September Astrology Forecast:

All five outer planets are retrograde this month. This suggests that you have the opportunity to finish old business and do behind the scenes preparation for that which is to come later this year and into 2022. Also consider that the full moon on September 20 is in the last degree of Pisces, what the ancients called “the degree of death” because it is the last degree of the zodiac. What is it time to release? Communications planet Mercury enters the shadow period on the 10th, then turns retrograde Sept. 26-Oct. 18 in relationship sign Libra. The pre-retrograde shadow from Sept 10-26 often shows you the activities that need your attention during the retrograde. Libra includes re-balancing your relationships, Improving your appearance, making cosmetic improvements to your home or office, or going easy on kidneys, adreanal glands and sugar.  (The Autumn Quarterly Astromark Newsletter will be available by Sept 19.)



September 1-4:

The month starts with the moon in nurturing Cancer, great for sharing a mean with family or close friends. There is a challenge on Thursday (exact at 10:43 AM PDT) when aggressive Mars in hard-working Virgo opposes daydreaming Neptune in Pisces. It is good to accomplish tangible tasks, then take a break for psychic relief. A Leo moon on Friday and Saturday is good for social activity. On Saturday, Mercury is in a harmonious trine to Saturn, exact at 6:30 PM PDT. This supports sharing ideas that can manifest in the tangible world. It is also good for diplomatically communicating boundaries and making down to earth future plans.

September 5-11:

Sunday is the dark before Monday’s new moon. That is a great time for introspection. The planet Venus makes a challenging square relationship to Pluto. This supports you in going to deeper emotional and vulnerable levels in important relationships, but it is not easy. Be willing to go to those emotional depths, but now is not the time to force issues.

The Virgo New Moon is on Monday, September 6 at 5:52 PM PDT (15 degrees Virgo). Although the is the USA Labor Day holiday, Virgo is good for work, especially if you need to get organized, or cleanse your body or home. This may be difficult because ambitious Mars in Virgo is willing to accomplish a great deal, he make an uncomfortable relationship (150 degree inconjunct) to Jupiter who wants to go off into nature on an adventure. Perhaps the best way to handle this is to do something on your “to do” list and then sneak away for some time in nature. Because Venus is making harmony to Jupiter, pick an easy project then go to a beautiful location. 

Get your “gotta get it done” work done early on Tuesday, because the moon goes into its quiet phase in the afternoon. She moves into social Libra on Wednesday and Thursday. There are pleasant emotional moon relationships both days, making for a good time to share with friends. On Friday, both the moon and Venus moves into intense Scorpio. The moon takes you to emotional depths through Saturday, and Venus is there until October 7. Scorpio supports research projects or activities that require focus. Spend time with people you trust, going to deeper levels of communications. Superficial chit chat is not a Scorpio thing.

Note that Mercury moves into the shadow of its coming retrograde cycle September 26-October 18. Start to set up projects that you will be dealing with during the communications breakdown cycle. Create more balance and beauty in your life.


September 12- 18:

The moon moves into Sagittarius until early Tuesday morning. This supports philosophical discussions, the desire to travel, getting into nature, and opening to generosity. On Tuesday evening, warrior Mars moves into Libra until October 30. This is not a comfortable combination for aggressive Mars. Libra is a sign of diplomacy and grace. Mars likes to push through to the goal, and don’t get in his way. Be a peaceful warrior and practice assertive diplomacy. Take action to create greater beauty into your life.

On Thursday at 8:23 AM PDT, the moon moves into friendly Aquarius through Saturday morning. Aquarius is bored with the same old stuff, so try new activities and meet new people. Thursday evening has the Sun trine Pluto. This harmonious aspect helps you express your core life force needs and values at a deep level. Combined with the Aquarius moon, you can have a light-hearted discussion of deeper topics, perhaps at a new restaurant or someplace you have been wanting to check out. It’s best not to do this too late on Thursday evening because Venus makes a challenge to Saturn into early Friday. Possible manifestations are feeling tired if you stay out too late or concerns over the budget if you choose too expensive of a meeting place.  The moon moves into psychic Pisces on Saturday afternoon, suggesting a good night for a movie or music.


September 19-25:

Sunday is a gentle moon in Pisces day. Rest up for a busy week ahead.

The Pisces-Virgo Full Moon is on Monday September 20 at 4:55 pm PDT (29 degrees Pisces-Virgo). It is talkative as communications planet Mercury makes harmony to big idea Jupiter in Aquarius. Communicate higher ideals and innovative ideas. At the same time, ambitious Mars and the Sun are moving to make harmony with hard-working Saturn in the coming week. You can put you high ideas into practical action. So talk about your ideas at the full moon, and then get to work on them in the week that follows (otherwise, it is just a lot of talk with no action.).  Pisces is a visionary, and Virgo puts those visions into practical use in the mundane world.

Avoid forcing your ideas onto people and allow extra time in traffic on Wednesday morning.  Verbal Mercury is challenging “my way or the highway” Pluto which means it is good to take a breath before impulsively speaking or flipping someone off who cuts you off in traffic. You might wake up early on Thursday when Venus makes a challenge to “expect the unexpected” Uranus. Ease into Thursday morning if you are able. Moon in Taurus on Friday and most of Saturday is productive.  .

Fall Equinox is on Sept. 22 at 12:21 PM PDT. The autumn quarterly Astromark newsletter has information and an ACG map on it on pages 7 & 8 (uploaded by Sept 17)

September 26-30:

Mercury begins his retrograde cycle In relationship sign Libra overnight on Sunday into Monday. The moon is in one of Mercury’s favorite signs, Gemini, on Monday. This can make for lots of talk and an abundance of ideas- but don’t believe everything you hear now as many people are just floating ideas and not sure which ones will get grounded. Wednesday is an interesting day in that romantic Venus is in harmony with fantasy Neptune which can have you off in daydream land. Also on Wednesday, the life-giving sun makes harmony to grounded Saturn. So one part of you wants to float and drift in creative imagination land, another part of you is telling you to produce something tangible. Thursday has minor challenges most of the day, so don’t take life too seriously and tend to projects already under way.


October preview:

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Libra until October 18. All five outer planets have been retrograde, and for of them begin to move forward again. This suggests forward progress starting gradually as the month goes on. Check back for details.