October Astrology Forecast:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on October 2. Now warrior Mars is slowing down to turn retrograde on October 30. (see 2022 retrogrades). Add to that the challenging square between Saturn and Uranus, and you have a lot changing this month. The Saturn-Uranus 90 degree relationship occurred three times in 2021 and is now giving one more chance to put dissimilar things together. (Think the mask v no mask argument, vaccine v no vaccine, stability v revolution),  Consider how you can change your life to keep your stability such as paying your bills, yet create more freedom and creativity in life. Also stay flexible as there are shifting energies all the way until mid-January at this point. Last but not least, there is a solar eclipse on October 25 in deeply emotional Scorpio. This represents new beginnings that rise from an inner level. October 25 brings a solar eclipse in Scorpio to take us to greater emotional depths. There will also be a lunar eclipse on USA Election Day in November, so it will be interesting to see what rises from the Scorpio underbelly October’s eclipse (secrets, lies, etc.)

The Fall Equinox Quarterly Astromark Newsletter is now uploaded. It looks at the less common Mars retrograde cycle starting in late October and two eclipses, the new Prime Minister in England, and more .

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October 1:

The moon is in Sagittarius all day, great for a walk in nature, making future travel plans, or a philosophical discussion. Venus  opposes Jupiter today so be careful of overdoing the sensual pleasures.

October 2-8:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Sunday, and will begin to get moving until it fully leaves the shadow period on October 17. The messenger is temporarily in Virgo until October 10, making this week a perfect time to tend to small project that need your attention. On Thursday, Mercury makes a harmonious relationship to Pluto to help you have deep level conversations. This is true of conversations (or a thoughtful movie) as the moon has moved into psychic Pisces for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, Pluto ends his retrograde cycle, having been moving backwards since late April. Most people don’t notice when an outer planet changes direction because they slow down over several weeks time. However, it would be good to avoid forcing issues this weekend- especially with the moon moving through assertive Aries on Saturday. Exercise instead!

October 9-15:

Sunday October 9 brings a full moon in Aries and Libra (1:55 PM PDT, 17 degrees Aries). The moon is aligned with wounded healer Chiron. This can bring up old emotional wounds in order to receive some healing, or you might find yourself dealing with emotionally wounded people. On the other side of the zodiac is the Sun and Venus aligned in balancing Libra. This brings grace and good feeling. However, this is also the annual full moon of balancing your independence needs with your relationship needs.

On Monday, communications planet Mercury moves into Libra, the sign it was in when it went retrograde on September 9. This both helps  diplomatic communications in relationships as well as getting life moving as Mercury moves out of the shadow of its retrograde cycle later in the week. Tuesday afternoon supports constructive efforts as the life-giving sun makes harmony with hard-working Saturn. However, there are challenges overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday that advise you to see things as they are (burst illusions) and to avoid over-extending yourself. It may simply be that North America time zones have a restless sleep or exhausting dreams. 

The moon is in Gemini on Thursday and Friday, a good time to catch up on calls and emails or tending to short, quick projects. Saturday seeks comfort food.

October 16-22:

The moon is in Cancer Sunday and Monday, great for family and food. The sun makes harmony to Mars, so this helps you have the physical energy to do what needs to be done. It is good for exercise and ambition, but not great for sitting still. Relationship planets Venus and Mars make harmony on Tuesday the 18th, great for relationship conversations.   A minor cautionary note when most of the USA will be asleep overnight Wednesday into Thursday: Relationship planet Venus challenges Pluto that likes to control everything. Avoid people with control issues, but don’t avoid conversations that make you feel vulnerable. Friday into Saturday morning supports productive effort, then it gets to be more fun starting Saturday afternoon.

October 23-29:

You may not notice it, but Sunday is a changeable day. Both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio, taking you to deeper and vulnerable levels. There is benefit in going to vulnerable levels.  Saturn ends his retrograde period on Sunday too (since June). Now, three of the five outer planets are finally moving which provides  an energy of getting unstuck to move more quickly. Of course, Mars is turning retrograde next week, so be carefully of carving new plans and energies in stone.

There is a Solar Eclipse at 3 degrees Scorpio on the 25th at 3:49 AM PDT. Because love & money Venus is aligned with this eclipse, it is a good time to take a serious look at which relationships and expenses are working for or against you. Scorpio is great for research or projects that require intense focus. As the sign of sex, death and taxes, those issues will be on your mind or in the news. ( Pages 2, 8 and 11 of the Fall Astromark Newsletter look at this eclipse).

  Wednesday evening supports sharing your ideas and ambitions with others, but do not force your perspective onto others (Talkative Mercury makes harmony with assertive Mars, but also makes a challenge to obsessive-compulsive Pluto). On Friday Jupiter moves backwards into Pisces until winter solstice. This helps you complete projects from earlier this year. It also helps you adjust your higher vision due to changes that have occurred since May. On Saturday, the moon moves into serious Capricorn to help you work on tangible projects. Mercury also helps you focus your intent more deeply as it moves into Scorpio until November 17.

October 30-31:

Mars begins his less common retrograde cycle in Gemini October 30 until January 12. It is a good time to explore new ideas and areas to put your ambition. Don’t believe everything you hear now because Gemini likes to explore numerous possibilities before choosing a select few. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Halloween/Samhain Monday, so it is good to be social.

November preview:

Mars is just beginning his retrograde cycle in Gemini until January 12, so rethinking your ambitions is a good place to begin. There is also a total lunar eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio on November 8. Check back for details.