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View the Turkey Travel Photos (PDF) to experience our travel adventure to Turkey.

nighttime image of the historic ruins at Gobekklitepe, Turkey
Gobeklitepe, Turkey

Our most recent adventure was to Turkey in April 2023. Locations we had only heard about in school become real when you set foot in them.

Each of the 12 of us had a favorite place, but UNESCO World Heritage site Gobekli Tepe was a place we became a tight knit family in the land of Abraham.

We have been to Giza, cruised the Nile, and did meditation in private time in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. We journeyed on a land-based trip to ancient Greece, doing ceremony at the Delphi Oracle and walking in the same footsteps as Alexander the Great at Zeus’s temple in Dodona.

A few years later, we returned to Greece to tap into ancient Atlantis in Crete, Santorini, Mycanos, and Delos-and it felt really good to be out on the water. A small group of us went on safari in Tanzania to tap into ancient energies in the Oldupai Gorge where people have lived for over 2.5 million years, learned from the Maasai traditions, and saw abundant wildlife in the Serengeti including the intensely emotional wildebeast migration across the Mara River.

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Trips to sacred places change your world view and add to the richness of your life experience.

In the early planning stages. I am thinking it will be 2025 for the next group trip. Although it is subject to change, my current top two ideas are 1) Petra in Jordan, and 2) Safari including elephant-rich Botswana and Victoria Falls. Depending on my knee replacement, I may do an easier trip in 2024 such as a European River cruise or Scandinavia. Stay tuned…

We travel in small to medium sized groups (6-14 people) to open to sacred energies in ancient places. We tie in the trip to work with current astrological energies which we view from personal and global viewpoints (and you don’t need to know any astrology to benefit). We do short classes, meditation, healing ceremonies, and tap into the ancient & sacred vibrations of the places we go. It’s nice to travel with people who share a view of spiritual growth, metaphysics, and generally working towards their best and that of the world- you meet the nicest people. I tend to choose trips where we get simple luxury to keep the trip affordable while still feeling special. We choose guide companies that are respectful of both our spiritual growth interests and honor the environment and people of the countries we visit.

Download the Turkey Travel Photos (PDF) to learn more about our travel adventure to Turkey.