I do international consultations by Skype, Zoom, telephone and by postal mail. English is my only language. The information is provided by voice, not typing. I email charts in advance and follow up with postal mail. My default is to email the recording to you after the session. I can burn a CD of the mp3 audio recording, but that can slow things down going through customs (and I add $15 for a CD).

Add $7 to the consultation cost to help defray the added cost of postage.  In some countries that have extra slow postal mail, some clients have asked me to send the package FedEx and paid the extra cost. This can be expensive. One client in Majorca, Spain paid nearly as much for express postage as for the consultation. I normally list the value of the postal package as $0 to avoid customs forms and hopefully speed your paperwork through the system.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone so some locations have a narrow time frame when we can do the appointment.

To get started, I would need
Your name as you would like to see it on a chart
birth date
birth place
birth time
type of consultation you seek

Postal mailing address

Email address

Regarding payment: Most prefer to use a credit card, or I can send a Paypal or Square invoice. Wire transfer is an option, but I pass on my bank’s fee (currently US$8).  If we do Skype, Zoom, or phone, I can take the numbers when we talk.
Some people send me the credit card number through email- not a secure way to do it.  When they do this, I suggest they break the number up into several emails   I would need the number, expiration date, and the three digit security code on the back. New security measures ask for the digits in your address or po box number, and they also ask for the postal code associated with the credit card billing address.