Mercury Retrograde March 5 to March 28, 2019

30 degrees Pisces back to 16 degrees Pisces

The last degree of Pisces is the last degree of the zodiac. Ancient astrologers associated this with endings and completions. This retrograde cycle asks you about what you are ready to release. It also asks you to open to a new and higher vision for yourself. This is amplified because Mercury turns retrograde just a few short hours before the new moon in Pisces. Spirituality, intuition, compassion, dreams, and forgiveness are all Pisces words. It’s OK to pull back for a short retreat now, gifting yourself with a bit of a vision quest. The only problem with this combination is the potential to be too trusting or to give until you are a martyr. Practice empathy rather than sympathy.

Mercury Retrograde July 7 to July 31, 2019

5 degrees Leo back to 23 degrees Cancer

This is a particularly potent Mercury retrograde. Quick-minded Mercury is aligned with “I want it yesterday” Mars to begin the cycle. The down side can be impatience and angry words. Because Mercury is associated with transportation and Mars often has to do with mechanical things, be certain your mode of transportation is in proper working order. The sun is aligned with the north node of spiritual destiny in Cancer, making home and family issues a priority. At the same time, restrictive Saturn is sitting on the opposite point, the south node of karma, and is also very close to “let go and let God” Pluto, an early indicator of their alignment coming in 2020. The general rule of thumb in astrology is that when something moves across the karmic south node, something must be released from your life. Look at your responsibilities and boundaries to determine what is working and what needs to be readjusted during this retrograde cycle. The Leo part of this retrograde has you looking at where your heart is engaged and where you need to play more or increase creativity. The Cancer part of this retrograde begins on the 19th, representing home, family, emotions, diet and looking at what nurtures you and what does not. Do have some fun during this cycle, perhaps a short trip that heals your emotions and opens your heart.

Mercury Retrograde October 31-November 20, 2019

28 degrees Scorpio back to 11 degrees Scorpio

Mercury comes within one degree of aligning with relationship planet Venus as this communications breakdown cycle begins. This sets the tone for the beginnings of deeper emotional conversations in all types of relationships. Scorpio is a great detective and researcher, so you can use the next three weeks to focus your energy. Scorpio is really good at making choices and directing their energy when they are engaged in the activity. However, they are not so good at this when they are supposed to do something but really don’t care. As this retrograde cycle begins, the feeling-oriented moon and generous Jupiter are aligned in Sagittarius. This suggests that multiple levels of emotions will occur simultaneously. Scorpio plumbs the depths while Sagittarius shoots his arrow to great heights.

Mercury Retrograde February 16 to March 9, 2020

13 degrees Pisces back to 28 degrees Aquarius

Come back for details on 2020

Check back for details on 2020…