New Clients

The Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation is now open to everyone.  


Astrology Services for Existing Clients Prior to 2022

Soul If you have had any consultation with Mark prior to 2022, all of these services are available to you until

the end of 2022. I expect to drop all of the services in 2023, but will keep the Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology

and the Periodic Astrology Updates (for existing clients who have already purchased the

Individual Astrology or Seven Ray Astrology consultations).

Individual Astrology Consultation
Intuitive Consultations with Tarot
AstroCartoGraphy® : EARTHLINES™ Location Astrology
Astrology for your Business
Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology
Astrology for Children
Relationship Compatibility Astrology Readings