Monthly Astrology Forecast changes in 2023:

Happy New Year and welcome to the first monthly forecast for 2023.  I’ve streamlined this monthly forecast so you can see the important highlights for the month to come. 

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In addition, all of the retrograde cycles of planets for 2023 are now ready to review and add to your calendar.

January 2023 Overall:

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18. Tend to the core foundation issues of your life. That can include making space for changes coming in spring, getting a head start on your taxes, or stretching your body to be kind to your skeletal structure.  Mars continues to be retrograde in Gemini from last October 30 until January 12. It is good to put your ideas for the future into alignment with your actions and ambition. In other words, are you saying one thing and doing another, or walking your talk.

Highlights this month:

January 2-26: Love & money planet Venus moves through Aquarius. Catch up with old friends and explore new friends, groups and organizations. This receives help on Thursday January 5 when the life-giving sun makes harmony with friendly Uranus. On Sunday January 8, talkative Mercury is in harmony with Uranus to support reaching out to new or old friends.

The Cancer Full Moon is on January 6. Register for the free New & Full Moon email newsletter for details.

Monday January 9 has the moon in warm-hearted Leo and a happy connection between relationship planets Venus and Mars- the morning is stronger. It is a good day to enhance relationships of all kinds.

Thursday January 12: Mars ends his retrograde cycle in Gemini (See Retrograde page). It will pick up speed gradually to help you put your plans into action, but does not actually move into the next sign, Cancer, until spring equinox in March.

Saturday January 14 has a challenge between “I want romance” Venus and “I just want to be friends” Uranus. It is still a pleasant weekend under a social Libra moon. Have fun but don’t look for commitments right now.

Wednesday January 18: Mercury ends his retrograde cycle (since December 29). Them morning hours may be a bit rough as the Sun Aligns with Pluto. You have been rethinking and revising some of the basic structures of your life over the past several weeks with Mercury in Capricorn. The sun and Pluto help you let go of whatever is not needed as 2023 brings major changes.

Saturday January 21 is the new moon in Aquarius. Emotional release is a part of this new moon. Because this new moon is at the very beginning of Aquarius, tune in to see if you can get hints about what is coming when “let go and let god” Pluto moves into Aquarius in March. This new moon is also near the big Jupiter-Saturn alignment in December of 2020. Look to see how you have expanded your belief system to create long-term plans. Also see the Email newsletter for more details.

Sunday January 22 begins the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit. It is thought to be a year of peace and longevity. Although it is considered to be a gentle year ahead, the rabbit year begins with revolutionary Uranus ending his retrograde cycle (since August). Consider what kind of personal revolution you would like to create, but be practical because Uranus continues to be in pragmatic Taurus.

Tuesday January 24 is a soft and generally happy day under a compassionate Pisces Moon. Around the dinner house in USA time zones, the sun makes a soft relationship to generous Jupiter- a good time to share a meal with a friend.

Thursday January 26 has Venus moving into psychic Pisces until February 20. Allow your fantasies some time to play, but know the difference between fantasy and illusion. Open to the divine feminine through creativity, meditation or visiting a beautiful watery place.

Sunday January 29 is a good day to accomplish something useful and practical. The moon is in hard-working Taurus and the sun and Mars are feeling very physical. By evening, there is room for conversations with friends as talkative Mercury makes a harmonious trine to friendly Uranus.

February 2023 Overall:

All of the planets are now in direct motion, after several months of annoying retrogrades. It’s time to get moving! Romance planet Venus will spend much of the month in Pisces to open your higher vision and bring more gentleness into your life.