Astrology gives you an objective perspective. A natal chart is like a map, and you can track your progress, your growth, and timing. You can use astrology to know where your energies are best placed at this time. For example, a person who is seeking relationship may have better energies in career parts of their chart. So instead of spending a lot of energy on relationship that may produce so-so results, why not put your energy into what is working? It doesn’t mean you cannot have relationship, just that you don’t need to be in anxiety over why it isn’t happening right now.

Astrology helps me step back from my ego self when things are not going as expected, or life events rattle my cage. I still have to deal with those issues, but I can often step back and not get caught in the drama. It helps me understand the core issue that is going on, rather than getting caught up in “why did this happen to me” or assigning blame instead of seeking understanding.