Relationship Compatibility Astrology Readings

Relationship astrology compares compatibility for two or more people to better understand the talents and challenges between them.

Select the Synastry option for dating, family and business relationships:

Synastry Compatibility: 60 minutes for $195

or, select the Composite option when you are looking at long-term relationships:

Full Composite Compatibility: 90 minutes for $225

Relationship Compatibility Astrology is good for romance, business, and family relationships. Every relationship has points of harmony and conflict, and relationship astrology helps understand the dynamics more quickly.

There are two different levels of this service

  1. Synastry Relationship Compatibility: Synastry compares the natal charts of two or more individuals for talents, challenges, relationship behavior patterns, and current cycles affecting relationship activity. Many people who are new to a relationship choose this option. It is usually the better option for business and family relationships.
  2. Full Composite Relationship Compatibility: This includes all of the Synastry consultation plus an extra chart called a composite. A composite chart merges the two people into one to help you see the purpose of the relationship as you move through the world as a couple. It helps you understand your approach to the world at large as an integrated couple. Essentially, you have three people in a long-term relationships: each individual in their personal expression and the composite of the two operating together. When you are looking at long-term relationships, this is an excellent choice. Even people who are new to a relationship choose this option because they want to know it all as best they can, or because it is more cost effective to do the full compatibility consultation all at once. The Composite Chart requires fairly accurate time of birth for both people (Use the Synastry Consultation if birth time is more than 20 minutes off).

Although it is not required that both partners participate in the consultation, I do require that both partners give their permission for me to work with their charts. It is a matter of good ethics.

Relationship astrology isn’t only for starting a new romance. I have also done relationship compatibility for couples going through a divorce, helping them to move on in a healthy way. Synastry compatibility is also good for parent/child relationships, in-laws, etc. Business partnerships, employee/supervisor and new employee hires benefit from relationship astrology.

  • You will choose whether to have your session in person, by phone, or Skype.
  • I will provide you with a variety of charts reflecting the data you provided for the reading and some brief reports that relate to the relationship compatibility.
  • Your session is recorded. I will email you a link where you can download the MP3 audio recording.

Appointments rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $25 fee. Appointments that are cancelled altogether within 48 hours of the appointment are charged $50 to help cover the cost of lost preparation time.