July 2020 Astrology Forecast:

Communications planet Mercury continues to be retrograde in Cancer until the 12th, but has now entered the second half of this cycle that brings delays, changes and annoying little problems that remind you that the universe is in charge of the timing, not you. During the second half of  a retrograde cycle, it is time to start looking to future projects, but keep plans flexible so you can make adjustments after the retrograde. Venus has recently ended her retrograde cycle, so there is help starting in areas of relationships and money based upon re-evaluating your priorities during her review period (May 13-June 24). July  4/5 brings the final Capricorn lunar eclipse for several years. Look at the balance of your mundane needs and nurturing needs. It is also good to decide what needs to be finished with from either the  last 1 1/2 year, or since December 2017, as we are moving towards new energy in 2021. Ambitious Mars in now in pioneering Aries into early January 2021, an unusually long time due to his coming retrograde cycle in September. This adds to the need to complete old business to make room for new projects in the new  year. It may seem like its too early to talk about 2021, but there will be a significant energy shift next year so it’s time to think ahead. 

Note, the Summer Quarter ASTROMARK newsletter is uploaded with information on current eclipses, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, upcoming Mars retrograde and much more.

July 1-4:

July 1 begins with retrograde Saturn moving backwards into Capricorn until winter solstice. This serious planet has been teasing you with coming attractions as it tested Aquarius since late March. Now this planet of esoteric initiation into a new order commands you to get your home base in order before he fully moves into Aquarius December 16/17. The moon will be in Sagittarius on Thursday and Friday, a great time to start the USA July 4th holiday early. Sagittarius likes a party, the great outdoors, travel & culture and philosophical conversations. The moon is in Capricorn all day on July 4 and 5, so expect a quieter than normal holiday.

The Full Moon is the last lunar eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer until 2027 (14 degrees Capricorn/Cancer 9:44 PM PDT). Seven of the planets and four asteroid minor bodies are in action-oriented Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, but the 4th Libra is missing until fall). Stay up after the fireworks as most of North and South America will be able to see the partial eclipse. Astrologically speaking, Capricorn asks you to tend to your mundane world, making sure your structural base is sound. It asks you to be responsible for your end, and have healthy boundaries so you do not take on the responsibilities that belong to others. Cancer tends to home, family, food and your nurturing needs. Find the proper balance because the next incoming eclipses are in restless and adventurous Gemini and Sagittarius.  Wounded-healer and centaur Chiron is challenging this lunar eclipse. Heal old  wounds or problems resulting from the COVID virus as best you can so you can begin to take half-steps forward. You cannot go back to “business as usual” but you can start moving towards incoming goals and projects. Pushing this “caught between a rock and a hard place” energy is assertive Mars now in Aries for an unusually long time. He is just beginning to work on changing ambitions and the need to pioneer a new path, now through early January. Be open to the new direction, but work on completions and creating a solid foundation for now. Hopefully this assertive energy will not show up as violence and anger in the protests that go on now.

July 5-11:

After the lunar eclipse, the moon aligns with Jupiter and Pluto on Sunday. This can powerfully take you to deep levels, be it for sharing your philosophy or healing emotions. Or it can simply be a quiet end to the USA holiday weekend. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius to start the workweek. It would be good to allow extra time in your schedule as Aquarius needs freedom and activities that are not boring. Ideally, take a couple days off after the USA holiday. On Wednesday morning, as most of the USA is waking up, retrograde Mercury squares Mars. Allow extra time in morning traffic, give others a wide berth, and avoid verbal road rage. Thursday and Friday are much mellower under a psychic Pisces moon. Thursday is the friendlier day and Friday is the better day for romance. Saturday tells you to move faster, exercise or do projects that are physical.

July 12-18:

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle early on Sunday. There is a dreamy aspect between the sun and Neptune.  Meditate, watch a movie, or sit by the water. Tuesday and Wednesday has the sun opposing Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s not a good time to push your philosophy or obsess on world events, but it is a good time for an introspective review of what is getting in the way of creating your goals (and external world situations are not what gets in the way, open your belief system). The moon moves through Gemini on Thursday and Friday, great for quick social appearances or catching up on communications now that Mercury is moving forward again.

July 19-25:

Stay close to home on Sunday as the moon is in home & family Cancer.

The New Moon is on Monday July 20 at 10:33 AM PDT (29 degrees Cancer). A sacred Sabian Symbol for this new moon is “A Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales.”  Meditate on this symbol for personal meaning. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar suggests it is the intuitive weighing of options. “Golden” is usually a symbol of connecting to Great Spirit by whatever name you call it. Twins is often a symbol of balancing the feminine and masculine, and newborn suggests new projects or developments. This new moon is opposed by responsible Saturn. One part of you wants to curl up in the fetal position and be nurtured and the other part is reviewing your responsibilities out in the world. Ideally, you find the proper balance between the two. During this new moon, it would be wise to think before you speak impulsively. Talkative Mercury is making a challenge to assertive Mars and wounded healer Chiron in impatient Aries. Watch for verbal abuse in politics or angry words if protests are still going on. The saving grace is the compassionate Neptune is making a harmonious trine aspect to the new moon. This supports introspective activities and taping in to your empathic and intuitive side.

Wednesday is a friendly day as Mercury is in harmony with eclectic friendship planet Uranus. Explore innovative ideas and meet people who are not in your normal friendship range (or maybe you are the weirdo in their circle!). The sun is entering Leo today as the moon is ending its 2 1/2 day run through Leo, so hearts will be open. Accomplish items on your “to do” list on Thursday and Friday under a productive Virgo moon. This helps you feel OK about being social on Saturday when the moon moves through harmony-seeking Libra..

July 26-31:

Sunday is a social day with minor emotional bumps, so let minor irritants go off you like water off a ducks back, and also be done with the outer world by dinner time (PDT). Monday has Jupiter sextile Neptune in the morning which supports sharing your higher spiritual vision, or at least dreams from the night before. There are minor challenges to communicating values and ideas in relationships, so you may want to hold off on those difficult topics until later this week. On Thursday morning, allow extra time to get moving if you are an early riser. There is ease and flow to communications if you wait until late morning or the lunch hour Pacific time.

August  2020 preview:

August does not have the big astrological planetary shifts of previous months, so that should take some pressure off if you would like to take a break from world intensity. The only concern is that aggressive Mars in Aries makes challenges to the three outer planets in Capricorn that have been associated with the COVID virus and George Floyd-police demonstrations. The low side could be angry outbreaks or a challenging fire season. The high side can be taking right action to correct injustices by restructuring the way we do things.   Check back for details.