April 2020 Astrology Forecast:

April 7 brings the second of three Super Moons, so emotions continue to be up. Venus moves into Gemini on April 3. The goddess normally spends about three weeks in a sign. Because the love & money planet turns retrograde May 13-June 24, she will be in Gemini an extra long time  until early August. This begins a cycle where you will review and revise all types of relationships and your finances. Given the financial hit due to the Corona virus, many people will explore new ways to manifest their needs and desires, or at least research changes needed in their 401k. For people who celebrate Easter, April 12, the moon will be void-of-course all day. This means that the day is quieter, more introspective, and perhaps a bit disconnected. Do quiet things under a void moon, so I would expect a quieter holiday this year. The new moon in Taurus on April 22 is aligned with “anything can happen” Uranus. You will be ready for something different and feel the need to step out of your boring routine.

Scroll down below the Corona virus notes for the rest of this month’s forecast.

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Astrology of the Corona virus:

I thought I would put all the short tidbits I have been putting out into one place as there have been a lot of questions from  clients. The world is upside down it seems. The traditional view of viruses is associated with the planet Neptune. Currently, Neptune is about halfway through a 14 year journey through Pisces. However,  this commonly held view does not show up as expected. A popular reference book by Rex Bills “The Rulership Book” indicates that Pluto rules viruses. The Corona virus was first announced by China in late December, just as Saturn was aligning with Pluto to begin the rare triple alignment in Capricorn. The previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction was in the fall of 1982 when a lot of energy was going into reducing nuclear weapons on the planet.

Now comes the next step in the virus as Jupiter begins the first of three conjunctions on April 4, June 30 and November 12. Jupiter makes things bigger, and this has been seen through the planet-wide spread of the virus. One story line is that this could go on all year. The story-line that I am holding is that the virus is big now, we begin to get it under control by the second alignment on June 30, and we move on to new business by November.

I also looked at the charts of actor Tom Hanks and his wife since they picked up the virus. The one thing that stood out was not the Capricorn alignment as I expected, but that they have natal planets in the early degrees of Leo. Transiting Saturn is testing its 2021 run through Aquarius between mid-March and July 1 this year. It is possible that Aquarius represents the kind of energy where the virus hit various locations on earth without a seeming connection. If so, it is critical that we prepare for the future because there is going to be a lot of Aquarius energy in the coming years.  Saturn rules boundaries and Aquarius is social, so we are seeing social spacing as one result of this combination.

Most importantly, do not fall into fear as the media hits us with “all virus, all the time” news. Like catching a cold, the symptoms of the cold are not the cause of the cold. Fear just makes things worse. Keep a good attitude, don’t over isolate yourself, and keep your spirits up through exercise and activities. Although there are a lot of financial fears now, know that this is an abundant universe. External things such as viruses, bear economies and shortages are fear based. The only way to effectively combat these challenges is to take the high road. Jupiter represents opening your belief system to a larger perspective, to abundant possibilities. Remember President John Adams quote “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

April 1-4:

April Fool’s Day starts the month under a nurturing Cancer moon. Do something that is emotionally supportive for yourself and those people who are in your inner circle.  On Friday, Venus moves into Gemini for an unusually long time (early August). This sets you up for her less common retrograde cycle coming May 13-June 24. Begin to  think about your relationships and finances to determine what needs to change in the months ahead. Gemini is a curious sign and willing to explore new options. As Friday evening approaches, Mercury aligns with Neptune. This is excellent for romantic conversations, uplifting music and movies, and activities that enhance your intuition.

Saturday brings the first of three conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto (also June and November). Jupiter makes things big, so we have seen it grow the Corona virus to large levels (See the notes on this above in the Corona virus notes). On a personal level, this alignment urges you to open your belief system to expansive levels. In esoteric astrology, Pluto cleanses anything that gets between you and Creation that takes your power away (fears, self-worth issues, etc.). Ideally, this combination helps you raise your consciousness beyond the type of fear-based energy that creates viruses. The moon moves into Virgo at 2:18 PM PDT on Saturday, so keep it simple, eat healthy, and clean something. Friday is the better social day.

April 5-11:

The moon continues in Virgo all day Sunday suggesting that you will be happier if you accomplish something productive and tangible. Pick an item on your Virgo list and get organized-like preparing for a yard sale to get rid of clutter. On Tuesday, the moon moves into social Libra at 2:16 PM PDT. The emotion-focused moon make harmonious aspects (means relationships) to other planets all day, so “Don’t worry, be happy!” 

