Mark Dodich, Astrologer


I’m Mark Dodich, and I’ve been providing astrology and intuitive readings internationally since 1980.

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The Individual Astrology Consultation highlights your talents, challenges and changing cycles, called “transits and progressions”.

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Relocating? Find your best place

Discover your best places for travel, relocation, career, relationship, soul destiny, and business expansion.

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Spiritual Purpose Esoteric Astrology

Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology helps people understand their spiritual path.  How will you best be of soul service?

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Astrology for Children

This astrology report is a great gift for parents with children aged 0-12. Help understand your child’s talents and challenges in this life.

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What's your compatibility?

Understand the talents and challenges between two or more people. Good for couples, parents, and business.

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May 20, 2017 Portland, OR
"Astrofaire" Talk: Total Eclipse, Nodes Shift Signs,

Jun 3, 2017 Portland, OR
The Violet Flame Workshop

Jul 20, 2017 - Jul 21, 2017 Seattle, WA
Personal Consultations In Puget Sound area

Jul 22, 2017 Kent, WA
Boeing Parapsychology Expo

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