Free Astrology Resources

Basic Astrology Primer

This Primer is designed to provide a few of the basics for astrology including the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs, and houses.
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Astrology Signs for US States and Cities

Following is a listing of Sun signs for several countries, states, and cities. Be aware that some places will have more than one sun sign based upon differences in the data sources, political changes, and so forth. For example, Portland, Oregon has at least two charts. Because of these common discrepancies in what is known as “mundane astrology,” the following data is provided to serve only as a general guide.
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Esoteric Astrology: the Seven Rays Explained

Within Esoteric Astrology is a branch called The Seven Rays. This information takes you beyond our solar system to a universal perspective, a place called the Great Central Sun by people working with the information provided by the mystic Alice A Bailey and Master Djwahl Kuhl. The people most drawn to work with esoteric astrology and the seven rays are consciously aware that they incarnated to be of soul service. The esoteric astrology consultation provided by Mark is more easily understood by people who already have a basic understanding of their natal chart.

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Enhancing Your Prosperity Consciousness

This prosperity sampler is filled with ideas to help you expand your consciousness into larger dimensions of Universal Abundance. Pick and choose the ideas that work for you and release the rest. I offer this treatise as a thank you for all who have supported me in my personal growth and service, endeavoring to share that which has served me so well.
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Fixed Stars

The information contained in these pages is just a sampling of the stars and their meanings. It is designed to encourage you to look at the subject in a deeper level. When you blend the meaning of the fixed stars with the natal planets in your chart, it adds a great deal of texture to the understanding of your planet/star combination.
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Animal Medicine Energy

Your power animals are special friends. They have honored you by choosing to share their talents to help you with your life. Pay attention when these animals cross your path, be it in physical presence, a dream, a TV commercial, a magazine ad, or through your inner vision. Your animals have a message that will help you.
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