Mercury Retrograde

February 16-March 9

13 degrees Pisces back to 28 degrees Aquarius

This is an interesting combination on many levels. Mercury is mental and analytical, and Pisces is intuitive and feeling oriented. This would be a good cycle to take a short class to improve your psychic or healing skills. It would also be a good time to sneak off for a short retreat, allowing the monk in you to separate from the transitory external world. At the same time, there will be four planets and two asteroids in down-to-earth Capricorn. Part of you is trying to stay grounded in the world, and another part of you wants to escape into some romantic and idealistic dream world. Although the practical side will need some attention on your part, please do gift yourself with some pull away from the world time to open to a higher vision for your life. Take your writing journal to a watery place and turn off your phone or computer for awhile. Tune in to the higher vision that wants to come into your life next.

Venus Retrograde

May 12/13 to June 24/25

22 degrees Gemini back to 5 degrees Gemini.

At the base level, Venus is associated with love and money. She is graceful, creates beauty, is the goddess of marriage, and practices diplomacy. In the body, she watches over kidneys, sugar, adrenals and the throat area. Venus and Mars turn retrograde less often than all the other planets, only about every two years- making this an important retrograde cycle. During Venus retrograde, you review all types of relationships and relationship needs/desires. You also review your budget to make a plan for future needs and desires. Some people will beautify their home and possessions to improve their value. Others will make themselves more beautiful through new clothes, diet, or cosmetic surgery.

There is a spiritual level as well. Where Venus traveling through Gemini can be flirtatious and non-committal in relationships, she can be a powerful healer when operating on an esoteric level. She is associated with the Fifth Ray of concrete knowledge and science. You do not need to become an astrophysicist (although it is common to see people in the medical profession here), but you do need to be a teacher of teachers to pass on metaphysical understanding in the physical world. Venus helps you open to a higher value system, and that allows for more beauty in your world.

She is square (challenge) Neptune during this cycle, so illusions get burst. Venus challenges you to go beyond shared love towards unconditional love. Be willing to explore and experiment with new relationships and new opportunities during Venus retrograde, but wait until well after she turns direct on June 25 to know what was just a passing fancy and what goes forward with you.

Mercury Retrograde

June 17/18 to July 12, 2020

15 degrees Cancer back to 5 degrees Cancer

This is going to be an interesting Mercury retrograde. Relationship planet Venus is retrograde until the 25th, suggesting that you are realigning relationships and finances. This is also the time between three eclipses that are in their own shift between outgoing earth-water elements and moving into fire-air elements (think playing it safe v. ready for a new adventure). As a mental planet, Mercury is not all that comfortable in emotional Cancer. the task is to communicate emotions, rethink self-nurturing v. nurturing others, family reunions, and projects around the house. Eclipses do bring emotions to the surface, so take a breath before saying something you will regret later. A short, quick trip for your emotional well being is a good thing to do now. Also consider a short class for home repair or cooking.

Mars Retrograde

September 9 to November 13, 2020

29 degrees Aries back to 15 degrees Aries

Mars turns retrograde in one of his two favorite signs, Aries (the other is Scorpio). The ambitious warrior normally spends about six weeks in each sign, but it becomes about six months when he is in his less common retrograde cycle (Mars and Venus turn retrograde less often than all the other planets.) The short answer to the meaning of this is that you are reviewing and revising your ambitions during this cycle. You can explore a new path and/or new projects that you would like to bring into the world in the new year.

Keep in mind that the triple alignment of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter is still in play with the three planets within 8 degrees of the zodiac of each other, and that is close for three planets with such different orbits. This continues the theme of the year that you are letting go of the past so you can stand in your power with Pluto. You are making short term sacrifices or changes that have long-term implications with Saturn. And now expansive Jupiter is quickly moving towards Saturn and Pluto to help things happen in your life in a bigger way, but you must open your belief system to something larger and take a conservative risk on yourself.

After Mars completes his retrograde cycle in November, you get a fresh push forward towards implementing your new ambitions.

Mercury Retrograde

October 13 to November 3, 2020

12 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra

The Mercury retrogrades of 2020 have been starting the transition from the water element into the air element, with the air element taking front stage in 2021. That makes this retrograde cycle the last of the transition energies where you must balance water element emotions with air element intellect and ideas. Scorpio takes you to the emotional depths to heal and let go at core levels. It is also a great sign for doing detective or research work (like for the book that you want to write next year when the communications air element is strong.). Because Mercury backs from Scorpio into Libra, communications and review of all types of relationships is up.

Who do you want to spend time with and who not? Remember that Mars continues to be retrograde until November 13, so behind-the-scenes review is better now, saving action on your choices for later. And as “go faster” Mars is in impatient Aries, it challenges the triple alignment in Capricorn that is only getting stronger over the coming month. This can lead to a “hurry up and wait” environment. Be patient, bigger changes are coming soon.

2021: First Mercury retrograde January 30-2021-February 20, 2021, 27 back to 11 degrees Aquarius. Details coming…

Retrograde dates for outer planets in 2020

Because outer planets spend so much time retrograde, it is most important to pay attention on the days surrounding when they go retrograde and direct. Also, if a planet turns retrograde or direct on an planet or angle (cusp of houses 1, 4. 7 and 10) of your natal chart, that makes the cycle more important personally. Dates are for USA time zones.


Expansion, opening your belief system, speaking higher truth. Retrograde May 14 at 28 degrees Capricorn and turns Direct on September 12 at 17 degrees Capricorn.


Boundaries, restrictions, certifications, sacrifice in the short term for long term gains. Retrograde May 10/11 at 2 degrees Aquarius and turns Direct September 28/29 at 25 degrees Capricorn.


Freedom, revolution, innovation, technology, friends, expect the unexpected. Retrograde August 15 at 11 degrees Taurus and Direct on January 14, 2021 at 6 degrees Taurus


Spirituality, illusion, intuitive abilities, spiritual retreats. Retrograde on June 22/23 at 21 degrees Pisces and Direct on November 28 at 18 degrees Pisces


Power, transformation, death & rebirth, hidden things coming to the surface. Retrograde on April 25 at 25 degrees Capricorn and Direct on October 4 at 22 degrees Capricorn.