before the end of the month. This means that those new projects are going to take some time to come to fruition so drop the “I want it now” mentality). Share innovative ideas with friends over a quick lunch on Tuesday.

Overnight Wednesday into early Thursday is a very happy trine between Venus and Jupiter. This is a feel good combination as long as you do not go to excess in sensual pleasures/ The moon moves into Gemini on Friday and Saturday. This supports running errands, quick communications and/or a short trip.

On Saturday, Mars moves into Gemini. Normally, Mars spends six weeks in a sign. Because he will be retrograde October 30-January 12, he will be in Gemini until late March 2023. See Planetary Retrogrades for 2022 at Everyone will be looking at new ideas and myriad possibilities in the coming months, but it will take time to know which ones actually get action from ambitious Mars.


August 21-27:

Mental Mercury is active on Sunday and Monday. Pay attention to your dreams early Sunday morning. It would be fun to note if you are flying or traveling in your dreams, as Mercury is the winged messenger. On Tuesday afternoon, Mercury is in harmony with Pluto which supports deeper level conversations that help you communicate vulnerable topics.

Wednesday has Uranus turning retrograde until late January. This has been building up for several weeks now, and now all five outer planets are retrograde. Remember the summer of 2021 when this also occurred. Many people commented that they felt stuck in music-on-hold, or just unmotivated. Sometimes you have to pull back to regenerate your energy before moving on to new things (and 2023 is going to bring a lot of new things!). Mercury moves into Libra on Thursday. Mercury will be retrograde in Libra and Virgo beginning September 9, so start to pay attention to relationship conversations and your ideas on relationships. It will be interesting to see if this pulls us away from social Libra due to the resurgence of covid, or if people will be stimulated to seek new social contacts and relationships.

The New Moon is on Saturday August 26 (5 degrees Virgo). A sacred Sabian Symbol (Dane Rudhyar, and Astrological Mandala) is “A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies.” This symbol suggests it is time to pull within to open to spirit rather than trying to figure everything out yourself, the hard way.  Virgo is the sign of the goddess. She has to do with service, purification, simplifying your life, getting organized, and pets. At the very least, cleaning your closets or doing a body cleanse would help prepare you for the coming change of seasons. Using the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon, a pattern is formed in the sky called either a Grand Cross or Grand Square. This is where you must look four steps ahead before taking an action, or you risk running around like the chicken with head cut off, exhausted and disorganized. Part of this pattern ties into last year’s challenging Saturn square Uranus which is coming into play one more time in October. The pattern includes “I want my safety and security” Saturn; and, “I just want to be free and innovative” Uranus. Love & money Venus is seeking beauty, balance and creativity as part of this pattern.  The spiritual destiny nodes are in play now too, and have been setting you up since late July and taking us to the lunar eclipse on November 8. They have to do with overcoming Scorpio fears to live in Taurus’s higher values. This is a challenging new moon, but it will help you decide what is important to you and what needs to be released.

August 28- 31:

The end of the month is pretty easy. The moon is in Virgo all day Sunday, making it a great day to tend to do simple projects that make your life easier. The only challenge is that sensual pleasure loving Venus is opposed by disciplined Saturn. Get something tangible accomplished and then treat yourself to something nice. Then the moon moves into social Libra on Monday and Tuesday to help ease the end of the month. The moon moves into intense Scorpio at 11:11 AM PDT Wednesday to help you get focused.

September preview:

September has Mercury turning retrograde in relationship sign Libra, then backing into purifying Virgo, September 9- October 2. The challenging Saturn square Uranus that went on all of 2021 moves within one degree of exact through September and early October. It is the internal struggle to have both Saturn stability v Uranus freedom. In the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, it was Saturn law challenging Uranus personal freedom. Check back for details.