Bi-Monthly and Quarterly Newsletter Info

Your email address, phone and other data is protected. I do not provide it to anyone.

The quarterly newsletter is available at equinox and solstice each quarter as a pdf download. I link it from the bimonthly newsletter when it is ready, or you can find it on the Astrology Forecasts page, or download it: This newsletter deals with interesting topics like people who are in the news, quarterly astrology energies, and it has the flyers for current classes and travel schedule for Mark.

The bimonthly newsletter is sent by email at the new and full moon. It is designed to be short and sweet, advising you of immediate energies going on in the current sky. Sign up for it at

Note: If you signed up for the email newsletter and are not receiving it, there can be several reasons. I use Constant Contact as my service to send the bimonthly email. When you sign up, they send a confirming email asking you to click on it to verify that you want it. They do this to prevent spammers.

  1. One reason for not getting the email newsletter that you signed up for is that this extra verification step was missed, in which case, you can go back to and sign up again.
  2. It is also possible that the email got caught in your personal spam filter, so check it around the new and full moon
  3. It is possible that your email server thought that the newsletter was spam and blocked it from coming through at the server end.  The email comes from To ensure you are able to recieve the newslstter, add and to your email address book. If you send me an email with the email address you used to register for the email newsletter, I can check to see if it is going out to you.