Mark Dodich, Astrologer

Thanks to all of you who have connected with me through consultations, lectures, articles, etc. You have helped me grow and be a better human being in so many ways.

I am not leaving my service, just redirecting my energy to increase my focus to esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual growth activities.

I wish you abundant blessings and clarity in expressing your higher self in this life.

Mark Dodich

I am shifting my focus towards the esoteric and spiritual growth branches of astrology as I begin semi-retirement.

EXISTING CLIENTS: If you have had a consultation with me prior to 2022, then all services are available to you until October 2023. Your birth data will be in my database to remind me of which services and when you used my service.. I see clients 2-3 days per week Monday-Thursdays Pacific Time business hours.

NEW CLIENTS:  A new client is defined by having your first consultation with Mark in 2022 or later. The only consultation available to new clients is the Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation.  This consultation is directed to your spiritual purpose and service in this incarnation. Check out the Free 7 Rays Explained pdf document to determine if this is for you. Fairly accurate birth time is needed.  After this consultation, Periodic Astrology Updates, called transits and progressions, are available to you

SACRED TRAVEL: I shall periodically offer small group travel to ancient, sacred sites. It is good for you, the group and the planet to meditate and do healing ceremonies at sacred sites. The trips are not offered from a financial profit motivation, although I hope to get my expenses mostly covered if enough people join. I just enjoy traveling with like-minded people who are self–maintaining.
Next Trip: Turkey 2023.

FREE ASTROLOGY FORECASTS: Forecasts will continue but shift towards esoteric & spiritual interpretations.

FREE ASTROLOGY RESOURCES: These PDF documents are free to download from the Free Astrology Resources page and I plan to eventually upgrade existing downloads and add new ones