Basic Astrology for non-astrologers who want to know more:

  • Chart Interpretation Handbook” Stephen Arroyo; a quick and easy guide to give you more information on your chart
  • “Complete Astrology” Alan Oken; a good overall guide to astrology with quick notes on your planets, signs, and houses
  • “Spiritual Astrology” Spiller & McCoy; provides basic chart interpretations and soul purpose of prenatal eclipses
  • “Planets in Transit” Robert Hand; a classic reference for changing cycles in your chart.

Relationship, Spiritual & Relocation Astrology:

  • “The Astrology of Human Relationships” Sakoian & Acker; shows how the planets interact between two charts.
  • “Relationships & Life Cycles” Stephen Arroyo; a bit more involved reading but very good
  • “Astrology for the Soul” Jan Spiller; works with the moon’s nodes relating to soul purpose
  • “Karmic Astrology” by Martin Schulman; helps explain soul purpose using the moon’s nodes
  • “Sabian Symbols” by either Dane Rudyhar or Marc Edmund Jones; provides esoteric symbols for each degree of the zodiac
  • “Interpreting Your Rays using Astrology” Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam (AFA 1981, out of print, great for esoteric 7 rays astrology)
  • “Interpret Your Rays Through the Planets” Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam
  • The Rays and the Initiations” by Alice A Bailey
  • “The Psychology of AstroCartoGraphy” Jim Lewis; a comprehensive book on your EARTHLINES maps
  • “Astrolocality Astrology” Martin Davis; complex book on your EARTHLINES Maps (AstroCartoGraphy, Local Space, etc.)
  • Cosmic Love by Jan Spiller, Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller

Topics for your spiritual growth and understanding:

  • “Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” Baird T. Spalding; a life changing series of books
  • “The Kybalion” by Three Initiates; explains basic principles of the universe in a very logical way
  • “The Key” and “That Which You are Seeking is Causing You to Seek” ; C. Huberr, fun to read books on spiritual growth
  • “The Keys of Enoch” JJ Hurtak; heavy reading but transformative
  • Books by Alice Bailey, including “The Rays and The Initiations” ; difficult to read but worth the effort
  • “Sirius” by M. Temple Richmond, about the star Sirius and how it relates to spiritual service