Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology is a specialized branch of astrology directed towards spiritual growth in this incarnation. The Seven Rays are universal frequencies that help your personality and soul to do your service in this life.

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What does a Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology Consultation do for me?

The common form of astrology, such as the Initial Astrology Consultations, is a more grounded form of astrology dealing with career, romance, health, and money. Esoteric Astrology acknowledges that those topics are an important part of personal growth, but there is so much more to life. People who feel that they are here on planet earth to be of service and grow spiritually are most attracted to this consultation. The esoteric consultation helps you identify the “rays” you were born under to help you enhance your level of service and growth in this life. This consultation still addresses the daily issues of your life including the changing cycles called transits and progressions, but it comes from a perspective of helping your soul to grow. This consultation is better for people who already know the basics of their natal chart. It is kind of like a multi-level chess board in that everyone operates on the base earthly level, and some go beyond to other levels of expression. If you don’t know at least the chart basics, it is easy to get lost when you bring in the esoteric branch of astrology.

What is Esoteric Astrology?

This branch of astrology helps people understand their spiritual path. It does not replace the normal form of astrology (termed, exoteric astrology). Instead, it adds texture and dimension to the interpretation of your natal chart. Visualize a chessboard as being like exoteric astrology. Esoteric astrology is like adding a second level to the chessboard. An example: Venus is the planet representing love, marriage, cooperation, and beauty. Taurus rules Venus (an auspicious pairing) in exoteric astrology. This combination likes to manifest its desires in a tangible way: money, stocks, property, chocolate, art, and sensual massages. In esoteric astrology, the spiritual ruler of Venus is Gemini. The lessons is to communicate beauty and grace and open people to living in higher values. It is also associated with the Fifth Ray, which has a lot to do with healing, and being a teacher of teachers. This combination brings metaphysics into the physical realm so that this higher frequency can be used in your everyday life.

What are the Seven Soul Rays?
The seven rays are part of ancient mystery school teachings. Knowing the rays that are dominant within you helps you to activate the speed button on your path of spiritual growth and service. The idea is that we are all created from Oneness. To make a planet, a person, or a computer, you must first give the illusion of separating Oneness into duality (masculine-feminine, yin-yang, negative-positive). Imagine the energy of Oneness being passed through some sort of cosmic prism and separating into seven separate rays. Although you are created from Oneness, you enter this incarnation with a concentration of specific rays to help you accomplish the goals of this life. This consultation helps you identify those rays that are here to help both your soul and personality. There are several different concepts on “rays” out there. I work from the perspective of the material presented in books by Alice A. Bailey and Lucius Trust.

What is the Violet Flame?
When you work with the Ascended Masters and the Seven Rays, you are likely to utilize this energy of transmutation. It is commonly associated with the Seventh Ray, Saint Germaine, and the archangel Zadkiel. The purpose of the VIOLET FLAME is to help you experience greater frequencies of your essential soul vibration in your daily life. It helps you to live in a loving place of power rather than a fearful place of powerlessness. The Violet Flame is a method for transmuting (changing) lower vibrations into the higher energy of Light. It helps people find greater self-fulfillment through soul service. As we enter the shifting energies of a new millennium, you are empowered to enhance your reality in a dynamic way. See pictures of St. Germaine, the Violet Flame and other Ascended Masters. Esoteric philosophy suggests that the incoming ray on planet earth is the Seventh Ray, so regardless of your personal rays, this energy is present in the collective consciousness of humanity. The planet Uranus and sign Libra often show where this energy is working in your life (even if your rays are different).

What is included in your Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology Consultation?

A 1.5 hour consultation helps you understand your personal Soul and Personality Rays, sub rays, and the rays operating in your natal chart. The consultation provides an interpretation of your chart based upon esoteric rules of astrology. We also look at changing cycles called transits and progressions from a spiritual point of view, looking also at the rays that are transiting through your life temporarily. This consultation is best for people who are consciously pursuing a spiritual service path in life. It is designed to activate the speed button of you path of spiritual growth and service. Although it is not required to have the Initial Astrology Consultation before the Seven Ray Consultation, it is very helpful to already know your natal astrology chart. A few people who did not know their chart before doing this consultation felt a little lost at starting a step ahead of the basics, kind of like going straight to college without first going to high school. Having fairly accurate birth time helps provide a more comprehensive consultation.

  • You will receive a 90 minute session in person, by phone, or by Skype.
  • I will provide you with variety of charts reflecting your personal soul rays.   You will get a short written report on your chart, and you will get information on current transits and progressions (changing cycles) in your consultation. I also include a sheet with the meaning of the rays and the masters and archangels associated with your rays.
  • Your session is recorded. I will email you a link where you can download the MP3 audio recording.


Appointments rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $25 fee. Appointments that are cancelled altogether within 48 hours of the appointment are charged $50 to help cover the cost of lost preparation time.