Thursday September 21, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

4103 Bridgeport Way West, #D
University Place, WA 98466

Will you be an eagle or a scorpion in the coming year? If you thought the last year was intense, then you had better strap in!

Join Mark for a new talk on incoming energies of do it big Jupiter traveling through emotionally intense Scorpio for a year. Get ready to go to your most vulnerable, emotional depths as sex, death and taxes Scorpio is brought to the surface by expansive Jupiter. Hidden secrets and power plays rise to the surface on a global level, and you get to cleanse the bottom of your emotional drain on a personal level. You belief system will change during Jupiter’s one year journey through intense Scorpio. Will you take the “kill them before they can kill me” scorpion approach or the higher symbol of Scorpio, the eagle who flies above the soap operas of the world and your life?         Join us to get the most out of generous Jupiter’s help.     Tonight’s talk is presented in non-technical  language. $20 cash or check at the door.


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