The April 7th full moon (19 degrees Libra-Aries) is the second of three super moon’s this spring. It is closer to earth than the March and coming May super moons, making it the most potent of the three. Some cultures call this a Pink Moon, so perhaps it is time to call out pink energy. Mother Earth certainly seems to need it right now.  Libra wants to be social and improve relationships. Sun in Aries is ready to pioneer a new path. Together, it is time to re-balance sharing and individual needs. At the same time, Jupiter and Pluto are challenging you. Jupiter pushes you to open your belief system to a larger expression of who you are. Pluto pushes you to release fears, emotional wounds, or anything that takes your power away. Think of the image of Archangel Michael with his sword protecting you as you take a risk, choosing to live according to higher spiritual principles. One last connection is a challenge between warrior Mars and revolutionary Uranus. Take action to open to innovative ways to live your life, but remember that you cannot force the universe to go faster than it is able. The earthly level of this full moon is to take action to improve relationships, including your relationship with yourself. The spiritual frequency is to take action to revolutionize your value system to live in a higher balance.

Scorpio moon Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning suggests you will do well by focusing your energy on project that require a deeper concentration. It prefers private, deep conversations to superficial chit-chat. On Friday evening, mental Mercury moves into pioneering Aries until April 27. Open to new ideas. Don’t drive too fast.

April 12-18:

On Easter Sunday, the moon is void-of-course from4:46 AM to 5:05 PM PDT. “Void of course” means that the moon is not making connections to other planets, and the moon feels best when relating to other planets. This makes for a quieter holiday. Meditate, do laundry, cut the grass, nap; in short, do quiet and humble projects when the moon is in her quiet phase. The biggest action of the week is on Tuesday and Wednesday when the sun makes a challenging square to Pluto and Jupiter. Know that you cannot force square pegs into round holes under this energy. but you can let go of limiting beliefs. External things such as the Corona virus cannot take away your prosperity consciousness unless you allow it. However, you may need to adjust the way you do things or expand your belief system to deal with outer world changes.

It is a gentle weekend under a Pisces moon. Movies, meditation and music are great Pisces activities. Friday has Mercury making harmony with Venus, a great combination to have relationship or money conversations. On Saturday, Mercury makes a quiet harmony to Mars, great to get out to exercise.

April 19-25:

The moon continues to be in Pisces on Sunday to support spiritual activities. However, the tone is different than the previous two days because the Sun moves into earthy Taurus. “Practical spirituality” or “practical visionary” would be good keywords for this combination. On Monday, it is best to accomplish important tasks earlier than later. The sun challenges Saturn at the end of the day, and that means that your stamina and drive decrease in a “I just want to go home and turn off the phone” kind of way.

The Taurus New Moon is on Earth Day, Wednesday April 22 (4 degrees Taurus, 7:26 PM PDT). Wake up before sunrise to watch the Lyrids Meteor shower. This moon is aligned with “expect the unexpected” Uranus. Taurus likes stability but Uranus wants change. Become a pragmatic revolutionary now. Invent new ideas to manifest your needs and desires. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the degree of this new moon is “the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.” Find personal meaning for this over the next month. One suggestion is that while a rainbow does bring rain, it also connects the spiritual and earthly realms. Open to your higher spiritual self to bring forth your needs and desires in a way that is in alignment and connected to the one source of what Hermetic philosophy calls All That Is. Venus and Mars are working in harmony now, so improve your communications and share ideas in relationships.

The weekend offers opportunities for deep level conversations. Speak your truth, but do not force your opinion on others. The flip side is to avoid people who think they know better than everyone else, and are happy to share their unsolicited views on you. Pluto begins his retrograde cycle on Saturday, lasting until October 4. You may not notice this, but it is helpful to finish old business in the months ahead, and do behind the scenes preparation for big energy changes coming by December.

April 26-30:

Did you have trouble sleeping or awaken suddenly early Sunday morning? The sun aligned with Uranus and that is the kind of energy that jolts you awake. Write down any brilliant ideas now, because they will be gone in the morning. This is actually good advice for the next three weeks because idea-planet Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday afternoon. Bring your ideas down to earth and they will help you produce in tangible ways.  Actually, there is a lot of mental Mercury energy all week, so lots of talk. Don’t believe everything you hear. Tuesday morning has Mercury challenging Saturn which can manifests either as a tired feeling, or as a need to get grounded in your ideas and communications. Mercury then aligns with innovative Uranus to end the month. This continues to support new ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

May 2020 preview:

The biggest event is the less common Venus retrograde. It’s time to review your love and money, among other things too. Esoterically, Venus in Gemini has a lot to do with healing, which seems timely due to the virus. Adding to that is the third of three super full moons in the sign of relationships, Libra. Check back for details.