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Opening to a new vision and taking action to get there

Your life is going to change during 2023. That may always be true, but it goes double this year. The free 43 minute mp3 audio file helps you prepare for four major astrological shifts in the year ahead. The biggest and most transformative is “death and rebirth” Pluto making its initial step into revolutionary Aquarius. That has not be around since the USA Revolutionary War 248 years ago. Then, Saturn restructures your life at the very core as it moves into Pisces. It’s time to open to a higher vision and begin to find a way to bring it into form in the next two years.

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I am offering this recording at no charge to say thank you for your support in 28 years as a full time astrology. Now that I am in semi-retirement and working a shorter work week, I want to continue to help you understand how planetary energies are helping you in your personal growth.

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