Y   Admetos– raw material, death, rotation, circulation, has to do with roots and feeling a connection to the land. However, it also has to do with closed spaces, so you may feel limited or confined here. Death or reaching an impasse. It represents the few, as in specializing in something.

T   Apollon– science, commerce, trade, business, peace, glory, investments from afar, vista , horizon

Q   Cupido– family, arts, marriage, society, expansion, associations, favors social concerns and community affairs. Generally friendly and happy and enjoys cultural activities or the culture of the region

W   Hades– want, poverty, waste, illness, secrets, criminal, prostitutes. . You must confront the dark side of life. Rules service professions like doctors and astrologers. Purification and sacrifice.

R   Kronos– government, authority, ruler, leader, grandeur, stepping into mastery or leadership. Dealing with people in authority. Leaders have Kronos strong in their chart. It represents that which is above average (you could be the tallest person in your family with a strong Kronos, for example).

I   Poseidon– spirit, idea, like a high-class Neptune for spirituality and wisdom. Dreams.

U   Vulkanus– strength, power, force, forces beyond your control. Being tested on every level. Fated experiences. Control issues.

E   Zeus– controlled fire, procreation, creation, direction, command, passionate and creative. Machinery, computers, factories, weapons, may have something to do with when children are conceived.

Note: I do not provide this form of astrology. I dabbled in it for awhile, so thought I would put the information up here. The Trans-Neptunian astrologers who are good at it can really provide a lot of insight for you. But I only know enough to be dangerous!