December 2019 Astrology Forecast:

Expansive Jupiter moves into hard working Capricorn on the 2nd until December 2020. There is an opportunity to bring big ideas into the mundane world. Think big and be willing to put long term effort into living large. Social Venus moves into friendly Aquarius on the 19th to carry us into the new year. It is a great time to get out with people. On a contrary note, there is a solar eclipse in serious, reserved Capricorn on December 25/26 that has you wanting to be quiet and introspective. The moon is in Pisces on New Year’s Eve. You can open your intuition and be a visionary, watch a movie, create a  fantasy, or escape in drugs & alcohol-all activities associated with Pisces. How will you use your free will to begin the new year?

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December 1-7:

The moon is in friendly Aquarius on Sunday and Monday. Participate in social activities or help a friend or serve some group effort.  Jupiter ends a year-long run through Sagittarius on the 2nd, and begins the next year in Capricorn. Cautious expansion and conservative risk-taking are key words for this mixed energy combination. Open your belief system to a larger way of looking at life. There are greater possibilities than you have imagined.  Relationship planets Venus and Mars are in quiet harmony Monday evening into Tuesday morning, excellent for personal sharing in partnerships.

Beginning at lunchtime Thursday (PST) and lasting through Saturday, the moon is in impatient Aries. This sign is like a sprinter rather than a long distance runner, so get the most important things done first so they do not fall to the “half-finished” category. Of course, Aries is also good for exercise.

December 8-14:

On early Sunday morning while most of the USA sleeps, the sun makes a challenge to Neptune. Pay attention to your dreams. Ask yourself if you are living your life in accordance with your higher vision, or do you need to make some life adjustments? Illusions get burst under this energy. Mercury is also leaving the shadow of its Oct 31-Nov. 20 retrograde cycle, so the communications planet enters fresh ground as the messenger moves into Sagittarius until the 28th. Communicate expansive ideas and higher philosophy. Be generous.

The Full Moon is on December 11 at 9:12 PST (20 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius). This is a bit of a contradictory full moon because Gemini and Sagittarius are ready for a party. They can talk to anyone and everyone at any time. However, dreamy monk Neptune is making a challenge to the full moon, preferring to either share on a private, sacred level, or just hide out altogether. At the same time, Gemini and Sagittarius is ready for anything, filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. Yet, there is an increasing emphasis of planets in serious Capricorn, bringing you down to earth. There is help for the coming week from Jupiter if you are willing to move into a larger belief system. The god of abundance is in harmony with Uranus if you are willing to shake up your life with a pragmatic revolution. Don’t panic if you feel pulled in numerous directions simultaneously.  You can find a way to put all these diverse energies into a working whole, but you will need to say no to someone or something because you simply can’t do everything.

Friday the 13th is an interesting day in that Mars makes harmony to Neptune early in the morning. You can either be a visionary or a space cadet under this spiritual warrior combination. A few hours later, Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. This helps you stand in diplomatic, feminine power and can be quite good in business. However, forcing issues (especially relationships) can bring endings. The moon is void-of-course all day Saturday (7:57 AM-7:56 PM PST) so use caution if making important purchases. A void moon is better for introspection than taking important actions.

The winter solstice quarterly Astromark newsletter   should be uploaded by now with a peek into 2020 and info on Mark’s most popular talk of the year.

December 15-21:

For the past week, Jupiter has been moving into a harmonious trine to Uranus, exact on Sunday. You can open to expansive new ideas now, and be able to bring them down to earth over the coming year. Jupiter would love to travel or publish. Uranus wants excitement and a revolution. Because both are in earth element signs, Capricorn and Taurus, you can have a practical revolution

Tend to all the little details of your life or clear clutter on Tuesday and Wednesday under a purifying Virgo Moon. Thursday the 19th is a big day this week where it would be best to get your work done early because you will want to do less responsible stuff as the day goes on. You mental side wants to accomplish a lot, but your intuitive side just wants to daydream and watch a movie where you don’t have to think too much. Venus enters Aquarius on Thursday at 10:42 PM PST until January 13. This is a friendly energy for sharing during the holidays.

Winter Solstice is on Saturday December 21 at 8:20 PM PST. Most of the planets are clustered in 1/4 of the zodiac. (There is a picture of the solstice chart on page 8 of the winter quarter Astromark newsletter). That means you are going to focus your intent on some specific aspect of your life or goals in the coming three months. Adding emphasis to this is a solar eclipse coming up on December 25/26. One part of you is quietly consolidating and/or rejuvenating your energy at the northern hemisphere’s darkest night of the year, and another part of you is gearing up for new projects that come from a deeper, soul level. The emotional moon and warrior Mars are in intensely emotional Scorpio to help you tap in to the deepest levels of your being. The sun and the three planets that will be in the very rare Capricorn alignment in 2020 are moving closer now. The physical structure of your life is being rebuilt now; and on a higher level, you are being initiated into a new order. The sharing moon is in harmony with spiritual Neptune, helping you blend your warm & fuzzy needs with higher soul service.

December 22-28:

Don’t be surprised if you wake up early Sunday morning. Relationship planet Venus challenges electric Uranus, not the best morning for relationship conversations. At the same time, aggressive Mars is making a minor harmony to transforming Pluto. That means  you can push a little in relationship conversations, but know when to stop. On a more physical level, one part of you wants to go exercise and another wants to just go out for breakfast.

The Solar Eclipse is on December 25 at 9:13 PM PST (5 degrees Capricorn). Five of the ten planets we use in astrology plus dwarf planet Ceres are in Capricorn now. Although Capricorn does tend to have a dry sense of humor (think former talk show host Dick Cavett who had moon, Venus and Ascendant in Capricorn), the sign represents boundaries, restrictions, certifications, rules, taxes, infrastructure and sacrificing in the short term for long term rewards. Watch for news under the path of the eclipse from the Middle East to India-Pakistan to China and Indonesia. On the personal level, it is time to get serious about your priorities and goals. Where do you need to get more disciplined or set boundaries so others do not take advantage of  you? There is the opportunity to renovate your life if you are willing to make lasting changes. Make friends with this energy because changes are coming to you, even if you think you are happy in your well-dug groove (rut?). There is help in that supportive Venus is moving through friendly Aquarius. You can find the help you need if you are willing to open to new groups, friends and organizations.

December 29-31:

Sunday is a quiet day under a friendly Aquarius moon, but there are no planetary aspects which can have you feeling a bit detached from the world-not a bad thing! Monday afternoon has talkative Mercury making harmony to innovative Uranus, a good day to meet new people or share your inventive ideas with others.

The moon is in Pisces for New Year’s Eve. Pisces is associated with fantasy, dreams, music, romantic fantasy, meditation, spirituality, psychics, or escapist behaviors such as drugs and alcohol. Open to your higher vision, and use caution out in traffic for those who choose the escapist direction.

Note that Mark’s most popular talk of the year “Planetary Shifts of 2020” will take place in January in Portland, OR, Tacoma and Bellevue, WA. It will be recorded for out of area friends (See quarterly Astromark newsletter, page 4)

January 2020 preview:

There is a lunar eclipse on the 10th to help you balance nurturing needs and worldly responsibilities. 2020 is a very big year with three planets closely aligned in Capricorn, and a teaser of Aquarius energy coming in the future. Check back for details.