Individual Astrology Consultation

Request an update after your individual consultation

Select a follow-up option if I have already done your initial astrology consultation and you would like an update.

Follow-Up: 90 minutes for $210

Follow-Up: 60 minutes for $180

Follow-Up: 30 minutes for $95

The Individual Astrology Consultation is often the first place people start when getting an astrology consultation. If you have already done astrology with someone else, this is still the best place to start (we can just skip the basics if you already know your chart). We look at your natal chart and changing cycles called transits and progressions. Let me know if there are specific questions or issues that would be helpful for me to know during my preparation time.

After you have had your Initial Astrology Consultation, periodic updates or specific question topics can be scheduled:

  • 60 minutes, the full update of changing cycles
  • 30 minutes, highlights of current cycles or questions
  • 15 minutes (telephone only), Quick question

Regarding children from birth to young teens, look at the Astrology for Children consultation.

  • You will choose whether to have your session in person, by phone, or Skype.
  • I will provide you with astrology charts reflecting the data you provided for the reading. In addition to the natal chart, I provide a short report giving brief meanings to your chart along with all the symbols and keywords. I automatically run charts for changing cycles called transits and progressions. If we are within three months of your birthday, I normally run a chart called a Solar Return which is a forecast for your coming birthday year.
  • Some people ask about their family, romance or business relationships. I am happy to give quick looks at those topics, but it would be best to consider the Relationship Compatibility Astrology for detailed looks.
  • Your session is recorded. I will email you a link where you can download the MP3 audio recording or burn a CD.

Appointments rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $25 fee. Appointments that are cancelled altogether within 48 hours of the appointment are charged $50 to help cover the cost of lost preparation time.